Hamas vs Jund Ansar Allah – 13 dead in Gaza including 11-year old

SubhanAllah. May Allah guide us all and protect the innocent. It saddens me that the Palestinians are suffering so much and now they have to fight each other.

RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) – The leader of an al-Qaida-inspired group in the Gaza Strip blew himself up during a shootout Saturday with Hamas security forces.

At least 24 people were killed in clashes with the shadowy group, which posed one of the biggest challenges to Hamas since the militant group seized power in Gaza two years ago.

The fighting broke out Friday when Hamas security men surrounded a mosque in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on the Egyptian border where about 100 members of Jund Ansar Allah, or the Soldiers of the Companions of God, were holed up.

Flares lit up the sky overnight as Hamas machine gun fire and rocket propelled grenades slammed into the mosque. The militants inside returned fire with automatic weapons and grenades of their own.

The head of the radical Islamic group, Abdel-Latif Moussa, detonated an explosives vest he was wearing when fighting resumed after dawn Saturday, said Ihab Ghussein, a Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman.

“The so-called Moussa has committed suicide … killing a mediator who had been sent to him to persuade him and his followers to hand themselves over to the government,” Ghussein said.

He said the fighting ended later in the morning.

Dr. Moaiya Hassanain of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said a total of 24 people, including six Hamas police officers and an 11-year-old girl, were killed and 150 were wounded.

The group’s Web site vowed revenge: “We swear to God to avenge the martyrs’ blood and we will turn their women into widows.”

Hamas also confirmed the death in the fighting of one of its high-level commanders, Abu Jibril Shimali, whom Israel said orchestrated the capture three years ago of Sgt. Gilad Schalit, an Israeli soldier who is still being held by Hamas.

The fighting appeared to confirm Hamas’ iron rule in Gaza despite a punishing Israeli and Egyptian blockade that keeps all but basic humanitarian supplies from entering the impoverished seaside territory.

It also underscored the group’s determination not to allow opponents with differing ideologies to gain a foothold in Gaza. The Gaza Strip and the West Bank are together supposed to make up a future Palestinian state, but Hamas’ bloody seizure of Gaza in 2007 created rival governments in the two territories – located on opposite sides of Israel – that are complicating Palestinian efforts to gain independence.

Jund Ansar Allah claims inspiration from al-Qaida’s ultraconservative brand of Islam but no direct links have been confirmed.

The confrontation was triggered when the leader of the group defied Gaza’s Hamas rulers by declaring in a Friday prayer sermon that the territory was an Islamic emirate.

Jund Ansar Allah and a number of other small radical groups seek to enforce an even stricter version of Islamic law in Gaza than that advocated by Hamas.

These groups are also upset that the Hamas regime has honored a cease-fire with Israel for the past seven months.

Hamas says it does not impose its religious views on others, but only seeks to set a pious example for people to follow.

Radical splinter groups such as Jund Ansar Allah call for a global jihad against the entire Western world, while Hamas maintains its struggle is only against the Israeli occupation.

“They are inspired by unbalanced ideologies and in the past they carried out a number of explosions targeting Internet cafes and wedding parties,” said Ghussein, adding that the groups do not have any external ties.

The hard-line groups are perhaps the most serious opposition Hamas has faced since it seized control of Gaza and ousted its rivals in the Fatah movement in a five-day civil war in June 2007.

Hamas security blocked all roads to Rafah and declared the town a closed military zone. They said they have arrested about 40 members of the group so far.

Hamas is also investigating the launching of 11 homemade rockets from Gaza into Egypt on Friday. Only five of the rockets detonated, injuring a young girl, said Egyptian security forces.

Saeb Erekat, a senior peace negotiator with Israel and a member of the rival Fatah group in the West Bank, described the situation in Gaza as “alarming.”

“Gaza is going down the drain in chaos and lawlessness,” he told the AP.

Jund Ansar Allah first came to public attention in June after it claimed responsibility for a failed attempt to attack Israel from Gaza on horseback.

In July, three Muslim extremists from the group holed themselves up in a building in southern Gaza, surrendering to Hamas police only after a lengthy standoff.

It is unclear how many adherents Jund Ansar Allah or other similar extremist groups have in Gaza.


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  1. I just don’t know what to say about this, what an utterly miserably situation. LIKE WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH PEOPLE KILLING US. we have the Kuffar, and secular Fatah, Now the Muslims are fighting each other. SubhanAllah

    the killer and the dead from either side were muslims…what will be their measure with Allah?

