Hillary Clinton Eid ul Fitr Message | Obama Family sends Eid Greetings

Mad props to her for her good effort in the pronunciation of Eid ul Fitr.

Obama and his wife send their greetings as well:

As Muslims in the United States and around the world complete the month of Ramadan and celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, Michelle and I would like to extend our personal greetings on this joyous occasion. Eid is a time to celebrate the completion of 30 days and nights of devotion. But even on this festive occasion, Muslims remember those less fortunate, including those impacted by poverty, hunger, conflict, and disease. Throughout the month, Muslim communities collect and distribute zakat-ul-fitr so that all Muslims are able to participate in this day of celebration. As I said in Cairo, my Administration is working to ensure that Muslims are able to fulfill their charitable obligations not just during Ramadan, but throughout the year. On behalf of the American people, we congratulate Muslims in the United States and around the world on this blessed day. Eid Mubarak.


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45 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Eid ul Fitr Message | Obama Family sends Eid Greetings”

  1. Did you hear her? She said at exactly 0:06 “I’m delighted to celebrate the end of Ramadan”!!!!!! We are not delighted for Ramadan to end! She probably called us terrorists! This exactly proves these amereecans don’t like us! LOL. Kidding. Eid Mubbarak!

  2. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…whatever. This is complete nonsense. I don’t give a monkey’s ass what she, Obama, or anyone else for that matter, speaks “positive” towards Muslims and Islam. Enough with those pathetic messages. They are pointless. What matters is ACTIONS!!! And ONLY actions.

  3. Im sad Ramadan is over May Allah swt accept our fasting and our acts of worship and let us make it to the next Ramadan, ameen!

    Eid Mubarak my brothers and sisters in islam …

    enjoy this cool nasheed

  4. Eid Mubarak, bro MR.

    As to the Eid message from Sen. Clinton… a tad forced, but alhamdulillah ‘alaa kulli haal… (though a smile would have been nice!)

  5. may she be guided—she didn’t adhere to zaytuna’s moonsighting vision which has eid set for monday! hahahhahahah just kidding. hey mr, what day are you celebrating? did you guys see da moon in east coast? i wonder why zayt didnt celeb sund when famlies across board on westcoast celeb it on sunday.
    ok dude.laterz

  6. Why is there so much hate on here? This is why SOME muslims give us bad names. Wallahi the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him would never have so much hate in his heart. The kuffar would throw stones at him in Taif but wallahi his character would not budge. They would try to ridicule him and break him but he had tawfiq in Allah. Let them fool us. It will only make me close to Allah.

  7. threre’s so much hate cuz there is so much injustice, actions much more deeper den throwin stones, yh yor right the prophet’s (SAW) character wud not hav budged, but i think its best to ignore wat comes out of these hypocrites mouths, actions speak louder.
    no matter whether they b grettin us 4 political or non-politial reasons out of pure kindness, I’ve lost my trust 4 these peeps, even Obama.

  8. LOL, you guys make me laugh especially Al Sudani.. the reason we are in the position we are today is due to OUR actions and only OUR actions. MUSLIMS isolate themselves from the society – not taking part in any process nor being apart of their communities. ALLAH even says in the Qur’an that he will not change the condition of a people until they change themselves. Stop sitting around and crying poverty, if you want to make a difference get off your ass and make a difference. You can trash talk the government as much as you want but the fact of the matter is you still live here right.. you wouldn’t get up and go back to your country for anything.

  9. of course you can change a system..how do you think we got to where we are today.. why 70 years were black people lynched all over the country and today we have a black president.. don’t BS yourself and pretend that change can’t happen.. HARD WORK is the only catalyst for change

  10. HEY PEOPLE why are we getting angry ………………………………………… amongest ourselves it’s bad enough we get alot of stick from the non-muslims. It’s a blessing from Allah (SWT) to give us the month of Ramadan and Eid- Al-Fitr. Pls remember the poor people and those that will be waking up with sadness in their hearts. Look what happened in Dec 2008 the war on Gaza.

    Thank Alllah (SWT) for what we have and remember the Ummah in your duas. Life is soooooooo short and we are on each others back come on guys. Repent so you can Succeed. (Quran). So what Clinton is giving a short speech lets look at this way if the white-house did not say anything would we be calling them ignorant we win either way…….


  11. al-suyuufi what the hell? Did you just purposely hint that the Prophet Peace and blessing be upon him is violent? YOU put things into context. The Prophet PBUH would NEVER resort to violence UNLESS things got really messy. Like the kuffar raging tyranny.

