“We can eat from Ahlul Kitab (People of the Book)”

The people of the book do not slaughter their meat like this:

Share this with all our “AK” brothers and sisters, inshaAllah. The video was taken of a Hatchery in Iowa owned and operated by Hy-Line. You can read the full article on the Huffington Post.

It is also very said to see that many Muslim countries are distrubuting their meat such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Uganda, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia, Jordan and others. The full list can be seen here.

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  1. dear brother,
    assalaamu ‘alykum,

    there are two issues to note here

    1) handling of the animal
    2) eating meat from commercial farms in the west

    the violation pertains to [1] where the chicks falling through the sorting machine are left to die on the factory floor;
    “instantaneous euthanasia” – a reference to killing of male chicks by the grinder – is a standard practice supported by the animal veterinary and scientific community.

    there is no indication that these ground up chicks are then package for human consumption! — and therefore discussion on [2] is moot here.

    Mercy for Animals are big proponents of vegan diet etc etc so we have to be careful in recognizing their tactics in riling up our emotions.

  2. salams

    I agree, the distinction has to be made here – the group that produced this video did so because they likely want people to switch OFF of meat and eggs entirely and onto a 100% vegan diet … rather than have people become mad and push for more ethical standards in the meat industry.

    And really, I don’t see how these deplorable practices relate to the zabeeha / halal issue.

  3. And really, I don’t see how these deplorable practices relate to the zabeeha / halal issue.

    I think it more relates to how many Muslims in America fall back on the trite excuse that meat processed here is done by Ahl al Kitab so it’s ok to chow down on that fast food. It’s nonsense. Corporate meat processors are in no way “of the Sacred books” other than certain economic treatises.

  4. Is that really the most ‘humane’ way to kill chicks? I know we kill animals for food, so crying over the death of these animals may seem hypocritical… but it was so horrifying to see their mass, emotionless, extermination – so little worth attributed to their lives.

  5. ok so they could do a little better job, but still they got to make money for crying out loud. If they do it the way some of you want it to be done, all businesses will close down and then no one will eat chicken.

    And it doesnt matter how they treat them or kill them for us to be able to eat them unless they fall under the rules that make it haram. Like killing by blunt force, or if they mention a name other than allah over them. This land is mostly christian whether they are practicing or not so we can assume that the one slaughtering them is christian.

  6. Showing mercy toward the Earth’s inhabitants is from the sunnah. The Meat industry is an abomination, and un-Islamic.

  7. I am not saying showing mercy to them is not from the sunnah. We should be gentle with the animals and point fingers at those who are not. However, being ruff or cruel with the animal doesnt make it haram to eat.

  8. Ahmad: So what if the person killing the animal is a Christian? How does that make it remotely halal unless it is slaughtered properly? Be careful that your lack of fiqh doesn’t cause you to eat unclean meat.

  9. Similar investigations were done in Muslim slaughterhouses and it was discovered that they do not follow the “zabiha” proxy of slaughtering, as well as they purchase sick and dying animals for cheaper prices to slaughter and sell to the Muslims.

    Free range organic, baby!

  10. In the UK now we have a small but slowly growing number of revert brothers and sisters who raise animals organically, humanely and slaughter to strict Halal standards.



    There is an excellent lecture Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on this issue:

    I wouldn’t eat eggs sold by these people, what they do is disgusting and haraam. If you listen to the Shaykh’s lecture he will explain perfectly why we should avoid eating products that have been produced as a result of harsh conditions that are contrary to the Sunnah of mercy on all things.

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