    May Allah swt forgive them both and grant them both Jennah, ameen

  2. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

    LOL… no its because they are extremists. The Prophet Pbuh said it himself:

    “Halaka al-mutanatti`ûn – Extremists shall most certainly perish,” repeating it three times. [Sahih Muslim]

    We Palestinians don’t need Taliban to tell us how to live. If they wan’t to establish a Wahhabi emirate they can go to the moon.

    Was-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,


  3. Abdullah, the word extremist in islam doesn’t mean the same thing as the western use of the word extremist. If they are calling to sharia then they are not extremists…they are Muslims. Dont believe what the kuffar say about your Muslim brothers, wait until u get to ask them yourself( taliban included). You don’t want to talk about them and later find out they were right.

  4. Assalamualaikum,

    May i ask al-suyuufi from which imam/ulama/mufti he got his info about Palestine’s current situation from?


  5. “We Palestinians don’t need Taliban to tell us how to live.”


    Hamas is the “regime” in power in Gaza, since they won the elections. Also, the majority of the Palestinians in Gaza–and, I am fairly confident, the majority of the Palestinians who have fled Palestine–support Hamas, so the issue of voting and its status within the shari’a is a none issue from that perspective.

    Muslims who support extremists and sects within Gaza are probably mostly Muslims who are living the good life, so they can afford talking when they do not have to do any walking. They should be ignored, because Palestine has no room for the Taliban of today, the Ash-Shabab of today, and other mad Muslims with their modernist pseudo “salafiyya” approach (which seems to be mostly focused on implementing the hudud and executing adulterers, like that is the bulk of Islamic law). Just look at Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia–sects and groups of Muslims fighting each other, and some want this for Gaza? Disgusting.

    The most important thing right now is stabilizing Gaza and cultivating a livable environment for its people, NOT challenging Hamas and the power that is.

    You cannot change a society without first changing the mentally of its people, just as how our master Muhammad did, salla Lahu ‘alayhi wa sallam. When it is time, the shari’a will be established in a proper, merciful way with the support of the people of Palestine. This I am convinced of.

    The shari’a concept of security for the Muslims and their well-being (even if their is laxity when it comes some aspects of the implementation of the Law) is, for some reason, very ignored and/or misunderstood. Also, who will gain from an inter-Palestinian conflict within Gaza? Its enemies, of course—Israel and its allies.

  6. I love when desi pro-taliban kids try to tell Palestinians they need
    “Shariah” implemented at the barrel of a gun. What a hoot!

  7. I agree Abdullah and Abû Selma:

    While I don’t support Hamas, Israeli troops still kill and hurt thousands of innocent civilians. What Palestine needs is a semblance of normality.

  8. @ Zookeeper & al-suyuufi

    The Taliban, Al-Shabab, and all of the Pseudo-Salafi Jihadis DON’T EVEN KNOW what Shari’ah is, never-mind implementing it. To them Shari’ah or “establishing the hukm of Allaah SWT” is nothing but flaunting your AK 47, decapitating heads, flag burning, suicide bombing, cutting off limbs, destroying graves of Sunni scholars and awliyaa, and declaring everybody else as kaafir. What good have these ignorant savages brought to the Ummah? Actually they have made things WORSE and have given the enemies of Islaam the excuse to kill more Muslims and occupy more Muslim land. To me the enemies of Islaam and the jihaadis are the same thing, just the latter is under the label of “Islaam”, in REALITY both are working towards the destruction of Islaam.

    Is this the world you want to live in? Do you want to live underneath a global Khawaarij empire? How depressing. I’d rather the Zionists to occupy us, at least we would know that they are our enemies instead of living underneath MENTALLY UNSTABLE Muslims claiming to “defend Muslim blood” when IN REALITY THEY HAVE HELPED THEIR ENEMIES, THAT THEY CLAIM TO BE FIGHTING, IN KILLING SCORES OF MUSLIMS, Iraq a perfect example.

    Where is the honor and chivalry of the modern day Muslim Mujaahid? The Pseudo-Salafis have monopolized Jihaad — PURE SAVAGERY & ANARCHY INC. Look at Afghanistan, a waste land! Looks like an apocalyptic scene off of the movie MAD MAX… Look at what the Taliban did in Pakistan, incurred the wrath of the Pakistani military and in return millions of Muslims displaced… MASHALLAAH! Congrats to Taliban! Subhanallaah, you call that Shari’ah? Where is the wisdom and hikmah in this? What happened to the aim or maqaasid of Shari’ah which is to BRING SECURITY AND PRESERVE LIFE!!! This 21st century jihaadi sensation is UGLY, just militant hype to waste and re-direct the energy of young zealous Muslims, waisting their lives away only to end up dead or in some far off secret prison, no thanks Mr. Bin Laden, I’d rather stay home and take care of my mother!