  12. Hey guys

    Why don’t you move to united kingdom that’s where i am from and yes we get annoyed with our government, but should we all start attacking them. If we want to be a good example for the west then look at your own behavior looking at some of your messages it’s sad reality that we attacking each other. We had all the government parties wishing us muslims in the united kingdom EID MUBARAK no-one that i know got annoyed in fact we were pleased that we are have a government that is multi-cultural. U American muslims are coming across very angry people. come on guys what ever is their agenda is then let Allah (SWT) take care of it he is best of the planner.

    Peace be upon all the muslims

  13. MR,

    I really think you need to consider the implications of publishing a video like this on your blog. Why is it that we are so blind that we can’t see that these are the enemies of Allah. All this happy-talk is a big satanic deception to keep us Muslims in the west fooled and impotent against these evil kuffar leaders. Yes, that’s right; kuffar leaders!! They are plundering the Muslims lands non-stop, installing and supporting puppet governments, and you are getting all happy when they say Eid mubarak?!

    If someone got your family member, beat him to a pulp in front of your face, and said Eid mubarak to you while they did it – would you reply and say “same to you”??

    Come on, it’s time to stop being deluded. Blackwater have now even entered Pakistan to spread their machinations and here we are getting all happy at this witch’s Eid message. It’s time to drop the slave mentality, even if it means sacrificing a bit for the sake of Allah.

    I advise you to study and apply Al-wala wal bara bro.

    End of sincere message, wa salaam alaikum.

  14. Please don’t blame the west, if the muslim leaders wouldn’t have invited the west to invade their own land to save their own skin than non of this would have happend. Look at Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Jordan, they all want our help to save their own leadership so they “how high ” when west and israel says jump. All though I am not a shia I do like Iran for sticking to you might say their guns, that its their right to go nuclear and you have no right to stop me.. and spacialy when the west did not stop israel from going nuclear.. So think about that and have a happy Eid

  15. Umar:

    Most of your message directed at me doesn’t really make sense. You didn’t read my comment properly, and didn’t understand it, rather immediately submitted an argument without much thinking.

    – Can you tell me how our actions is the reason you say we are in the position today?
    – Can you tell me how our actions is the reason why the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippine, China, and other lands, are being, oppressed, slaughtered, abused, tortured, and arrested daily?
    – Can you tell me how our actions led to a Medical facility in my own country being bombed for no reason at all, by the Americans?
    – Can you tell us how our actions led to the likes of Saddam Hussein, and other puppet government being installed and supported to lead the nation?

    I am NOT saying we are angels. That we are perfect, and don’t make mistakes. I’ve never argued that. We have a lot of things we need to correct and work on. I don’t deny that. However talking about some of our weaknesses is out of this topic. I would be the first to openly speak out against injustice and evils committed by Muslims. But this thread is about Hillary Clinton’s Eid message. Hence my previous comment was directed at the hypocrisy of the American Government.Their actions contradict what they say, and those *positive* comments towards Islam and Muslims is merely words. Unfortunately some Muslims don’t recognize that, which is why I’m speaking out, amongst others, in the hope some people open their eyes a bit, wake up, and use common sense.

    I don’t live in America. And even if I did, as a resident there, I have a right to freedom of speech. Just because one doesn’t agree with the Government’s speeches and actions, does not mean they have to leave the country. Are you seriously telling me all those who disagree with the Government should leave?

    I am not sitting around and crying poverty, as you ignorantly say. I am speaking out against evil, as we are commanded to do.

    “Whosoever among you sees an act of wrong should change it with his hands. If he is not able to do so, then he should change it with his tongue. If he is not able to do so, then with his heart, and this is the weakest of faith.” {Ibn Hazm, alMahla, p.1091; al-Sarkhasi, al-Mabsut, p.214; Ibn Sharaf al-Nawawi, Sharh al-Nawawi, p.28}

  16. Lol. I agree with what you said about Music. I will take a look at the lyrics instead.

    After reading that Wiki page, do you believe the attacks were justified? Do you believe it was ‘our’ actions that led to it’s destruction?

  17. It’s possible Hillary doesn’t care at all about Muslims, but these types of traditional holiday greetings are easy to blog loll

  18. Alhamdulilah, it’s good to see some knowledgeable and well informed Muslims. Well said, and Shukran Al-Suyuufi!

  19. Al Sudani said:

    September 20th, 2009 at 12:37 am

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah…whatever. This is complete nonsense. I don’t give a monkey’s ass what she, Obama, or anyone else for that matter, speaks “positive” towards Muslims and Islam. Enough with those pathetic messages. They are pointless. What matters is ACTIONS!!! And ONLY actions.

