America still has a long way to go – People still think Obama is a Muslim – LOL!

I can’t believe these people exist today.

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  1. It’s easy to make a mockery of a bunch of crossed-up, ignint, scared, and insecure white folks from middle America (or just straight up rednecks and hillbillies). Nonetheless, a lot of their concerns should be Muslim concerns–such as, the growing moral degeneracy of America (for instance, the viral spread of fagophilia in popular culture). Another concern is the MASSIVE spread of the central government and its influence in daily life. Technically, “facism,” at least one definition, is when the government is dominated by coroporations–in that sense, we do, indeed, live in facist state. Also, the presumed rise in taxes that is going to go along with a larger central government goes against Islamic economic principles.

    In many ways, it is easier to do da`wah with these people, who have a notion (albeit, wrong) about the Creator and Hereafter, a notion of morality, and a concern about individual liberty being surrendered to the government… than it is to do da`wah with a secular atheist, fagophile, liberal. These folks (in the vid) have a lot of LEGITIMATE concerns. They also have a lot of xenophobic, racist, and Bible baggage, as well. But they (some of them) are not beyond reach. The sad thing is that you have the right wing media (many of whom are cryptos) just exploiting these people’s patriotic sentiments and taking them for a ride. The mega-multi-national corporations ARE the government–and the goverment IS a mega-multi-national corporation. These people need to understand that the Repulicans don’t care about them (they are afterall, little more than Afghani canon fodder), and the Democrats are just openly a cesspool of decadence. This is where Muslims could potentially do da`wah with these people and walk them thru various issues. But as long as (many) Muslims somehow think that the liberals/Democrats are the party of liberation, then we won’t be able to effectively communicate with these people.

    With Allah is the success.

  2. This is what I wrote on another thread here about Obama.

    “The only reason why MR and other Muslims (mostly black American Muslims) are always defending and making exscuses for Obama is because he is black. The Jews media has made blacks into the perpetual victim or golden calf that is exempt from criticism. Islam in the West is also heavily influenced by African Americans, you see many Muslims acting black with the way they dress, music, speech, and poltical beliefs.”

    Anyone with an ounce of sense can see the trend on this blog and other Muslim blogs with the pro African American/anti white vibe. At the mosque I went to even the Palestinian Imam was a whigger !

  3. Ayoub this is my definition

    A non black American who mimics the dress, music, speech, political outlook, etc., of ghetto black Americans.

  4. Frank,

    To be fair and balanced here, there is a reason why Muslim youth are more likely to feel sympathetic to black Americans than white Americans. Although the guy who initially coined the phrase has A LOT of issues, black folks are (in their ideal sense) a “protest people.” They stand up and oppose the status quo (i.e., the mainstream of white America–like the folks in the video). From a Muslim POV, that’s not a bad thing per se, for if the folks in the above video ran the show, they would not very likely allow Muslim immigrants into the country. (Of course, Muslim immigration is connected with the cultural marxists/Jewish run Civil Rights Movement and their lobby for the Immigration Act of 1965, but most folks don’t go that deep.)

    Now i challenge you to name three white American Muslims (or are perceived to be a Muslim) who are relatively popular in the mainstream (white) culture. Now i ask you to name 20 relatively popular African-Americans who are perceived to be Muslim (i am not talking about the reality of their `Aqidah–just how they are perceived) in the mainstream of black culture. I think you can get at least 10 AAs off the top of your head. I know that i can’t name a single white American.

    Another point is that i think that Muslim youth see the hypocrisy in their parents’ racism. You have something psychologically wrong in the minds of many Muslims (immigrants) who simply haven’t come to grips with who they are and how they look. If you doubt me, bounce over to a South Asian Muslim matrimonial page and see how many adds contain–if they don’t open with: “Seeking husband for fair-skinned daughter [or sister]….” In the black community, if someone said such a thing publicly, he’d get the verbal beat down–with the quickness.

