America Building Military Base to control Africa – Literally

Respect to bro. Rageh Omar for doing this piece. I can’t wait to check out the full length documentary.

4 Replies to “America Building Military Base to control Africa – Literally”

  1. no, africom will not be different under obama.

    no, america cant overcome its past scars with africa.

    honestly, let them try. america is overextending its resources and can no longer sustain the empire.

    and what a short lived empire it was.

  2. A.A. bro MR, the doco looks interesting, but I think it is a bit sensational to suggest that they are literally ‘building a military base’. AFRICOM is a command structure rather than a physical place, and the headquarters will be maintained in existing bases in Italy or Germany, I forgot which but a quick search will confirm. I know the point of the piece is the nature of the relationship between the USA and Africa but just as well I think its important not to give people the wrong idea.

  3. The main drivers – as always – for America’s increasing interest in Africa are big businesses, who’s Chinese competitors have already made alarming inroads into African resource opportunities.

    American basically realized it was behind the Chinese curve and now they’re trying to play catch-up.

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