    My comments

    It is very shocking to see the low mentality of some Muslims. In fact, they are the worst enemies of Islam because they give the impression to Non-Muslims that most Muslims are rude and have no manners. So sad.

    Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State deserves our respect for her Eidul Fitr message.

  20. You failed to realize that Umar Ibn al-Khattab was only responsible for what happend in his territory (lands under his rule).

    The picture you posted, the killing of a Muslimah, did it happen in United States that you feel Government of United States is responsible to maintain law and order?

    If the killing took place in Israel or Palestine then you cannot hold America responsible for it. America and Israel are separate independent countries with equal status under international laws.. None of the two can enforce their laws or international laws on the other.

    However Obama Government is working hard to stop the blood shed and bring about peace between Palestine and Israel. As a Muslim my heart goes for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and pray to Allah to to make Flasteen independent and peaceful country as soon as possible.

  21. Just for the information of readers, I am posting two quotes:

    “…there is much that the world can learn from Islam. It is now practiced by one of every four people on Earth.” President Clinton, White House Eid ul-Fitr presentation, Jan. 10, 2000……………….. VISIT http://www.suite101.com/print_article.cfm/3571/33392

    “Islam is the fastest-growing religion in America, a guide and pillar of stability for many of our people…” HILLARY CLINTON, Los Angeles Times, May 31, 1996, p.3 ……..Visit this site for more quotes from prominent Non-Muslim scientists and scholars…. …… http://islamicity.com/Mosque/aboutislam.htm

  22. Mustafa;

    You response to my comment above;

    “It is very shocking to see the low mentality of some Muslims. In fact, they are the worst enemies of Islam because they give the impression to Non-Muslims that most Muslims are rude and have no manners. So sad.

    Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State deserves our respect for her Eidul Fitr message.”

    The biggest enemies to Islam, are the hypocrites. Whilst I speak the TRUTH, they speak LIES. Their ACTIONS directly contradicts their so-called “postive” statements about Muslims and Islam. They are the biggest enemies, because they fool gullible people like you, into believing they are in support of Muslim and Islam, when the reality is totally the opposite.

    As for the quotes you showed, thanks for the comedy. I see some American Politicians are never short of hilarious quotes. George Bush gave us a great laugh, and I’m glad it’s continuing in the form of ironic quotes by Obama and Hillary.

    The same person you are quoting remarked about her arrival in Bosnia;

    “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

    This is just one of her many gaffes.

    Now you’re telling me to take a person who speaks out of their rectum, utter nonsense, and pathetic lies, seriously? Are you honestly telling me they “deserve our respect”? She is an open ally of Israel, and strongly opposed to Islam. A Eid greetings, and other “positive” comments, won’t change that fact. 🙂

  23. Everyday, before the Prophet :SAW: left his house to go to the Kabah, this elderly woman would throw trash in front of the path of the Prophet :SAW: out of disrespect and because she didn’t like the message that the Prophet :SAW: was preaching.

    One day, the Prophet :SAW: was leaving his house and he didn’t notice any garbage in his path and so he thought that maybe the old lady was sick, and that is why she was unable to throw her garbage this particular day, and so he went and visited her.

    When this elderly lady first saw the Prophet , she was scared, because she knew what she had been doing.

    She asked why he had come. The Prophet responded by saying that he knew that everyday she would throw garbage in his path, and today he didn’t find any garbage in his path, so he thought she might’ve been sick and that’s why he came to visit her.

    This response of the Prophet softened the heart of this non-muslim lady and she was convinced that the Prophet is truly a messenger of Allah, and she uttered the shahadah.

    Adopted from http://www.turntoislam.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32614

    But what we see today. A Non-Muslim women gives a message of Greetings to Muslims. And there are Muslims who curse her for this, instead of thanking her. Are these people truly Muslims. In fact they are enemies of Islam because no Non-Muslim would never like to convert to Islam seeing behavior of these evil Muslims that is totally against Islam.

  24. I wouldn’t get to animated about these greetings one way or another.

    It’s an annual thing.

    By the President of the United States of America
    Ramadan 2007

    US Presidential Seal

    I send greetings to Muslims observing Ramadan in America and around the world.

    Ramadan, the holiest days of the Islamic faith, begins with the first light of dawn and commemorates the revelation of the Qur’an to the prophet Muhammad. During the days of fasting, prayer, and worship, Muslims reflect and remember their dependence on God. Ramadan is also an occasion for Muslims to strengthen family and community ties and share God’s gifts with those in need.

    America is a land of many faiths, and our society is enriched by our Muslim citizens. May the holy days of Ramadan remind us all to seek a culture of compassion and serve others in charity.

    Laura and I send our best wishes. Ramadan Mubarak.