    Also, for white America (or self-identified “whites”–at least in the Western sense), so much of its identity is based upon its opposition to Islam. Europe, itself, is not so much a geographical entity (there’s no clear demarcation between Europe and “Asia”), as it is a separation between (historical) Christendom (or contemporary atheism/secularism) and Islam (think: Crusades, so-called Reconquista and Inquistion in Spain, and the wars against the Ottomans). As i’ve said before, when a white American embraces Islam, he ceases to be Greco-Romacentric and becomes Mecca-Medinacentric. This is often difficult for many white Western converts (males, in particular), but it is not difficult–at all–for black Western converts. This is a reason why blacks converts are seen as cooler and hipper among Muslim youth, for they can make that aspect of the psychological shift to Islam almost seamlessly.

    At the same time, very often African-American converts find it difficult to leave behind the incompetence and debauchery of NAP (Negro American Pagan) culture. Contemporary NAP culture, of course, is controlled by (if not concocted in the labs of) the Jewish dominated media. And it is evident that NAP culture is being used as a means to attack mainstream white America and undermine its traditional values. It is a sad commentary on the American Muslim community (especially, black American Muslims) that we have not been more vocal in speaking out against the toxic evil of black kaafir ghetto culture (especially, since it has such a corrosive effect on the Muslim youth). Instead, many Muslim youth feel a sympathy for black ghetto kaafirs, for they see in them as victims of the System, and many Muslims see themselves as victims of the System. This is dangerous.

    A couple of other points, Frank. I think you might be mistaking anti-white kaafir sentiment with anti-white sentiment. A lot of times, when black Muslims say: “Those white folks…,” they don’t have in mind practicing white Muslims from Bosnia, Caucasia, Lebanon, or Albania–or even white American converts. They mean white kaafirs. The VAST majority of whites (in Amercia) are not only kaafir, but oppose Islam. On the other hand, in some cities, black American Muslims make up a relatively substantial part of the AA population. And Islam (or what is popularly perceived as such) is inextricably interwoven into black urban culutre. Lastly, there are a lot of challenges that white converts are confronted with that black converts aren’t. It’s important that these matters are discussed candidly–and from the POV of the Shar`–so that the discourse of Muslims in America can be deepened and enriched.

    With Allah is the success.

  5. I think you misunderstood my point. The vast majority of Muslims will have no problem saying something negative against white kafirs, but will not do the same against black or latino kafirs. They have no problem using the line “white trash,” but wouldn’t dare say nigger garbage or spic scum. The Jewish agitprop many Muslims have fallen for is basically anti white. You yourself have fallen for this clash of civilizations line of thinking created and promoted by Jewish academia. Black America culture is degenerate through and through, but many Muslims will mimmic it, because it is promoted as “cool” by the Jew media. I agree somewhat with your opinion on white Muslims, as someone who once converted to Islam.

  6. @ Frank,

    I think i got ya, at least for the most part. A lot of Muslims have fallen for anti-white cultural marxism/political correctness. But there are two parts to anti-whiteness. One is what the Jewish dominated media has done: that is, defamed and emasculated the white male and propped up the homo, the woman, and the ethnic/racial minority. And that was done to weaken the greatest (immediate) threat to Jewish domination in America–namely, the traditional white male. Turn white males into Homer Simpsons. And give the Homers of the world confused multi-culturally indoctrinated bi-racial grandkids (add to that a flood of non-European immigrants), and you got a recipe for mass social control in the West.

    The other side of the issue is that white folks are GENUINELY RACIST. Now, some of white folks’ opposition to black people is more cultural than racial–that is, many white people hate the retrograde nature of NAP culture. At the same time, many white folks hate the brown/black folks simply because they are physically different. Afterall, most white men don’t want brown grandkids. Most Muslims, brown, black, and practicing white Muslims have had experiences with virulently racist white folks. This is why many Muslims don’t take kindly to whites.

    Although obviously not perfectly so, Muslims are a multi-cultural people. White folks, on the other hand, are not (afterall, open racial misceganation means the end of “whiteness”). This is why many Muslim youth are not comfortable with “whiteness.” (I am talking about those who would identify themselves as practicing and “socially aware” Muslims–and not those who suffer from inferiority complexes and have a longing to assimilate into white society.) I know that i can never be welcomed into the club of whiteness–even if i really tried to be accepted. And that applies to most brown/black folk.