    Was-Salaamu ‘Alaykum,


  9. Don’t look at who is saying what, but WHAT is being said 🙂

    What your Khawaarij friends are doing in the battle field is not jihaad, its called vigilantism. They are no different then criminals and highway robbers, perhaps worse. If we were to cut off hands and feet, these so called jihaadis would be the first ones to deserve it.

  10. I’m sorry but I do not recognize your Wahhabi ‘aalims’ as authorities of the Sunnah. I prefer to stick with non-Wahhabi Sunni scholars.

    Congrats to Hamas for quickly dealing with the fitna… perhaps Imaam al-Mahdi AS will finish the job of cleansing the earth from these fitna makers as I’m curtain that they will side with the Dajjal when he appears.

    **Just a note: I DO NOT support Hamas or the PLO nor do I agree with their ideologies.**

  11. correction: spelling mistake, I meant to say: as I’m CERTAIN (not curtain lol) that they will side with the Dajjal when he appears.

  12. I dont think anyone here who isnt in Hamas’s shoes knows whats going on. The reality is that this Jund Allah lot were a threat. How come a small group declare an Islamic state when there is a ruling party already in place? Ok, Hamas took violent action, which may not have been needed, but this Jund Allah party had no authority whatsoever. Dont blame Hamas, blame this small bunch of hoolligans who wanted to distrupt the peace that Hamas has been trying to bring to the people of Gaza. If you havent been to Gaza, then please do so and your perspective on everything will change.

  13. Abdullah,
    My whole point is not to judge a people, group, or situation with out any knowledge.

    You’ve probably never met a taliban solider, never been to Afghanistan, never met any Al shabab, or been to somalia, never met anyone from Hamas or that other group, or been to Gaza. All or at least most of what you know is from Kaffir sources.

    You have no clue what is happening on the ground, how can you judge these people, Maybe they are on the haq. If they are and you are running your mouth like this then I feel sorry for you in the akhira.

    What we know is they are muslims, and Muslims are supposed to make excuses for each other and give each other the benefit of the doubt. YOU on the other hand are ironically calling them khawarjis and making takfir against them. Do you know how serious that is?

    You are soft to the kuffar and your heart hardens to your Muslim brothers, check yourself before you start judging others.

  14. @ Zookeeper & al-suyuufi

    It is enough know that someone is not within the Sunni parameters, so therefore we can not take the scholarship of that individual seriously, hence that person not being trustworthy to take as a guide, teacher, or as an authority figure. So therefore we have to generally reject the scholarship of that individual, or at least [the bare minimum], with regards to that misguided individual, is to take from what is in line with Sunnism as defined below:

    By consensus the Sunnis consist of 3 major groups divided by the 3 divisions of the Deen as shown in the hadith of Jibreel AS, and they are:

    The 3 Schools of Sunni Creed:

    1. The Ash’ari School
    2. The Maturidi School
    3. The Athari School

    The 4 Schools of Sunni Law

    1. The Hanafi School
    2. The Maliki School
    3. The Shafi’i School
    4. The Hanbali School

    The many paths [turuq] of Sunni Tasawwuf or Suluk such as:

    1. The Shadhili Path
    2. The Naqshbandi Path
    3. The Qadiri Path
    4. The Rifa’i Path

    And many other paths.

    The Wahhabis REJECT AND CONTRADICT THE ABOVE SUNNI MANHAJ… they are critical of taqleed of the Schools of Law while only a few acknowledge the importance of following a madhhab in ‘amaal, they accuse deviation to the Sunni schools of Creed, especially the Ash’ari madhhab accusing them as “deniers of the attributes of Allaah SWT” or “Jahmiyyah”, and they categorically REJECT the noble Sunni science of Tasawwuf [ this rejection being the largest bid’ah of our time], something that not even Abdul Wahhab, Ibn Taymiyyah, and al-Qayyim NEVER categorically rejected despite their reservations towards some aspects of Tasawwuf that they deem to be reprehensible innovations.

    So according to the above, they fall outside of the parameters of orthodoxy [Sunnism or Sunni Islam] and therefore they are to be considered as a breakaway sect [Pseudo-Sunnis] and not from the Ahl As-Sunnah as anyone with a sound mind and intellect CAN CLEARLY SEE.

    How can the Wahhabis or other Salafi reformers be considered Sunnis when they reject or criticizes the very FOUNDATIONS THAT SUNNI ISLAM RESTS UPON!!??