    George W. Bush
    United States of America

    By the President of the United States of America
    Chanukah 2007

    US Presidential Seal

    I send greetings to all those celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights.

    Hanukkah commemorates a victory for freedom and the courage and faith that made it possible. More than 2,000 years ago, the land of ancient Israel was conquered, its sacred Temple was desecrated, and the Jewish people were forbidden to practice their faith. A patriot named Judah Maccabee and his followers rose up against their oppressors to take back Jerusalem. When the Maccabees returned to reclaim and purify their Holy Temple, the oil used for dedication should have lasted only one day but burned for eight. Every year since then, Jews have celebrated this victory of light over darkness and given thanks for the presence of a just and loving God.

    As Jewish Americans prepare to light the Hanukkah candles, we are reminded of the many blessings in our lives. The candles’ glow has the power to lift our souls, put hope in our hearts, and make our Nation a more compassionate and peaceful place. We pray that those who still live in the darkness of tyranny will someday see the light of freedom, and we ask for God’s continued guidance and boundless love and His protection of all those in need during this holiday season.

    Laura and I wish all people of the Jewish faith a Happy Hanukkah.

    George W. Bush
    President of the United States
    The White House
    Office of the Press Secretary
    Christmas 2005

    “Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Emmanuel” which means, God with us.
    Matthew 1:23

    More than 2,000 years ago, a virgin gave birth to a Son, and the God of heaven came to Earth. Mankind had received its Savior, and to those who had dwelled in darkness, the light of hope had come. Each Christmas, we celebrate that first coming anew, and we rejoice in the knowledge that the God who came to Earth that night in Bethlehem is with us still and will remain with us forever.

    Christmas is a season of hope and joy, a time to give thanks for the blessing of Christ’s birth and for the blessings that surround us every day of the year. We have much to be thankful for in this country, and we have a responsibility to help those in need. Jesus calls us to help others, and acts of kindness toward the less fortunate fulfill the spirit of the Christmas season.

    On Christmas, we pray for freedom, justice, and peace on Earth. We remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and for our freedom, and we ask for God’s blessing on their loved ones. We ask God to watch over all of our men and women in uniform. Many are serving in distant lands, helping to advance the cause of freedom and peace. Our entire Nation is grateful to them and prays for their safe return.

    Laura and I send our best wishes for a blessed and merry Christmas.

    President of the United States
    By the President of the United States of America
    Kwanza 2007

    US Presidential Seal
    I send greetings to those observing Kwanzaa.

    Established in 1966, Kwanzaa is celebrated each year as an opportunity for African Americans to honor African traditions of family, community, and culture. During the seven days leading up to the New Year, millions of individuals reflect on the past and renew their commitment to the principles of Kwanzaa — unity, self determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

    As family and friends gather to celebrate Kwanzaa, our citizens are reminded of the many African Americans who have contributed their talent and strength to this great Nation. I commend those observing this holiday for taking pride in your rich heritage. May the coming year be filled with the blessings of health and happiness.

    Laura and I send our best wishes for a joyous Kwanzaa celebration.


  25. Will any Muslim accept this from another Muslim who says “Follow the Holy Prophet when he was in Medina but not when he was in Mecca. These are the types of Muslims trained by “Neem Mullahs” that have caused embarrasment to Muslims all over the world.

  26. Mustapha;

    It’s not a sincere greeting you gullible person. Actions speak louder than words. She is Pro-Israel, anti-Islam. Why do you pick a comment she says, and ignore everything else she has said?

    George Bush, who launched the current wars in Afghanistan, and the illegal Iraq war, which have killed in the millions, and led to indescribable evil, spoke some “positive” comments about Muslims and Islam. Now does that mean we should thank him???? Does by not accepting her greetings and thanking her, mean we are not truly Muslims? Or does it mean we are sane people, who are not fooled by mere empty words like you?

    You couldn’t refute me, so you post something irrelevant.

    By the way, do you honestly believe by praising her for her ‘greetings’, this would lead her to convert to Islam? Is that what you’re arguing, by using that old Jewish woman as an example?

  27. Hahah. And better yet, lets have Maulana Mustapha, teach us and guide us, ‘enemies of Islam’, what a true Muslim is all about.

  28. Surah 4:86

    When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it or return it. Lo! Allah taketh count of all things.