    What Muslims can offer is a fair criticism of white racism/supremacy, AND at the same time an open condemnation of the contemporary degenerate black kaafir culture (and who is promoting it). In that regard, Muslims can be “multi-cultural” (not in the secular liberal sense), and at the same time they can promote traditional moral values. These aren’t mutually exclusive positions–even if the media attempts to make it appear as such.

    Lastly, regarding a “Clash of Civilizations,” well, that is inevitable, for that is what the Prophet has said. And it is obvious how the global geopolitics is playing out: you have the parasitic Dajjalian corporate atheistic secularists, along with their ageing and dying traditional Christian puppets on the one side, and on the other side you have the Muslims–those who believe correctly in the Creator of the Universe and understand that God has placed Sacred Laws upon us, and that we will be brought into account for what we did in this life. These are two fundamentally different world views with two utterly different understandings of the purpose of human existence. Sooner or later these two groups have to bump heads.

    WIth Allah is the success.

  7. Swarth Moor once again you make a kosher statement like it is white people who are genuinaly racist, this is a result of you being a black American heavily influenced by the Jew media. White people don’t have a monopoly on racism. I’am sure a lot of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and other races don’t want black grand kids either. People don’t have to accept you !People generally want to be amongst their own kind, which is very natural, and the reason why we have nations, languages, cultures, etc.

    If the clash of civilizations is about Islam vs. Christianity then we have a lot of idiots in this world. Islam and Christianity are both false religions who come from Judaism which is biggest scam ever pulled on this earth. In this time of globalism people should be defending their nations, ethnicity, and culture. Not their affilitation to some Semetic mumbo jumbo.

  8. Frank,

    Uh, let’s get real–a lot of white folks ARE RACIST. That has nothing to do with the Jew media–that’s just the fact of the matter. It was whites–not Jews–who came up with with their various neurotic white racialist theories to stop their women from breeding “whiteness” out of existence. Now i certainly don’t think whites have a monopoly on racism, nonetheless, most of the racism a black person encounters comes from whites. Afterall, it wasn’t Cambodians who invented South African Apartheid.

    I am not begging people to accept me. Nonetheless, it is a sickness in the heart to believe that a person is SUPERIOR merely on the basis of their complexion or race. This is a disease that leads to all sorts of other problems. It’s a good thing not to be a racist.

    The clash of civilizations is more about Islam versus atheistic secular-globalism than it is about Islam versus Christianity. Christianity is something used by the globalists to pacify the people. And since globalism is essentially a Western phenomenon, and the Christians tend to identify themselves with the West, they tend to allign themselves with the globalists. Secularizing Christianity has been an easy task for the globalists. You can’t secularize Islam.

    Lastly, instead of someone clinging to petty notions of nationalism, or protecting one’s ethnic culture, folks need to know who God is and get ready for death. Your nationality, ethnicity, and culture are not what’s going to save a person when they put him in the hole in the ground. What will save him (or her) is dying with the correct belief in the Lord of the Universe.

    With Allah is the success.

  9. Swart Moor my-your Lord is a semetic myth, you can only defend it by circular reasoning. While things like culture, nation, and languages are real. This is not to say I’m a nationalist, I find an overly emotional attachment to something like a nation or religion to be a feminine trait. Globalism is Islam and Christianity, which are not Western, but come from the East ! They believe that all people are equal as long as they believe in a invisible Lord, nothing else matters to them. The vast majoirty of foot soldiers in the globalist game are Christians and Muslims from Africa, Middle East, and Asia. I don’t know why you find a problem with South Africa under aparthied either, the people didn’t want to live with each other, which is fine with me. Blacks have shown they are not very capable when it comes to creating functional socities. They tend to practice the nepotism and racism you accuse whites of doing. When one looks past all the religious rhetoric you project, one will see a typical black American nationalist. I mean why else would you care about them Negro Pagan Kafirs in South Africa?

    Oh, and calling someone a racist is just a tactic used in the world today to silent dissenters and truth speakers.