    The Holy Prophet said, “He for whom Allâh desires great good, He grants him (superlative) understanding in the Religion (yufaqqihhu/yufqihhu fî al-dîn). I only distribute and it is Allâh Who gives. That group shall remain in charge of the Order of Allâh, unharmed by those who oppose them, until the coming of the Order of Allâh.”1

    “It may be that one carries understanding without being a person of understanding; it may be that one carries understanding to someone who possesses more understanding than he.”

    1H.adîth of the Prophet narrated from Mu`âwiya by al-Bukhârî and Muslim.

  15. “Abdullah, how about quoting your own scholars who disagree?
    Why not refute the actual content of these “wahhabi” scholars?
    Why not find some fault in the individual scholars?”

    It is not necessary for someone like me to do that when the scholars have fulfilled the above tasks or endeavors. If you ARE serious and you can READ Arabic and you WANT to see what the scholars have said about the Wahhabis, there are literally hundreds of works by reputable Ash’ari and other Sunni scholars available in Arabic.

    Sunni Publications have started the initiative in translating these works: http://www.sunnipubs.com/

    You can also read the many great translations of works that spell out SUNNISM for those that are methodologically challenged as yourself suyuufi at the marifah webiste: http://www.marifah.net

  16. “The “Wahhabis” fall under the Athari creed,”

    lol… This is SUCH a huge misconception, trickery, and deception… the Wahhabis are far from the Athari creed as evident in their tajseem, likening Allaah SWT to the creation, and attributing a direction and limit to Allaah SWT THAT THE ATHARIS NEVER DID, and to do so is blasphemy. The Atharis are a completely DIFFERENT group and have nothing to do with the Wahhabis, the Hashawis [such as Ibn Taymiyyah], or other Pseudo-Hanbalis. Get your facts straight, you have been deluded. the REAL Atharis are the Hanbali Sufis such as Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali, etc.

    “and they only thing they reject in those lists you gave are the Sufi tariqas. Actually, even Ibn Taymiyyah was tolerant of some Tariqas, those which did not commit Bid’ah and were within the bounds of Sharia.”

    That would depend on your definition of “bid’ah”. Imaam Ash-Shafi’i and many other Sunnis did not have an absolutist definition of bid’ah which the Wahhabis do, they have actually categorized bid’ah into bad and good and some even into further categories! So I suggest that you go and learn your fiqh of “bid’ah” before using these terms without knowledge.

    “The Salafis might reject the terminology of Tasawwuf, but in reality “tasawwuf” is nothing but Tazkiyyah or reaching Ihsaan, so you cannot use merely a difference in terminology to throw someone out of the bounds of Ahl us-Sunnah into deviation.”

    This is very misleading and deceptive of you to say that I “throw them out” because MERELY of a difference in terminology, this is NOT what I’m claiming, AND THAT IS NOT THE CASE [it has nothing to do with terminology], so STOP TWISTING and INJECTING CONCEPTS in order to confuse what is being said THEREFORE COVERING THE REAL ISSUE at hand… rather what I’m saying is that the Wahhabis appose the Sunnis in almost all matters of the deen, aqeedah being the primary difference.

    If they accept what you call Tazkiyyah or reaching Ihsaan then what is wrong with the Wahhabis accepting the term “tasawwuf” which is a term adopted by virtually all the Sunni scholars such Imaam Malik, Shafii, Hanbal, and Abu Hanifah? The reason being is that they have a superficial understanding of Ihsaan and they reject the other fundamental aspects of tasawwuf that are deeply rooted in the Quran and Sunnah which they see as bid’ah… when in reality they don’t have the deep intellectual capacity and spiritual insights to comprehend these realities found in tasawwuf, hence they come to the conclusion that it is bid’ah… basically anything they don’t understand is shirk and bid’ah, that is their logic.

    “the only basis of your rejecting the “Wahhabis” is that they reject Tasawwuf, and even then you cannot say that they reject the science of self-purification just because they don’t call it “tasawwuf” and because they agree with the many Bid’ahs committed by many Sufis today (keep in mind I don’t accuse all sufis of bid’ah, since Ibn Taymiyyah acknowledged some Sufis free of Bid’ah).”

    HERE YOU GO AGAIN CONFUSING THINGS… my basis is not based upon merely their rejection of tasawwuf but their rejection of the entire well trodden Sunni path… and it is well known that their understanding of the concept of bid’ah is completely different then the mainstream Sunni understanding.

