AlMaghrib finally puts a sister on stage – Dalia Mogahed to be speaking at Ilmfest 2009 in Baltimore

Much respect to AlMaghrib Institute for inviting probably one of the most active Muslim American sisters in the national community. Dalia Mogahed along with Sh. Yasir Qadhi, Sh. Waleed Basyouni, Sh. AbdulBary Yahya, Sh. Mohammed Faqih, Sh. Yaser Birjas, Imam Safi Khan and Baba Ali will be the speakers at Ilmfest 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland during the weekend of October 3rd and 4th.

Ilmfest is the AlMaghrib run yearly conference that brings many of it’s instructors together. You an find out more information here.

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  1. I really wish there were more practicing Muslim women were out there becoming teachers and public speakers. Most of the Muslim women that are in the “lime light” today are non hijabi “liberal” reformists that are really doing a great disservice to the Muslim world.

  2. This great. I have heard her talk, and she is really good at presenting facts + her opinions. Though I do have a question:

    What is Ilmfest? Is it a general purpose convention, like ISNA’s Convention, or is it a weekend educational seminar?

    They are many practicing, believing Muslim women in the “limelight”. Firstly, we have MPAC’s Edina and CAIR’s female speakers (don’t know their names:))
    There are also some practicing Muslim Women who do not where the Hijab. Like on Al-Jazzera and PBS, there have been instances where non-Hijabi women presented a accurate picture of Islam. What your saying is that every non-Hijabi is a ‘disservice’. That is a blanket accusation.

  3. well I mean more in a role model way, women who represent to Muslim women as well as non muslims the full potential and range of freedom given to muslim women. you can hardly take non hijabi as a role model for Muslim women, except maybe in their non religious achievements. Hijab is also better to show non muslims that conservative women are not oppressed by hijab.

    you’re right , there are a lot of women but I guess i was thinking of women who are scholars and teachers. But non scholarly roles are also very important, I can’t deny the significant role Cair plays in the community.

  4. @PakistaniMD – It is basically an AlMaghrib convention for all the AlMaghrib students, all those interested in AlMaghrib and basically any Muslim who is trying to seek knowledge. Of course it’s open to all Muslims, but this is the bulk of the audience.

  5. Will she be speaking on “women’s issues,” or topics that are not usually given that heading? Because to be honest I have ceased to be any more impressed by panels that include one woman to speak on the subject of women alone than panels which exclude women entirely.

  6. ^No she will not be speaking about women’s issues. In fact, I’ve never heard her speak about women’s issues….

    InshaAllah the theme this year will be Generation Islam, so she will be talking about the American Muslim generation.

  7. That’s good news! Al-Madina Institute recently had a class taught by Shaykha Zainab Alwani on the Qur’an and she is featured in their Qur’anic retreat later this year too with Hamza Yusuf and others. And now Al-Maghrib has Sr. Dalia at the IlmFest, which is a good thing. Hopefully this trend will continue in the circles of knowledge.

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