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Ramadan: The Month of the Best Food of the Year!

  • Author: MR
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  • Date: Aug 21,2009 | 11:27 AM

Ramadan is here, and our stomachs are empty. The kitchens are working extra hours this month. Many Muslims will be cooking up a feast almost every day especially the weekends. Probably the most widespread and agreed upon un-official trademark of Ramadan is that the best food of any culture or ethnic Muslim group comes out.
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Ramadan Mubarak!

  • Author: MR
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  • Date: Aug 20,2009 | 01:50 PM

Ramadan is here!

Here is the rundown on who’s starting when:

  • Those starting Ramadan on Friday, August 21, 2009:
  • Those starting Ramadan on Saturday, August 22, 2009:
    • ISNA (source)
    • Europeans not following ECFR
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Sunnis in Iraq
    • Sunnis in Lebanon (source)
    • Qatar
    • Sudan
    • Jordan (source)
    • UAE (source)
    • Indonesia (source)
    • Egypt (source)
    • South Korea (source: one of my good friends who’s there right now, mashaAllah)

I am still waiting on the moon sighting results for N. America.  We all know ISNA and those who follow it use calculated methods to determine Ramadan, and they have decided it to be Sat. Aug. 22, 2009.  I don’t agree with that.  I am waiting for the moon sighting results, inshaAllah.

There are several organizations that are following the Sunnah in looking for the moon.  Here are the websites:

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi – United Against Malaria

Buy tickets here!

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  • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf – United Against Malaria

    Buy tickets here!

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  • MR’s Online Qur’an Reading Contest Ramadan 2009/1430

    4th Annual MR Online Qur’an Reading Competition

    Ramadan will start in a week, inshaAllah. Like the previous three Ramadans I held a contest  to see who can read the Qur’an first. So I’m officially starting this contest which will begin on the 1st day of Ramadan 2009/1430 and end on the last day of Ramadan 2009/1430. Check out the standings for Ramadan 2008/1429, Ramadan 2007/1428 here and for Ramadan 2006/1427 here.

    How do I join?

    Simply comment with an anonymous name, nickname, your name, or whatever name you would like to go by. This name will be publicly desplayed a long with everyone else. If you have a website, blog or an organization you would like to represent or promote along with your name, just include that also.

    Confused? Here is an example:

    MR –

    (Note: Please enter a valid email address when you comment. Also make sure it is one that you check frequently.)

    How does it work?

    Very simple. You read the Qur’an. Keep track of the number of ayat (verses) you recite daily. Contact me and let me know how much you have done by emailing me, IMing me (if you have my screename) or calling me (if you have my number).

    Who wins? And what’s the prize?

    Everoyne wins, because everyone is rewarded with blessings from Allah! That is the prize. For Ramadan 2008 the prize was a free class from Seekers Gudiance. For Ramadan 2007 we had Phatwa Factory sponsor the contest and award the top winners with free t-shirts.  For Ramadan 2006 there was a surprise donated gift to the winner.  Only Allah knows what the prize will be this year.


    • Anyone can join.
    • You can use anonymous names or your real names.
    • I will not reveal anyones real identity.
    • Contest officially begins on the first day of Ramadan, whatever day that you start.
    • No lying. If you lie, you got some serious issues with yourself.
    • Recitation in prayer doesn’t count. You must actually read from the Qur’an during your free time when your not praying salah.
    • You must read the Qur’an in Arabic only. (English doesn’t count towards the contest, but you should still read the English).
    • You must calculate the number of ayat including Surah al-Fatiha which is 7 ayat.
    • Only include the number of ayat you read from the front to the back. (Example: Do not include the number of ayat if you read Surah Yaseen every day or Surah Kahf every Friday. They do not count.)
    • Holding the Qur’an in Taraweeh salah and following the Hafidh does not count.
    • You must recite out loud or enough so that your lips are moving and your ears can hear. No silent reading or reading from you mind.
    • I have the right to change the rules anytime I feel like to.

    So join already! Here is a list of people who have joined already.

    Hamas vs Jund Ansar Allah – 13 dead in Gaza including 11-year old

    • Author: MR
    • Filed under: Palestine, Sad
    • Date: Aug 16,2009 | 11:49 PM

    SubhanAllah. May Allah guide us all and protect the innocent. It saddens me that the Palestinians are suffering so much and now they have to fight each other.

    RAFAH, Gaza Strip (AP) – The leader of an al-Qaida-inspired group in the Gaza Strip blew himself up during a shootout Saturday with Hamas security forces.

    At least 24 people were killed in clashes with the shadowy group, which posed one of the biggest challenges to Hamas since the militant group seized power in Gaza two years ago.
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    Muslims who enjoy the “clubin” lifestyle should watch this

    SubhanAllah, this man is living proof why it is completely 100% pointless for Muslims to enjoy the club. It’s dry and temporary enjoyment. Infinite happiness is with God and Islam.

    May Allah guide us all to the sweetness of faith in submission to God.

    Eminem praises Allah in “Bagpipes from Baghdad”?

    • Author: MR
    • Filed under: General
    • Date: Aug 13,2009 | 12:03 AM


    It seems to be a common with mainstream pop rappers referencing Islam, Allah and using Arabic in their songs. There is Lil Wayne and then of course you have that big fiasco with Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Akon, P Diddy and whole bunch of others with the several Arab Money songs and remixes. Now Eminem appears to be feelin’ it:

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

    Clearly sounds like “hamdulillah” with some auto-tunes mixing.

    Eminem – If you do read this, I invite you to learn more about the meaning of what you are saying and what Islam is all about. You can contact me and I can connect you with some scholars God willing. I’m not sure how true this is, but one of your fellow group members of D12, Bizarre, may be a Muslim. The only evidence of this is one of your songs, Bizarre said “I’m a alcoholic…pass the hot dogs” and then you said in the background, “Bizarre, aren’t you Islamic?”. So if this is true, then also I invite Bizarre to this offer. Thanks.

    May God guide him and all of us! Ameen.

    Pray for others and an Angel will pray for you

    • Author: MR
    • Filed under: Islam
    • Date: Aug 12,2009 | 07:13 PM

    The prophet (saas) said “Whoever prays for his brother behind his back has an angel saying to him, ‘And for you the same’.” (Muslim)

    How many of us really make dua for others when we are asked “make dua for me”? It’s a common request used by all of us especially in times of need. This hadith should motivate us to make dua behind their backs.

    Now let’s put it to practice. I’ll make dua for everyone who reads this.

    State Farm Insurance was also included, but now they are pulling their ads. I’m really impressed by the power of MediaMatters. Anything that is against this guy Glen Beck and FOX News, I’m willing to support (as long as it’s not haram).

    I don’t think I can boycott Red Lobster though. Those biscuits are, mashaAllah, good!

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