Edible Arrangements is owned by 2 Muslim Brothers, Tariq and Kamran Farid

Amazing story.

At age 17, Tariq Farid borrowed $5,000 from his parents to buy a flower shop in East Haven, Connecticut, and within two years, he was running four flourishing stores. But after seven years as a florist, he came up with a new idea–bouquets you can eat. He and his brother Kamran opened their first Edible Arrangements store in 1999, creating, selling and delivering bouquets of fresh fruit sculpted to look like flowers.

Edible Arrangements began franchising in 2001. In 2006, they launched an add-on concept, Frutation, which gives franchisees the opportunity to offer fruit salads, smoothies and juices to go, alongside their fruit bouquets.

I went to their website and saw they had a nice Ramadan Kareem gift here.

More about Bro. Tariq:

Tariq Farid was born in Pakistan in 1969 and immigrated to the United States at age 11. He grew up in West Haven, Connecticut and became a U.S. citizen in 1986. He developed the Salma K Farid Academy, a non-profit learning and community center, to honor the wishes of his late mother whom he credits as the inspiration for his success, and the Salma K Farid Foundation to provide for those in need


Bro. Tariq/Kamran Farid- If you read this, mabrook on your success. May Allah increase it so that you can help those in need inshaAllah. Ameen!

I am going to support Edible Arrangements more now (although it’s kind of expensive).

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