    Ibn Abbas said: Whoever greeted you from the creation of Allah then return it back even if he was a Magian, for Allah said: When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it or return it. Muhammad bin Bashar, said that Salim bin Nooh said that Saeed bin Abi Arooba said that Qatada said: That part of Allah’s statement “When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it” is for the Muslims and that part of Allah’s statement “or return it” is for the People of the Book. Bashr Ibn Muath said that Yazid said that Sa’eed said that Qatada said: That part of Allah’s statement “When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it” is for the Muslims and that part of Allah’s statement “or return it” is for the People of the Book. Bashr Ibn Muath said that Yazid said that Sa’eed said that Qatada said: That part of Allah’s statement “When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it” you should greet better than you were greeted and this is only for the Muslims and that part of Allah’s statement “or return it” is for the People of the Book. Yunus told me that Ibn Wahab told him that Ibn Zayd said: That part of Allah’s statement “When ye are greeted with a greeting, greet ye with a better than it” my father said: It is a duty on every Muslim who is greeted (by a Muslim) to greet him back with a better greeting, and if he is greeted by other than a Muslim then he should greet back just like what was said to him.

    Adapted from http://answering-christianity.com/bassam_zawadi/greeting_disbelievers.htm

    Dear Muslims, beware of Black Sheep within our Muslim community. They love “Fitna” and strife between Muslims and None-Muslims. They are worst enemies of Islam because they are Muslims so no one suspects they are enemies of Islam and they get away with preaching that is totally against Islam.

  29. See how the enemies of Islam twist the interpretation of the Holy Quran. Allah never said if the Non-Muslims are at war with you, then do not return their greetings. What Allah commanded, is for all times (war time or peace time).

    I say again to true Muslims, beware of Muslims who have learnt twisted version of Islam from Jahil and fanatic Mullahs to create mischief in this world.

  30. Molvi Mustapha;

    Al Suyuufi is correct. Did you even read the article fully, which you copied and pasted from? Did you read all the various opinions? The differences? Or just copy and paste the parts you desire?

    On the same article you are pasting from, it mentions;

    “Ibn Hajar Al Asqalani has in his commentary…

    جَمَاعَة مِنْ السَّلَف إِلَى أَنَّهُ يَجُوز أَنْ يُقَال فِي الرَّدّ عَلَيْهِمْ ” عَلَيْكُمْ السَّلَام ” كَمَا يُرَدّ عَلَى الْمُسْلِم , وَاحْتَجَّ بَعْضهمْ بِقَوْلِهِ تَعَالَى ( فَاصْفَحْ عَنْهُمْ وَقُلْ سَلَام ) وَحَكَاهُ الْمَاوَرْدِيّ وَجْهًا عَنْ بَعْض الشَّافِعِيَّة لَكِنْ لَا يَقُول وَرَحْمَة اللَّه , وَقِيلَ يَجُوز مُطْلَقًا , وَعَنْ اِبْن عَبَّاس وَعَلْقَمَة يَجُوز ذَلِكَ عِنْد الضَّرُورَة , وَعَنْ الْأَوْزَاعِيِّ : إِنْ سَلَّمْت فَقَدْ سَلَّمَ الصَّالِحُونَ , وَإِنْ تَرَكْت فَقَدْ تَرَكُوا . وَعَنْ طَائِفَة مِنْ الْعُلَمَاء : لَا يُرَدّ عَلَيْهِمْ السَّلَام أَصْلًا . وَعَنْ بَعْضهمْ التَّفْرِقَة بَيْن أَهْل الذِّمَّة وَأَهْل الْحَرْب .

    :Source http://hadith.al-islam.com/Display/Display.asp?Doc=0&Rec=9349

    “A group of the Salaf (early generation of Muslims) said that you should reply back saying ‘Alaykum Assalam’ just like how you would reply back to a Muslim, and others using God’s statement stating that you should greet and Al Maroudi said that the opinion of some of the Shafi’s is that you should not say ‘Rahamatullah’ (and mercy of Allah be upon you), and should be done at all times, and on the authority of Ibn Abbas and A’lqama that it should be done only at a time of necessity, and on Awzaa’ee: If you greet then the righteous have greeted, and if you left then they left and a group of scholars said: Their greetings should not even be replied back to, and some of them said it is a differentiation between the Dhimmis and enemies of war.”

  31. Reading some of the views expressed here, it reminds me an article by Anwaar Islam exposing works of Mullahs in Pakistan. This article is an eye opener to all Muslims who blindly follow Mullahs.

    The Origin and Fate of the Pakistani Mullahs

    By Anwaar Hussain

    THE MULLAH now holds the Pakistani society by the throat. His version of Islam has plunged Pakistan into an epidemic of honor killings, hate murders and mob executions of fellow Muslims and minorities alike. The society is paying the price for allowing the Mullah to propagate extremism and intolerance from the pulpit.