    “So you have proven nothing, other than that you limit the label of Ahl us-Sunnah to the Sufis, still rejecting anyone you may disagree with from Ahl us-Sunnah prematurely and wrongfully.
    And instead of debating the points of this post, i.e. the mujahideen, you have again gone to the topic of “wahhabis” to broadly discredit those you disagree with.”

    AND AGAIN COMPLICATING THINGS… If you read my previous posts I did NOT limit the Ahl As-Sunnah to just the Sufis, but rather I included ALL the madhaahib of fiqh, creed, etc. The Ahl As-Sunnah also include the scholars of the Arabic language, Quranic Tafseer, the Scholars of Hadith and Rijaal, etc. As for the Khawaarij that you call “mujahideen”, they do what they do because of the destructive ideology they adhere to which is Wahhabism… that is what I’m criticizing, the manhaj that LEADS them to their Khawaariji positions and actions.

    Your arguments are so illogical and quite frankly ridiculous. Your arrogance and deception is not going to take you anywhere.

  17. al suyuufi,

    why are you bothering yourself, this man is making takfir of people who are on the haq. let him dig his own hole. We have enough division , inshaAllah just make du’a for the ummah and for this brother.

  18. Let’s be clear here and stop accusing me of takfeer. I’m not making takfeer to anyone. Generally speaking I do consider the Wahhabis and Khawaarij as Muslims and ultimately the people of Jannah. HOWEVER if someone likens Allaah SWT to the creation, attributes bodily limbs, direction, and place, AND after CLEAR proofs have come to him that this is not the case AND still sticks to these anthropomorphic beliefs, then such a person has blasphemed. Maybe the ignorant whom can not conceptualize that Allaah SWT existence is without place or direction might be excused BUT NOT after it has been clarified for him/her [in which case the person is no longer excused].

    The correct Sunni creed is that Allaah SWT exists without space, place, direction, and time and that He SWT is NOT to be attributed with bodily limbs. As for any mention [in the Quraan and Hadiths] of ‘yad’, ‘wajh’, etc. in relation to Allaah SWT, the theologians differed in their way of understanding them BUT ALL AGREE (including the genuine Atharis) that they can not mean BODILY LIMBS which the Wahhabis attribute to Allaah SWT by translating yad into HAND, and wajh into FACE, etc…. the Wahhabis say Allaah SWT has a HAND but NOT LIKE OUR HAND, etc… its the exact same thing as saying Allaah SWT has a bodily limb but not like our bodily limb. For details visit the Sunni Answers website.

  19. Thank you Abdullah for your brillaint refutation of the deviant Wahhabi belief.

    I wouldn’t waste my time talking to those arrogant and ignorant people. Their ‘Scholars’ write books and articles without any knowledge at all. And

    For example, Bin Baz, Ibn Uthymeen,Muhammed Ibn Ibrahiim A’al Ashaik, Humood Al Tuwaijaree and other so called ‘Scholars’ believe the Sun orbits the Earth. They take this view from ‘authentic Ahadeeth’, and arrogantly reject scientific proof, logic and reason, and deem them “corrupted theories”. They only accept their interpretation of Ahdeeth, and anything else is misguided and deviated.

    They have no knowledge of the observable world. Their interpretations of seen things are false. So how can they interpret unseen things, such as Allahs SWT attributes, and other aspects of the Religion?

  20. In his infamous al-Adilla al-Naqliyya wa al-Hissiyya `ala Jarayan al-Shamsi wa Sukuni al-Ard (“The Transmitted and Sensory Proofs of the Rotation of the Sun and Stillness of the Earth”), he [Bin Baz] asserted that the earth was flat and disk-like and that the sun revolved around it.

    Bin Baz is guilty of the following:

    * Calling the Muslims “Pagans”
    * Calling the Muslims “Apostates”
    * Calling the Muslims “Deviants”
    * Calling the Muslims “Innovators”
    * Monopolizing Teaching in Hijaz
    * Falsifying Our Scholarly Heritage
    * Libeling Ulema Who Disagreed with Wahhabi Doctrine
    * Imposing the Style of Najd in Adhân
    * Shutting the Mosque in Madina at Night
    * Posting Hoodlums at the Noble Grave
    * Obstructing and Scolding Women in Madina
    * Blocking Women from Visiting Baqi`
    * Police Interrogation Centers
    * Razing of the Mosque of Abu Bakr – Allah be well-pleased with him –
    * Razing of Abu Ayyub al-Ansari’s House
    * Destroying Historical Makka and Madina but Preserving Khaybar
    * Replacing Khadija’s House with Latrines
    * Outlawing Nasiha to Rulers
    * Interdiction of Dala’il al-Khayrat and other books
    * Forbidding Mawlid Gatherings
    * Etc.