  10. Frank,

    Recognizing that this universe has an Incomparable, Transcendent, Eternal Creator is not a myth. It is what reason necessitates. Globalism is usualy understood as the spread of secular coroporate consumer culture. It’s origins are clearly from the West–as in, Europe and the USA (obviously, i’m not talking about Paraguay or Guatemala). Christianity is “Western” in the historical sense that it spread throughout the world because of Western Europeans and is inextricably related to European culture and (historical) identity. And the institutions of Christianity–the version(s) of Christianity that spread over much of the earth came out of Europe.

    Muslims are “globalists” in the sense that Muslims have been historically a lot more inclusive than the Euro-Christians. And that Muslims are not nationalists in the sense that their loyalty is to Islam first, as opposed to the nation-state. Given that the Christians and Muslims constitute nearly 1/3 the earth’s population–it would kinda make sense that many of the states involved in globalism would be Muslims or Christian. Add to that the other substantial number of people coming out of the growing globalist states of India and China, and you’ve got most of humanity.

    The Muslims, although their lands may be ruled by secular globalists, cannot–by the rules of Islam–be secular coroporate globalists without compromising the very values of their Religion. So in that sense, the Muslims are not really (corporate) globalists. They are only so because corporate globalism is being imposed upon the Muslims and traditional Islam is often suppressed by their governments.

    Regarding the mushriks of South Africa, it’s kind of disingenuous to claim that the blacks didn’t want to live with the whites. That’s true–they didn’t want to live with the whites–they wanted the whites to take themselves back to Europe. It’s not that i really care what the mushriks of Europe did to the mushriks of Africa–my point is that the Europeans are racist and spread their racist ideology all over the earth. There is no denying that.

    Admittedly, i used to be a black nationalist, but that thing ran its course a long time ago. Anyway, the Prophet Muhammad was a fair skinned person, and some of my (religious) teachers whom i respect greatly are white. Many of the Awliya’ were white. It’s an obligation to love such people. I mentioned the case of South Africa because it is such an obvious example of recent virulent white racism. I could have mentioned the genocide the whites commited against the native people of Tasmania, or much of Australia, or the genocide that was done right here in my neck of the woods, down har in the States–all of which was done in the name of “whiteness” and white supremacy. White folks don’t have a monopoly on racism… but that doesn’t make them any less racist.

    Your last comment is like the joke:

    “An anti-semite [sic] used to be anyone who doesn’t like the Jews. Now, an anti-semite [sic] is anyone who the Jews don’t like.”

    Calling a person a racist may be a rhetorical diversionary tactic, or it may be a statement of fact (or may be both, for that matter). Saying the folks over at Stormfront are racist is a fact. Saying that those folks have a pretty good analysis of society is also a fact. That’s a fair and balanced assessment of the situation. I am not the kind of guy who gets hung up on a person’s racism. The white racialists in many regards are closer to the truth of matters regarding the society than your PC fagophile liberal. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

    Nonetheless, the white racialists have developed a warped ideology that necessarily puts them at odds with the rest of humanity. That is, the preservation of “whiteness” entails ultimately the elimination of other (non-white) people, for as long non-whites are around, and there is no system of racial segregation, then miscegenation going to take place. As Barrak Obama demonstrates, you can’t get a white baby from a black (or brown) father. Miscegenation entails the death of white folks (as race is constructed in the West). That’s (one of the reasons) why white racialism is a stupid ideology. Furthermore, the real distinction between people is not the incidental matter of complexion, but of character: that is, submitting oneself to the Oneness and Perfection of the Creator of the Universe and living a life in humble obedience to one’s Lord and Owner.

    With Allah is the success.

  11. Man people in the south need to keep their mouth shut, because after watching that video i couldn’t stop laughing at their stupidity for an hour! Please tell me these dumbasses are not the same people being sent fight in afghanistan and iraq!

  12. You don’t even know what globalism is. Globalism is open borders, multiculturalism, multifaiths, human rights, etc. It has nothing to do with consumerism, but the destruction of the traditional nation state. The number of Muslim ghettoes in the West today are a product of globalism. A Muslim whigger from Algeria in Sweden is a product of globalism, he is brought there by Jewish, Marxist, and Christian groups to destroy the nation. It is easier to rule over a bunch of people with nothing in common, then a group of people with strong ties.

