Muslims who enjoy the “clubin” lifestyle should watch this

SubhanAllah, this man is living proof why it is completely 100% pointless for Muslims to enjoy the club. It’s dry and temporary enjoyment. Infinite happiness is with God and Islam.

May Allah guide us all to the sweetness of faith in submission to God.

4 Replies to “Muslims who enjoy the “clubin” lifestyle should watch this”

  1. This brother came to our last annual Islamic Convention in my town about 2 weeks ago. Amazing story. So amazing, the janitor who was helping our MSA run the convention for the 3 days it was on converted to Islam the last night after his Q&A was over!


  2. I think it is harder for a “born” Muslim in this society (regarding moral values). They say you can’t appreciate light until you see darkness, as clearly explained by Loon. However, growing up in the West is extremely difficult, mostly from temptations from the other gender (this is natural). To be bombarded with this at a young sensitive age, is very difficult to deal with. With age comes wisdom, but to a young Muslim growing up in this society, it is sometimes difficult to attain this maturity, and unfortunately, only a few “make it out” w/out doing major sins. I remember Muslim friends in high school saying they wish they knew about Islam later so they could “enjoy” their temptations with women with no conscience, and find Islam later. I am not saying this is correct, but this is a type of mentality that exists. I think it is easy to say that a/f “living the life in this dunya” then later say it is not worth it, but I think it is even harder to grow up in this society as a Muslim & stay away from Major sins. Allah knows best. May Allah help all of us, and may He use Loon as a means of guidance for others.

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