US Treasury Dept. – “Donate this Ramadan, but we’re watching!”

Yeah the title is an exaggeration, but you know it’s true!

Treasury Department Statement Marking the Beginning of Ramadan

As Ramadan begins, the U.S. Department of the Treasury recognizes the particular importance of charitable giving throughout the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims in America and around the world. Charitable giving is a fundamental characteristic of many faiths, and zakat, one of the five pillars of Islam, is a sacred obligation for Muslims.

Treasury underscores its support for the important work of the charitable sector in providing essential services to those in need, both at home and abroad. Treasury remains committed to strengthening its engagement with the donor community and the charitable sector to support their efforts while at the same time, safeguarding charities from abuse by terrorist organizations. In recent years, the charitable sector has taken significant steps to promote transparency and to guard against such abuse.

We look forward to strengthening our partnership with the charitable sector and the donor community to further advance our shared objective of protecting legitimate charitable activity.


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2 Replies to “US Treasury Dept. – “Donate this Ramadan, but we’re watching!””

  1. They have proved for the most part that they need to be supervised.. Setting up false business fronts to launder money in support for things that deal in the harm of people for any reason.. it sounds like they need to be monitored.. besides.. who cares.. as long as they have nothing to hide.. then there’s no problem.. Not that they all do it.. but zakat sounds like it could be just another front.. Watch Away..

  2. you should check out the MBC advert.. there is no exaggeration involved there.. its actually quite a bizarre advert.. my lil sister said to me after we watched it ‘so, does that mean we shouldn’t give to orphanages??’
    🙁 *sighs*

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