    There is no ordained priesthood in Islam. Every Muslim can be an Imam and can deliver a sermon. No ceremonial attire is needed for the Imam or any special dress for the congregation. Who then is this Mullah and from where did he creep into our religion?

    It obviously could not have been through trade and commerce interaction with earlier Christianity. Islam rather attracted large numbers of its early conversions from the ranks of Catholic Christianity who wanted to escape the straitjacket of the Church and its priesthood to a priest-free religion.

    A majority of the historians agree on Zoroastrianism to be the genesis of Mullaism. Zoroastrians, a semi-migratory people from the fourth to the third millennium BC, forged a religious tradition, latter known as Zoroastrianism. This is considered as the oldest of the revealed world religions and has directly and indirectly influenced the other religions in the area, i.e. Judaism, Christianity, Islam and a host of other faiths.
    Under the Abbasid and the Umayyad, Islam took root and flourished in Iran. A nagging problem remained though. Some verses in the Quran clearly disallow obedience to any man-made laws that are in conflict with the Quran. Consider the following;

    “No human being – even though Allah may have given him a code of laws (Kitab) or the power to enforce (Hukmah) it or even Prophethood (Nubuwwah) – has the right to say to others: “You should obey me rather than Allah”. He should rather say: “Become people of your Lord because you keep reading and teaching His book” (3:79)

    As Islam in Iran had steadily grown more Zoroastrianized, to solve “this problem” the kings borrowed its priesthood which our Prophet (PBUH) had abolished. The new priesthood, consisting of scholars and muftis, obliged the kings by changing the core belief of Islam from “obedience to Allah” to “worship of Allah.” This mutually convenient combination of kingship and priesthood worked very well for the benefit of both the kings and the priests: the priests blessed the kings for exercising earthly powers; while the kings let the priests exercise divine authority over the people.

    When Persian culture influenced the surrounding region, priesthood too moved into these areas. Iran, to this day, remains the hotbed of Mullaism. Towards West, it blossomed during the Ottoman Empire, where even an office of Sheikh-ul-Islam existed. Many historians cite this religio-political mix to have greatly contributed to the fall of that empire. Eventually, it was brought to a bitter end in the later day Turkey by Mustafa Kamal Ataturk’s cultural revolution.

    Towards East, Mullaism crept into the sub-continent at the heels of Sufis and invaders from Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asia. It stayed in the background until the British wrested India from its Muslim rulers. The Mullah then sprang to the pulpit to sooth the bruised ego of a vanquished people with convenient doctrines. He convinced them that God always subdued people who allowed their souls to be tainted by the lust of worldly desires e.g. ruling dominions and empires. He implored them to stay prostate on their prayer mats and use this respite from the arduous task of ruling for cleansing their souls.
    The Muslims flocked to the thousands of mosques scattered all over India straight into the welcoming arms of the Mullah. He gave numerous references from the Quran to obey God, His Prophet and the established authority. He promptly deleted the references to Muslim kings from his Friday sermons and instead recited the name of the Queen-Empress of British Empire. He bitterly opposed the creation of Pakistan where, if formed, he would have to work anew on its newborn constituencies. But when the Quaid-e-Azam flew into Karachi on his Dakota, the Mullah grumblingly followed him on his bullock cart.
    Once here, in partnership with some indigenous like-minded interests, he went into his old vocation with a renewed gusto. His counter-part that he left behind in India, though, got swallowed up in the wave of secularism that overtook India after partition. Since then, the convention of Islamic ritual survived and thrived in greater depth and conviction in Pakistan than any where else in the Islamic world. The Pakistani Mullah became the personification of this ritualistic orthodoxy.

    How does the Pakistani Mullah operate?

    He asks a simple question from his flock. Would they prefer the Word of God and that of the Holy Prophet of Islam or would they rather have western educated men under a godless society to guide and shape their nation? This question is extremely difficult for a common Pakistani to answer. Pakistani masses adore Islam. Pakistani politicians and the educated elites, however, despite knowing the truth of Mullah seem to be divided and indecisive. Some even exploit this situation by siding with the Mullah and patronizing him. The Pakistani Mullah, in the meanwhile, rules supreme.

    He of course does not tell his congregation the whole truth. He does not tell them who would interpret the divine for them. If the authority for legislation lies with God, which a Muslim cannot deny, then as a natural corollary, it would be none other than the Mullah himself who would define and interpret the divine law for them. He blurs, or purposely does not draw, the line between himself and scholars well versed in worldly and religious disciplines.

    He does not tell them that such scholars will need to be guided by the essential basic rules requiring a scholar to have thorough knowledge of religious text as well as the prevailing conditions in the world and his community. He remains quiet on the fact that it is only through such dual knowledge that a scholar can apply Islamic jurisprudence and principles to meet people’s needs.