    For someone to specifically accuse Europeans of colonization and genocide is ignorant. There is nothing unique about it, the pages of hisotry are full of one people invading and killing another. The Muslims did it when they were strong, and when they were weak they got it back. It is all about the strong ruling over the weak, it is natural selection. No mythical creator promising eternal life can change ic, only pinheads believe that.

    I really don’t know why it would bother you if white people want to be around fellow whites. Does it bother you when a Pakistani wants to marry a fellow Pakistani? Or a Chinese person? Most races don’t want to be around black people, they have a history of being violent and not very intelligent. It is only in the United States is acting “black” promoted by the media and government, because it easy to control stupid people. I’m born and raised in a city with a black majority, so I have to deal with them everyday. Your opinions are very similar to the average black person I come across. The majority of immigrant Muslims and non Muslim Asians try to avoid niggers like the plague, so I don’t think racism is a white thing !

  13. so you have difficulty to beleive that such ignorant people exist?
    in what way are they different from the crazy fanatics who manifest against women right in bengladesh?
    the crazy sudaneses who manifested against the teddy bear(!!) named muhammad in 2007?
    the muslims in various countries who manifested against cartoons(!!) of the prophet?

    and the list is very long. I am a muslim and I am sick and tired of muslims always pointing fingers at others for their “ignorance”, “impiety” and “extreme behavior”. before pointing the finger to another we should clean our own house.
    since some people put the race card on the table, let me say one thing: as a black african muslim I had the opportunity to see the racism within the ummah(specialy towards blacks) so don’t try to justify any extreme behavior by invoking white racism.

  14. @tiernobokar – those videos and your comment is not related to the video. I live in America. I am an American. I don’t know what is going on in Bangaldesh nor am I a Bengali. I don’t know their politics. Maybe should let the Bengalis know. I can pray that whatever fitna is going on that it ends. As an American I am shocked that with all the information available in this country and with all the diversity and multi cultural communities that some Americans feel that it is only their country and no one else’s. It’s like they never read about the history of America and why it was founded. I am not pointing fingers at anyone. This isn’t a post related to the problems of the Muslim world. This is related to American politics.

  15. ok I understand your views MR, but since a lot of the videos in this blog are related to what happens in the muslim world in general, and that a lot of visitors of your blog do not necessarily live in america, it’s not so bad to point some similarities between this kind of demonstration and what we have been used to see in some parts of the muslim world last years.
    it’s not to bash anyone, but to help everyone to see some truth.

  16. Frankie,

    I am familiar with globalism. Corporate consumerism/usury based economies are part and parcel of globalism, along with mulitculturalism, so-called human rights, open borders etc. And it is your cultural marxist who have promoted it for the reasons you have said. In particular, they want to weaken what was their immediate threat: ole time white nationalism. They’ve done that. Your families have been destroyed, your women have been all kinds of twisted up, turned out, and tricked (read that both ways). The feminists on the college campuses (and media) are converting your nubile women folk to lesbianism–they ain’t havin’ no kids (at least not with men in the house). Your brethren are doing the metro-sexual, George Michaels, and Boy George thing. They can’t defend themselves. The white male nationalist is cooked. Go ahead and throw in the towel, your grandkids ain’t gonna be “white.”

    Now, the globalists have turned their sights on the Muslims. It usually goes like this: test your social engineering projects on the black kaafirs in America. They are pretty easy bunch to manipulate and observe. If it works with the blacks, export it to white America. If it works there, then export it abroad. The main threat to the globalists is Islam–obviously. We oppose their absurd atheistic doctrines; we oppose their usury economies; we oppose the various vices they employ to weaken and destroy people; we oppose feminism and fagophilia; we oppose mindless gluttony and consumerism; we oppose the type of nationalism that keeps people needlessly divided on the basis of silly lines drawn in the sand; we have a value system not based upon the media. The only response you guys have to globalism is a clenched fist and a “Stay White” slogan.

    Regarding ignorance, i did not say that white folks were exclusive in commiting genocide. Shoot, the mushriks in Rwanda hacked up about a million of each other in the name of tribalism in a few weeks. The Somalis have been doing something similar on a smaller scale for almost 20 years. White folks, however are the only folks who commited genocide in the name of WHITE SUPREMACY. The righteous Muslims, on the other hand, liberated lands from polytheism and disbelief (regardless of the race of people they fought)–they did not fight people in the name of some neurotic insecure idea of “color preservation.”