  21. The following is take from Shaykh Gibril Haddad’s website Living Islam:

    Sheikh Ibn Baz on the Flatness of the Earth

    As-Salamu `alaykum:
    I have replaced the original paragraph on this issue in _Albani And His Friends_ for the second edition. It now reads thus:

    When the Americans landed a man on the moon Bin Bâz issued a fatwa (Sha`bân 1389/1969) he then expanded into his infamous seventy-five page al-Adillat al-Naqliyya wal-H.issiyya `alâ Jarayân al-Shamsi wa- Sukûni al-Ard. wa-Imkân al-S.u`ûd ilâ al-Kawâkib (“The Transmitted and Sensory Proofs of the Rotation of the Sun, the Stillness of the Earth, and the Possibility of Going Up to the Planets”)(1) published in 1391/ 1971 at the University of Madîna,(2) in which he asserted that whoever says the earth turns and the sun does not, or that the latter turns on its axis, has committed disbelief, gone astray, and must be summoned to repent or else be killed as an apostate disbeliever and his property be seized as spoils for the Muslim treasury.(3) A scandal ensued in which, Bin Bâz and others said, the writers and educators of the Egyptian Progressive Council (al-Tajammu` al-Taqaddumî), certain Arab radio stations such as S.awt al-`Arab, and publications such as the Kuwaiti periodical al-Siyâsa, spread the false rumor that the Shaykh had declared apostate whoever affirmed space travel or the rotundity of the earth. In 1395/1975, Bin Bâz published a tamer and much shorter text under a similar title, al-Adillat al-Naqliyya wal-H. issiyya `alâ Imkân al-S.u`ûd ilâ al-Kawâkib (“The Transmitted and Sensory Proofs of the Possibility of Going Up to the Planets”) also at the University of Madîna – reproduced in full in Bin Bâz’s Majmû` Fatâwâ wa-Maqâlât wa-Rasâ’il (1:190-198) and on his website(4) – while the 1391 version was removed from circulation. (Bin Bâz explicitly refers to “my three statements on the topic,”(5) namely, the 1389 fatwâ, the 1391 bomb, and the 1395 bowdlerization.) Then, in a 1397/ 1977 letter reproduced in the Majmû` Fatâwâ wa-Maqâlât wa-Rasâ’il (9: 157-160), Bin Bâz denied he ever made takfîr of whoever says man landed on the moon, or says that the earth is round, or says that it turns around the sun. He specified he had originally said that landing on the moon was possible but ought to be verified, and that the had adduced from Ibn al-Qayyim a text which affirmed the earth’s rotundity. He continued: “As for the movement of the earth, I denied it and exposed the proofs of its falsehood, but I never declared apostate one who upholds such a view. I only declared apostate one who says that the sun is still and does not move.” In Mushkilât al-Jîl fî D.aw’ al-Islâm (3rd ed. 1399, p. 224), Muh.ammad al-Majdhûb quotes further protestations from the Muftî that he does not consider it apostasy to affirm the earth’s movement around the sun or the sun’s revolution on its axis but that he “only explicitly made takfîr of the one who says the sun stands still.” The rumors resurfaced in the nineties.(6)


    1 In his autobiographical notice at the opening of vol. 1 of his 13- volume Majmû` Fatâwâ wa-Maqâlât wa-Rasâ’il (2nd ed.) Bin Bâz states, “Among the works I authored…” then he mentions twenty-one titles, the sixteenth being the above in full. The Majmû` is at http://www. almeshkat.net/books/open.php?cat= &book=Y8. Its first edition numbers 7 volumes in 5, its second edition 13 volumes, and its third edition (1421) 17 volumes, all at Riyadh’s Mu’assasat al-Risala.
    2 http://www.iu.edu.sa/arabic/DisplayBI.asp?id=845 as of January, 2006.
    3 See excerpts at http://www.arabtimes.com/writer/abas/doc5.html and http://www.rezgar.com/debat/show.art.asp?aid= 955
    4 http://www.binbaz.org.sa/index.php?pg==mat&type==article&id= 6.
    5 Majmû` Fatâwâ wa-Maqâlât wa-Rasâ’il (9:159-160).
    6 “Muslim Edicts Take on New Force,” New York Times, February 12, 1995 and Carl Sagan’s 1996 Demon-Haunted World : Science as a Candle in the Dark.


