16 Replies to “Maher Zain – Palestine Will Be Free”

  1. Ma’shallah the video is fantastically painful. That is art. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, there is a full-length animated documentary called “Waltz With Bashir”, by a former Israeli soldier, which is every bit worth viewing and deals with the horrors of the Israeli military machine through the eyes of a once desensitized soldier.

  2. very moving song. I love the animation. very different. I think these are the medium we should employ to get our message heard more loud and clear. Nice singer although I have never heard of him before.

  3. Palestine wont be free until the Muslims stop doing so many haraam things like drawing animate objects and playing music

  4. wow OMG Masha’allah it touches the soul !!!

    ok now let me donate $500 and move on with my life

  5. Amaaaaaaaaazing. I love this video. It makes me cry. Inshallah Palestine will be free soon under Preseident Obama 🙂

  6. Salam, I am very proud of this work. Keep it up Maher Zain. Let peace prevail soon. Best wishes.

  7. WOW! this song is amazing, and inchallah someday Palestine will be free!!!! keep up the good work.. may allah bless you ^^

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