    I readily understand that people wish to among their own. I prefer to be amongst Muslims. I usually feel more in common with American Muslims than i do immigrant Muslims. That’s a natural thing. However, i don’t deem an American Muslim superior to a non-American Muslim simply on the basis of national origin or ethnicity. Superiority is based upon piety. I would prefer to be amongst a group of learned God-fearing immigrant Muslims ANY DAY over a group of ignorant criminal American Muslims. And believe me, i agree with you, i live in a black mushrik majority city–i know about the crime, violence, and low IQ thing.

    The real concern here, Frank, is not my feelings being hurt because someone doesn’t like me because of my color. That’s not my problem. I’m not sinful for being black, and i won’t be brought into account for it one way or the other in the Hereafter. Actually, if i forebear racism, then it is a meritorious deed for myself. The issue is that it is a sin to hate a Muslim on the basis of his color, race, ethnicity, national origin, tribal affiiliation, etc. “Racism” stems from the spiritual disease of arrogance. Arrogance is a very ugly thing. Muslims know that it was this arrogance and “racism” (loosely speaking) that was the cause of the original blasphemy, when Iblis refused to prostrate to Adam (out of respect). Iblis felt he was superior merely because he was made of a different substance. Racist feel superior on the basis of their racial origin (not on the basis of their righteousness). This is the problem. And racism/tribalism has been a reason for all sorts of problems today and historically in the Muslim world. This is why i oppose racism–it’s not because i have some neurotic desire to be loved by everyone.

    With Allah is the success.

  17. Swartmoor my people didn’t promote globalism. I am not a Jew or Marxist. I don’t believe in a universal creator sky spook who created us all from dust. I don’t believe we came from Adam and Eve, or Noahs Ark. I don’t believe were all equal under the sky spook, or none of that stupid crap. And if you think you can predict the future and know what color my grandkids are gonna be, you should be out there making billions with your ability to predict the future, and that for your Allah?

    You’re also wrong about whites committing genocide under the flag of White Supremacy, it can’t be true, because “White Supremacy” is a modern day invention, an American thing. Europeans never considered themselves “white” and only identified with their own tribe for the most part. Colombos didn’t fly a storm front flag when he came to the new world, but a Spanish flag.

    Your vitrol hatred/jealousy of white people is showing, because everything you accuse white people of doing has been done by every other group. Your actions show what I wrote here in my orignial post on this topic was right, muslims attack white people but are mute when it comes to blacks and hispanics for instance. Now, I expect you’ll write reply saying you don’t have an anti white agenda, and I’ll believe that just like believe you niggers where kings and queens back in Africa….. LOL!

  18. Frankie,

    Your people were old school globalist-colonialist (with the help of Jewish financiers). It was the white folks who went about the earth imposing their doctrine of white supremacy and annihilating local brown/black folks. Now white folks AMONGST THEMSELVES might not have thought of themselves as “white,” but they considered themselves “white” when they dealt with the rest of humanity. The native folks of Tasmania, for instance, were hunted to absolute extinction in what was called the “Black War.” All over the earth where the white European atheists/mushriks went, they imposed systems of racial segregation–because they knew that white supremacy cannot coexist with the masses of colored humanity. White supremacy isn’t just an American phenomenon.

    I don’t believe people are equal. And i don’t believe that there is some kind of so-called “sky spook,” just as i don’t believe a bunch of particles which didn’t exist yet somehow all decided to get together and form themselves and an orderly self sustaining self-replicating universe. Now there is certainly a Creator of the Universe Who created time and space and everything else, but the Creator is not inside of the sky or any other location. The Creator exists without being in a place.

    I don’t know the future. But we can all read demographic trends. White supremacy is dead. The Jews out maneuvered you–and they exploited two things about your tribe: the arrogance/racism and the greed (besides getting y’all crossed up in the Church for dozens of generations). Many European states have negative (white) population growth. Feminist indoctrinated females and your gelded metrosexual brethren ain’t gonna be holdin’ it down for whiteness. Your women ain’t having kids. Do you think white women want to have kids with you… with you… you white racists!?! Your kids will see thru the arrogance and hypocrisy of white racism and will curse you for it.

