Sh. Yasir Qadhi explains Ilmfest

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  1. Interesting! I just hope they can make it accessible to all people of knowledge, not just young students.
    Though why is Al Mahrib planning a University? That would cause competition w/ the upcoming Zaytuna College.

  2. Lol, it’s obvious that Zaytuna and Al-Maghrib University would be on two totally opposite ends in terms of methodology and ideals. It wouldn’t just be competition but a huge confusion for the average Muslim.

  3. @Muslima – Why would it be a confusion for the average Muslim? Salafis can study at al-Maghrib and Sufis (for lack of a better word) can study at Zaytuna. Everyone in the middle could care less.

  4. @Muslima

    Never noticed that distinction. Though I doubt that most Al Maghrib Students are Salafi. The majority of Sunnis are not salafi, but regular sunnis (can’t find a better word).

    I agree w/ Truth Seeker… if Al Maghrib is really Salafi, then this will cause confusion and name-calling.

  5. @ Truth Speaker- it’s the people in the middle I’m talking about. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they may not be knowledgable enough to make a distinction of being a Salafi or a Sufi and simply just want to benefit from Islamic Knowledge. That’s when you get two universities based on completely different ideologies both preaching what they consider to be the Sirtaul Mustaqeem. For the average person, both seem okay…but no, both aren’t okay. Depending on what you believe in (Sufi or Salafi), you’ll be on two polar opposites about most issues. So what is this average Muslim to do then but to be confused?

    Zaytuna and Al-Maghrib would be competition no doubt to captivate the average person into becoming either a Salafi or Sufi.

  6. well im neither salafi nor im sufi. so its for sure i would never associate myself with a sufi institute. so almaghrib is the way for me. and i listen to almaghrib institutors. they are not salafis. they are upon the sunnah. thats it

  7. After looking at the Zaytuna College site, I think there not as ‘Sufi’ as some claim they are. They seem to be very tranditional, w/ basic Sunni thoughts. It might have some Sufi leanings, but I think the site dispels the idea that it will be a ‘Sufi’ Institute.

  8. Al-Maghrib is a long way from becoming an accredited university. They don’t even have a building. I believe theyll remain a seminary for a long time. But give credit via their seminaries. They even said that they want Al-maghrib to be recognized on itz own merit. So they arent trying to become an OFFICIAL university that gives a degree. They said so in their forums on what their plans are. Can’t find it.

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