    He of course does not tell them that, unlike him, the theologians or the learned scholars who would engage in this exercise must be intellectually gifted and unremittingly consistent so as to arrive at a healthy symmetry between the basic principles of Islamic jurisprudence and the realistic conditions in our modern-day world.

    He does not tell them that both the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) ordered Muslims to seek all forms of knowledge. He does not tell them that due to his closing the door on interpreting the Quran in the light of modern events and sciences, Muslims have stood still while their cohabitants of planet earth have even escaped gravity and launched deep into the universe in their quest for knowledge.

    He promotes the style of the Prophet (PBUH) by keeping a beard, putting surma is his eyes and an Arabic scarf on his shoulders yet does not inform his congregation of the other sterling qualities of the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet (PBUH) was not just an old man leading prayers in the mosque. He established an empire by uniting the various warring tribes, sent emissaries to other empires, received dignitaries in his court, signed at least one historic treaty (Hudaibya, A.D. 630), led armies in the battlefields, experienced numerous victories and also a defeat (at Ohad, A.D. 624), was a devoted father and a husband. The momentum that he built eventually landed the Muslims in Spain in the west and India in the east.

    The Mullah himself is mainly responsible for dividing the Muslims into Sunni, Shia, Ahle-Hadith, Ahle-Fiqah, Ahle-Quran, Hanfi, Shafi, Malki, Hanbli, Deobandi, Barailwi and propagating mindless hate between these sects. He, therefore, never tells his followers God’s injunctions on sectarianism where He says;

    “As for those who divide their religion and break up into sects, thou has no part in them in the least….” (6:159)

    To keep his hold on his followers’ minds, he professes that the Quran is an extremely difficult piece of divine literature to understand and to interpret by ordinary Muslims. He knows that most Pakistanis do not know Arabic and even if they did their skill in the language is not enough to literally interpret the language of Quran. He also knows fully well that most Pakistanis do not have the patience, time or the resources for learning Arabic. He, therefore, insists so much on the mastery of the Arabic language and culture.

    He takes advantage of people’s ignorance and pretends to be the sole agent of the Quran and its interpretations. He does not explain to these Pakistanis that the Quran was meant for every one. That they don’t require a Mullah or any one to intercede on their behalf. That Allah does not make his words so difficult that ordinary people have difficulty in understanding them. That they only have to make an effort and there are numerous ways to seek the truth themselves. Regrettably, the majority of Pakistanis either cannot, or would not, seek these answers on their own.

    A glance at the contemporary world shows that the Buddhist monk is verifiably dormant. Some Christian neocons and Hindu religious bigots have, of late, begun to participate in the framing of political agendas. Yet, by and large, a vast majority of the Christian and Hindu societies remain unaffected by their militant fundamentalists. Because most Christians and Hindus do not consider their religious priests as their political leaders or even correlate these religious individuals with any state system. Two facts are noteworthy; the stupendous rise of the west since it broke free from the priestly hold of the Church and the horrendous decline of the Muslim world since the entry of priesthood into Islam.

    On the Pakistani scene too there is a change in the wind, however faint. With the modern age of computers, internet and information a phantom has begun to haunt the Mullah. The truth is slowly, but surely being sought by enlightened minds young and old alike. Pakistani Muslims are increasingly expressing disgust and disdain for the irrationalities and backwardness of the Mullah. His grip is fading but he is not likely to give up just yet.

    To his good luck, though, a faith system that is so deeply ingrained into the minds of the believers is hard to wish away. Still harder is the task to disrupt the unholy alliance between hypocrite Pakistani elites and the Mullah. In his final throes, he too is putting up a brave fight. He continues to issue endless fatwas and thinks that the fear of death sentence and the declaration of jihad would silence the voices of rationality, logic and progress. In his desperation he is counter-attacking with every possible means. His chief weapons are an outright incitement of his followers to kill his opponents for divine rewards, twisting quotations from the Quran, promoting senseless hate, intimidating and declaring his opponents as apostates and blasphemers.

    For common Pakistanis to join the global race for progress, they will have to make efforts to seek the truth themselves rather than relying on the word of Mullah. They have to make a clean break from the past by disallowing or disowning the Mullah from being the de-facto leader of their communities.
    Adopted from: http://www.satribune.com/archives/nov30_dec6_03/opinion_anwaar.htm

  32. You or your parents or grand parents left your homeland, most likely an Islamic country and came to the West, not for the love of Allah and Rasool or to serve Islam but for the love of better education, better job, better income better living conditions, all material things. I bet 99 % of Muslims living in the west are employed in businesses owned by Jews and Christians. They love to accept monies from Jews and Christians but there are some who are brain-washed by Mullahs and are not prepared to accept Eid Greetings from Jews and Christians. What a hypocrisy.

