Sad but true for most of the Muslim world: Best place for Muslims to live? America

Sorry Canada (though in reality, it’s probably the best in the world). I’d like to even go more detailed and say NY-NJ Metropolitan area, the DC-MD-VA area, Chicago, Detroit and Los Angeles-San Diego area are the best areas within America for a Muslim to live. I think the countries that are exempt from this in the Muslim world would be Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Edit: I know I’m going to take heat for saying Saudi Arabia is better to live than America, but I say this primarily my bias for the lack of ease of eating Halal food in America. Everyone who lives/visits Saudi Arabia always tell me how great the chicken and lamb is in Saudi. So meat is a factor for me where I live. I’m bias for the availability halal fried chicken. If I can make my daily salat, work and get some nice halal lamb and chicken, then I’m straight. If I can do this in Makkah, of course it’s better than the entire world. The Dajjal ain’t going to get me there!

Edit 2: For those who took me seriously about the meat thing, I apologize. It does play a factor but obviously it’s not number 1. I still think Saudi Arabia for me personally to practice Islam would be almost as good as America. America would still be the best option for me since I am an American.

Best place for Muslims to live? America

Muslim nations could learn a lot from the US.

By Merve Kavakci

Washington – This summer Muslims were murdered in Holland, Germany, and Belgium – four victims of hate crimes.

These murders are just the latest examples of Islamaphobia coming out of Europe. But Europe is not the only place intolerant of its Muslim citizens. Even in some Muslim countries, expression of religion is often perceived as a threat to the secular state.

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The Last Ottoman (Could have been a Khalifah) Dies: Ertugrul Osman, grandson of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II

Inna lilllahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

Ertugrul Osman – the would-be sultan known in Turkey as the “last Ottoman” – has died in Istanbul at the age of 97.

Osman would have been sultan of the Ottoman Empire had Turkey’s modern republic not been created in the 1920s.

As the last surviving grandson of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II, he would have been known as his Imperial Highness Prince Shehzade Ertugrul Osman Effendi.

Born in Istanbul in 1912, Osman spent most of his years living modestly in New York.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon. May Allah grant him jannah.


Jummah on Capitol Hill – Fri. Sept. 25, 2009

The flyer says that 50,000 are anticipated to come. I’d love to know how they came up with that number. If 50,000 show up it’ll make history for sure.


Sad fact is, the organizers of this should have planned with the MD-DC-VA area Islamic Centers and Masajid (Mosques) to not have Jummah and send everyone to the Capital hill and only have one for those who can’t make it. I know several local communities in the area that have 2-3 Jummah times and they will have it tomorrow.

Anyways, inshaAllah Allah will make it a success. Ameen!

True Stories: “The Earing-Wearing Brother”, “From Hijabi to Nojabi” and “Too Much Makeup Sister”

I listened to this lecture by Nouman Ali Khan and was blown away of the reality of this situation and the actions of myself in the past that have made me take a different approach with attempting to bring Muslims closer to Islam. It also reminded me a of a lecture I heard by Khalid Latif at the ISNA convention (2009 one – I think it was an MSA session), in which he highlighted some real life experiences of how “promoting the good and forbidding the evil” backfired the attempt to bring people closer to Islam.

I’ll highlight some powerful scenarios of which are have occured and that were mentioned in both of the lectures. I obviously I am not a great narrator like our narrators of hadith, but God willing, I can get the general message across.

Too Much Makeup Sister

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James Traficant – “Israel gets at least $15 billion a year from America”

“I believe Israel has a powerful strangle hold on the American government. They have us involved in wars of which we have little or no interest. Our children are coming back in body bags. Our nation is bankrupt over these wars. And if you open your mouth you get targeted.” – James Traficant

Very interesting video. I never knew much about this guy, but he seems like a true American who is concerned about it’s relation with Israel. I hope Ohio puts him in office. The Muslims need to step up and help get in office. Edit: Looks like this guy isn’t such a good guy in office due to his criminal past.