    With that said, Frankie, i don’t have a problem with white people. I already said the Prophet Muhammad is described as a fair skinned person. There have been NUMEROUS righteous white Caucasian Muslims. I love them for the sake of Allah. Now i do have a problem with WHITE SUPREMACY, just as i have a problem with black supremacy or other forms of racism and ethnic bigotry.

    See, this is the problem with white racist, like yourself. Your racism and arrogance impedes you from recognizing the truth. I have made several comments condemning the behavior of black people and black tribalism. I’ve written A LOT against black kaafir ghetto culture, and i do agree with a lot of what your saying. Unlike yourself, however, i don’t rely on red herrings and straw man arguments. I strive to be an honest person, and i don’t allow my hatred of someone to cause me to reject the truth that he says.

    Regarding your last statement, i’ll respond just because i want to further show that you are not interested in the truth. Instead, you are just a liar. There were powerful African kingdoms in the past. That’s just a historical fact. Even if we don’t want to get into the race of the folks of Ancient Egypt, for sure the civilizations of Upper Egypt were “black” and more advanced than your folks chilling out in Sweden, western Russia, or Central Germany at the time. And during the Middle Ages there were powerful mostly Muslim governed empires in West Africa. That ain’t to say you didn’t have a bunch of nekkid, bone in the nose, heathen, savages running around in African then (or quite a few now), but no honest or informed person denies the existence of African kings and queens.

    Ultimately, Frank, you can’t be honest–’cause your rap is weak. White racists innovated the doctrine(s) of white supremacy, and now you are lying (read that as you wish) in the bed y’all made. Because some black thugs used to beat you up in school and take your lunch money–perhaps, they even took your girlfriend back in the day–you now suffer from the neurotic “Fear of a Brown Planet” Syndrome. There is a medicine for this disease, Frank, but that means you have to rid yourself of the arrogance that is infecting your heart.

    May Allah protect the Muslims from the filthy disease of arrogance.

    With Allah is the success.

  19. Your American ghetto public school education is showing here. The Europeans didn’t invader and conquer savages under the flag of “white supremacy,” but the flags of Spain, Portugal, France, England, Italy, Germany, etc. These countries often competed with each other, they’ve fought their wars against each other. So to consider them a monolithic “white” entity is nothing but bull crap. It was their superior intelligence and technology that allowed them to conquer savages, who sat around and believed some mythical creator like Allah would come and save them, but that creator doesn’t exist, atleast not in the Islamic form ! As I said earlier you will be hard pressed to find the idea of whiteness in the pre American world because it didn’t exist !

    You learned from the kind of history that makes a person believe that slavery started with Europeans going to Africa and kidnapping African savages, that aint true though yo. The Arabs were selling you savages like you were 40 oz and grape blunts in North Philly a 1000 years before any Euros step foot in Afreaka !!

    Muslims don’t stand against any of those things you mention. Muslims in the West ALWAYS vote for liberal politicians who are pro fag, pro globalization, pro human rights, pro open borders, anti religion. Muslims are ALWAYS against the traditional nationalist party’s in the West.. Hell, the Muslim owner of this blog always goes out of his way to post anything that makes the fecophile coke snorting messiah obama look good. Your prophet Mohammed wasn’t a fair skinned man either, that was made up in your heresy laden hadiths to give him more credibility, as none would believe a dark skinned man. The fact is he was a fece colored semite, in a long line of semetical demegouges, which include Jeebo, Abraham, and Moses.

    I see you ended your post with a little negro ghetto machismo, the typical MUH DIKK!!! No, ain’t no blacks beating me up, or taking my girl. Please, I’ve put mo niggas in the hospital then the HIV & AIDS, when they try and step to moi !!

  20. loll Frank, he couldn’t help it. You did call him a nigger.

    But anyway, between the two of you repeating lines such as “your white brethren”, “you niggers”, “Jew media”, and trying to convince anyone that their grand kids won’t be white , I’d say the only thing you guys accomplished was putting on quite a colorful display of rant.

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