  22. I haite Hamas they r killer of ummah insha Allah mujahideen with Jund Ansar Allah ……………………Allahu akbar YA Allah Destory Hammas i haiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u Hammas

  23. @Abdullah – You need to relax on your hatred for the Salafis. They may have wrong, but they are trying inshaAllah to do good. Don’t get me wrong, tasawwuf is cool, but there are some Sufis who are crazy and they are not ahlus sunna. There are sufis who lie and cheat. There are even tariqa vs tariqa battles over nonsense. Tasawwuf today has lost its substance it has only become books with no action.

  24. @ MR – I agree, since the beginning there has always been charlatan Sufis whom are even WORSE then the Wahhabis. Regardless there are a few genuine tariqas out there WITH substance even though many today have become ineffective.

    As for the so-called “Salafis” I don’t hate them, I just hate the baatil ideology and manhaj that they are upon which is masquerading as “Quran wa Sunnah”. People need to be aware of this and not tricked into falling into their trap like what happened to me and millions of others around the Ummah. They are the largest threat to orthodox Islaam, since they are an internal threat being utilized by the enemies of Islaam [that is to destroy Islaam from within]. Salafism is a cancerous disease that has effected millions of minds.

    Salafism = hadim ad-deen bi ism ad-deen [the destruction of Islaam in the name of Islaam]

  25. As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum to all,

    I would like to share something will all of you just to show you how the Salafis disrespect the great scholars of this ummah and in how they try to cover up our tradition. Al-Manhaj.com or the The Salafi Society of North America translated one of Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee’s (rahimahullaah) works titled Kashf-ul-Kurbah fee wasfi Haali Ahlil-Ghurbah (Alleviating Grievances in Describing the Condition of the Strangers) which is a book that describes the Strangers (al Ghurabaa) whom will appear during the last days. In the introduction the Pseudo-Salafi translator Isma’eel Alarcon praises the Imaam and even considers Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee’s (rahimahullaah) as being on the “Salafee Methodology”. Then he condemns the Imaam for having “Sufi ideas” which “were prevalent during his time”…. subhanallaah! In an ironic way the Salafis show us how tasawwuf was indeed fully ingrained in the Islamic tradition! LOL… WOW… you can never cover haqq! Haqq will always manifest no matter how much people try to cover up the truth!

    Whats even more astonishing is that they refused to translate the end of the book because the Imaam basically talks about “inward strangeness” in how the inners spiritual states of the Sufis make them from amongst the Ghurabaa! It is if the Pseudo-Salafis are trying to cover up or censor that fact in order to hijack or steal the tile of al-Ghurabaa for themselves lol… caught red-handed! How sad and pathetic of an attempt. we don’t even have to refute the Pseudo-Salafis because they do a pretty good job in refuting themselves! They even left a note at the end of the book and this what they have to say:

    [This is where we will end the translation of the treatise. As stated in the introduction, the Imam
    goes into discussion of themes founded upon Sufi concepts which have no basis in Islaam and
    which have little benefit, so All praise is due to Allaah through whose Grace all good deeds are

    WOW… what a perfect example of Pseudo-Salafi censorship! Anyhow here are some excerpts taken from the introduction [ for those interested you can download the entire e-book from the al ghurabaa website – alghurabaa dot org in the hadith section]:

    All praise is for Allaah and may the peace and blessings of Allaah be on His Final Messenger, his family
    and those who follow him in goodness until the Day of Recompense. To Proceed.
    This book is a translation of a short treatise entitled Kashf-ul-Kurbah fee wasfi Haali Ahlil-Ghurbah, or
    Alleviating Grievances in Describing the Condition of the Strangers, written by the great Imaam, Al-
    Haafidh Zayn-ud-Deen Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbalee, rahimahullaah.
    In this treatise, Ibn Rajab deals with the topic of the Strangers, or Al-Ghurabaa…

    And towards the end of his
    treatise, he begins to divert from the topic by going deep into the issue of inner strangeness, sometimes
    focusing on aspects that have no basis in Islaam, such as talk about the ‘Aarif, wajd, khulwah, etc. These
    were Sufi ideas that were prevalent during his time…

    Shaikh Saleem Al-Hilaalee said: “Ibn
    Rajab (rahimahullaah) treaded the Manhaj of the Salaf with regard to the issues of Eemaan and
    acquiring knowledge. And he supported it and defended it from the false arguments of the opponents.
    His books are loaded with that. And he wrote some treatises specifically on this topic such as his book
    ‘Bayaan Fadlu ‘Ilm-is-Salaf ‘alaal-Khalaf.’ However, there can be found traces of Sufism in his books,
    may Allaah protect him from inclining towards it’s dangerous paths, due to what Allaah has given him
    from vast knowledge of the Narrations and a clear Salafee Methodology.” [Iqaadh-ul-Himam: pg. 9]

  26. @ Anon – No I’m Abdullah from SeekingIlm… Abu Layth is a friend of mine and I just posted the above regarding the Ghurabaa on his website.

