Only 4% of Israelis Approve of Obama, Many think he is Muslim

I thought the Republicans were bad, but Israelis beat them.

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  1. hahaha his name has them thinking that he’s Muslim AND Arab. At least that one guy is aware that Obama is black. He’s probably thinking “only in America”. And he’s right. Ask just about anyone in Europe too.

  2. I’ve heard many call him “Kooshi”, which means negro. So not only do they have an issue with his Religious background, but colour too.

  3. Well they clearly don’t like him. The whole time I was imagining having to be a Palestinian and living with those people. yikes

  4. The Palestinian/Israeli conflict is one thing, but I see Israel as being similar to lots of European nations with challenged minorities. Israel has Arabs and Ethiopians and other nations have their own examples.

  5. I hope this helps to dispel the notion that there can ever be any peace or reconciliation between the Muslim world and Israel.

    The Quran says it. Those most against Islam are the Jews and pagans. And now, they confirm it with their own mouths.

    To be sure, some are inclined to peace.

    But the vast majority of them would just as soon wipe out the entire Muslim world.

    Goes to show: You can be Christian. You can wage war on Muslim lands. You can pledge your unfaltering support of Israel.

    But if you so much as show any sign of leniency towards Muslims or question Israel’s policies, you are deemed an enemy of the Jews and antisemitic.

  6. A lot of this goes both ways. Show leniency towards Jews and you’re deemed an enemy of Islam. I have a hard time finding Christians who are not against Islam. They are against all religions just as every other religion is against one another… Sharia law, etc. Christians support Israel only because the holiness of the land is connected to Christianity.

  7. “If I be a killer, I shoot him for a long time..”


    I dunno though, I thought the republican video was way more hilarious.

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