American Interrogators Threaten to Rape Detainee’s Mother, Kill their Children and more!

Warning: This post contains graphic and disturbing descriptions of torture.

Glenn Greenwald did a good job of breaking it down here:

Threats of execution

Threats to kill detainee and his children:

Pressure points on carotid artery:

Threats to rape detainee’s female relatives in front of him:

“Buttstroking” with rifles and knee kicks:

Blowing smoke in detainee’s face for five minutes:

More “convincing and poignant” waterboarding of the type we prosecuted Japanese war criminals for using:

Numerous detainee deaths and other abuses:

The IG Report also documents numerous other abuses that have been documented by prior OLC memos, including having waterboarded detainees 82 and 183 times; hanging them by their arms until interrogators thought their shoulders might be dislocated; stepping on their ankle shackles to cause severe bruising and pain; putting them in a diapers and leaving them doused with water on cold concrete floors in cold temperatures to induce hypothermia, etc.  Some of the numerous deaths of detainees during interrogations were also discussed (for details on detainee deaths, see here and here).  After documenting all of that, the IG Report notes:


You can read the full document here: IG_Report

5 Replies to “American Interrogators Threaten to Rape Detainee’s Mother, Kill their Children and more!”

  1. These so called “Civilised” nation have never been or ever will be until they have “Iman” or faith in Allah with all HIS attributes. Even the Christianity they had adopted was at their own terms, very different from the original land of Christians.
    Just because of their power and riches they like to claim all the good things they see around them. It is our mistake to be surprised at what they are doing now. They will remain as they have been in the past.

  2. I know what some of the redacted passages are, based on other news articles like Seymour Hersh and past evidence.

    For #94,
    “The…debriefer wanted Al-Nashiri to infer, for psychological reasons, that the debriefer might be AN EGYPTIAN intelligence officer based on his Arabic dialect, and that Al-Nashiri was in EGYPTIAN custody because it was widely believed in Middle East circles that EGYPTIAN/Mukhabarat interrogation technique involves secually abusing female relatives in front of the detainee. The debriefer denied threatening Al-Nashiri through his family. The debriefer also said he did not explain who he was or where he was from when talking with Al-Nashiri. The debriefer said he never said he was a EGYPTIAN/MUKHABARAT intelligence officer but let Al-Nashiri draw his own conclusions”

  3. Assalamualkum

    The country that is out to police the world forgets that what happens in your backyards is noticed by the global population. Sometimes i begin to wonder if these people had mothers while growing up.
    Acts like those mentioned above should be condemed at all levels wheter or not done to muslims.

  4. I don’t condone in what was said.. and I feel for those who are truly innocent.. but for those who have partaken in terrorism by any means.. including aiding them in any way.. I feel not a drop of sympathy.. and come on… you can say what you will about Americans.. but who have we decapitated? I’m 100% positive worse things are said on the other end.. and we all KNOW worse things are done.. I support verbal abuse.. I support water boarding… I condone in those only if they can be connected with terrorism.. If they have proof of ties.. I say be-head them.. Give them a taste of their own medicine.. It’s about time they’ve gotten in.. Guantanamo has been the best the closest we’ve come to doing the things they do to our captures (many which aren’t even military).. and still.. it’s not even a fraction of what they do.. Proven ties with terrorism should bring them full blown no holds barred torture.. It’s merely my opinion..

  5. Joe, i think the irony is lost on you.

    The first guy that was “decapitated” was N. Berg, which was a direct response right after the Abu Ghraib scandal.

    Where it was reported Kids were raped, and people were beaten and tortured.

    Majority of these people are held without charge anyway, so i dont see your point.

    Stop defending the scum

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