    This is the reason why I posted an article written by a writer Anwaar Hussain that exposes Mullahs who have brain-washed some Muslims.
    I say again, it is OK for them to work for Jews and Christians to make a living but it is not OK for them to accept their Eid Greetings

    May Allah guide them.

  33. Mustafa your point reminds me off something I read on another website, the premisis was two countries ruled by

    1.Islam (on the other website the questioned was posed Christians)
    2. Modern Western welfare state

    Which one would fill up faster? I said the welfare state. I think the same goes if Muslims had that choice. More Muslims are immigrating to western welfare states then they did the shariah ruled Afghanistan (pre war there now) and other countries that rule by Islam. Now these guys will make every excuse in the book to justify why they wont go to these islamic countries, but we both know they are too soft to really sacrifice anything in their current life. They will talk about corrupt dictators in the Muslim word and crap. But if you’re really a religious person how can you voluntarily live in the West where it goes against just about every aspect of your religion? And it does in Islam, every western country has feminism, faggotism, usury, mixing of sexes, paying taxes to kafir governments to kill your co-religionist, etc………

  34. Mustapha;

    Again, you didn’t respond to my post, rather copy and paste something completely irrelavant to the topic.

    You remind me of debating with most Shia’s. They will switch topics there and then, when they are completely refuted. Which leads to nowhere. So I’ve learnt that if someone doesn’t respond directly to my comment, and rather posts something irrelevant, I will ignore it, than waste time refuting it, only for them to again post something irrelevant…and so on and on.

    So Mustapha, if you are happy enough to reply to my comments directly, I will be happy enough to respond to you. Until then, i won’t waste my time refuting the irrelevant topics you paste.

    May Allah SWT guide you. Ameen.

  35. Also Mustapha, I’m not Pakistani. Never lived in Pakistan. Haven’t studied from any Scholars there, or as you call the ‘half learned Mullah’s”. So paste that irrelavant post elsewhere please. Thank you.

  36. Dear Brother Al Sudani, Assalamo-Alaikum.

    You are my brother in Islam. I have nothing against you. All I was trying to suggest to you that even if a worst enemy of Islam greets you for Eidul Fitr, Allah knows that at least this enemy of Islam has shown respect for Eidul Fitr and Allah will reward to that person for this good deed. Every item of good deed and bad deed will be measured on the day of judgement.

    What is our duty? Islam teaches us to be kind and courteous to all human being. At least we should appreciate that even a person who many think as enemy of Islam, respected Eidul Fitr and sends greetings to Muslims.

    It is not my desire to debate with another Muslim to prove I am a winner. Astaghfirullah. How would this help me on the day of judgment?

    I have decided I will not participate further in this debate. Allah will reward or punish me for my beliefs and my actions and the same way Allah will reward you or punish you for your beliefs and action.

    Jazakallah Khair.

  37. Mustapha;

    Waalaykum Salam.

    No you were not trying to suggest that. You actually directly called me an enemy of Islam. This was your first response to my first post here;

    “It is very shocking to see the low mentality of some Muslims. In fact, they are the worst enemies of Islam because they give the impression to Non-Muslims that most Muslims are rude and have no manners. So sad.”

    Hypocrites say ‘positive’ comments about Islam and Muslims. Does that mean we should be kind to them?

    Just because someone utters a comment, a greeting, does that make all of their other comments and actions un-accountable for?

    She is a Politician. Many Politicians say things for tactical/strategical reasons. Politics is full of hypocrisy, lies, deceiving.

    As a result, there appears to be some Muslims who are gullible enough to actually believe the American Government doesn’t have anything against Muslims and Islam, just because they have issued ‘greetings’.

    They are at war with our Brothers and Sisters. They are occupying our lands, killing Muslims. How do you expect me to respond to a mere so called greeting? Should I appreciate it? If this greeting came from someone who isn’t anti-Islam, then yes, I will appreciate it.

    Seriously, this shouldn’t even be a debate. It’s funny enough you are trying to defend someone who is openly PRO-Israel. Are you Pro-Israel too? I hope not.

  38. What I said earlier, I believe it to be true.

    I do not believe President Obama or Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are enemies of Muslims.

    Islam is the second largest religion in America after Christianity and growing rapidly. Every year hundreds of thousands Muslims are leaving their homeland and coming to America for better future. If America was enemy of Islam, this would not be possible.

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