  27. I personnaly dont believe that jund ansar Allah commited killings in MUSLIM weddings or internet cafes.

    49:6. O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.

    The mujahideen in pakistan faced similar accusations and denied them saying it was done by the army and foreign coalitions. We should have trust in a muslim statement, show me the proof jund A Allah affirmed these actions…
    This is not new the kufaar and their puppets use this lie everywhere, including my country (algeria) and dont tell otherwise here the mass believes in the media lies but the people of knowledge, those who left the tyrannical army and exposed their evil acts told the truth, as well as kaafir organisations lik amnesty international. The result is what i see in these comments: the general public hating groups trying to fulfill the religious duty of IMPLEMENTING AN ISLAMIC STATE.
    It is stupid to think someone with a knowlege of islam so important that they know the fard of g-had and khilafa etc that they wouldnt know killing a SINGLE muslim is MORE DEARER TO ALLAAH then the WHOLE DUNYA or the holy Ka3ba.
    What is your evidences? please dont trust jewish propaganda, so what? takfir of “those who contradict their minhaj” etc?
    As far as i know, “salafi” Mujahideen fight alongside any musim and want to unite the whole ummah in their struggle apart shi”as and grave worshipping suffis (and dont denie most suffis worshipp graves) even the sheikh “AbdAllah 3azzam answered about fighting alongside differing muslims and he said it is not an excuse to not fight alongside with them, quoting ibn taymiyyah who fought alongside i think suffis and ash3aris etc.
    And this cannot be true because jund ansar Allah seems to fight for shari”a and islam while hamas seems to have develloped a nationalist fight. As muslims the evidence is clear who is right, and fighting for islam they must by daroorah know the rules of islam and jihad, subhanaAllah. even if we believe the jewish propaganda that they killed muslims, then in that case people should tell them the corect rulings of G_had etc.

    Next, if you denie the way the salaf including sahaba (RA) interpreted the divine attributes of Allaah, like the proof from saheeh hadith that a woman said Allah is above (by pointing up) and Nabi (SAW) said she was right or a believer, or the descent of Allah every night, or the 500 years between each heavens and then there is the water and then the 3arch and kursi and Then Allaah above all that etc or that he has hands but is qualified by himself as “lam iakun llahu kufu-an ahad” etc, then khair inshaAllah personally i dont let these divisions make me do takfir or abandon a muslim to the hellfire.
    BUT, it is sad to see people still calling people who follow the salaf as “wahabis” subhna Allah for someone as smart as those who posted here id expect more knowledge regarding this blasphemous term.
    Dont you know that you are accusing someone who differs with you 3aqeedah in some matters by an insult from a Name and Attribute of Allaah?
    as if all who follow the salaf are blind followers of Muhammad ibn 3abdul Wahhab… no….
    First have you read Kitab At Tawheed? please tell me where is the deviance in this book since it only quotes QURAN AND HADITH (with some sayings of sahaba and “ulama)
    No you couldnt cause that book is nothing but the haqq. So what then what did 3abdul Wahhab do that give you so much hate?
    Was it the fact he fought the clear heresies of his time and telling people to stop worshipping GRAVES and SAINTS and Righteous men? if thats the case then on this one i have nothing more to say and cant argue about such clear kufr.
    Wa Allahu a3lam, may Allaah reward our good intentions and guide us to the truth and reconcile our differences, and give victory to the mujahidin and those who work towards the promise of Allaah. Jazakum Allahu khairan wa as salamu 3alaykum wa rahmatu Allahi wa barakatuh

  28. I was reading through some of the threadsand was astonished to see that people have chose to support hamas over jundansarallah.

    Jundansarallah wants shariah law while hamas doesnt.
    jundansarallah wants an islamic emirate while hamas doesnt.

    Hamas is a disgusting nationalist movement and should be wiped out.

    You will find that groups which want to establish an islamic emirate such as the taliban and as shebab are winning thier battles and are controlling over 80% of thier terroitory so dont try saying any bad words about them.

    And also you will find groups which have no intrest in establishing shariah are being humuilated by the enemy like HAMAS

    No wonder palestine is in the situation it is in today

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