Pray for others and an Angel will pray for you

The prophet (saas) said “Whoever prays for his brother behind his back has an angel saying to him, ‘And for you the same’.” (Muslim)

How many of us really make dua for others when we are asked “make dua for me”? It’s a common request used by all of us especially in times of need. This hadith should motivate us to make dua behind their backs.

Now let’s put it to practice. I’ll make dua for everyone who reads this.

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  1. the Nzhar team is organizing a global day for prayer followed by meditation, once a month (random date)

    you may do this anyway and for whatever you want
    check out the dates and more details at;

    ps; if anyone would like to make translations (eg. in arabic) this will be greatly apreciated and you will be credited for it if you want to

  2. It is serious if when someone asks us to make du’a for them and we say yes or even just insha Allah. Saying insha Allah doesn’t just mean maybe, we should make an effort to do it insha Allah.

    An advice I received from a teacher one time was that if someone asks you for du’a, make it right there and then (or while walking away from them even), DO NOT DELAY! Also, ask people what they want du’a for. They sometimes get caught off guard for this but many times they themselves haven’t really thought about it. This way, it makes the the person asking more reflective of what (s)he would really like us to make du’a for and it puts an onus on us not to forget.

  3. Nice point AS. It used to happen to me that I used to say InshaAllah and then genuinely forget so I try to make dua for the person immediately after they request it and I feel better about it myself. I guess people shouldn’t feel too bad because I tend to forget to make dua for myself as well. 😛

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