Shaykh Ahmad – The owner of an Islamic Funeral Home in Queens, NY – Arrested

I was shocked when I read this.

Ahmad Wais Afzali had for years been a popular imam in Queens. First at one mosque, and then at others, he had become known for his moving sermons. He also ran a funeral home, and won praise for helping families deal with their grief.

The imam’s lawyer said he was merely trying to help the authorities. But on Saturday night, federal officials arrested Mr. Afzali, 37, effectively claiming that their onetime source of assistance had betrayed them by tipping off Mr. Zazi, and then lying to them about it.

Source: NY Times

I think pretty much everyone in the Muslim community knew Shaykh Ahmad and his funeral home and the services he offered to Muslim families to take care of their deceased relatives. I had a first hand experience with this with the burial of my grandfather.

May Allah make it easy for them and their families. It sounds like Shaykh Ahmad was talking to the wrong person at the wrong time.

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  1. Sheikh Afzali spoke at my college once and sure he seemed strict, but he didn’t seem like the type that would carry out or support acts on civilians.

    Th evidence they quote looks really weak. It seems to be another case of publicizing the arrest Muslims to justify infringement on our freedom. But Allah knows best.

  2. The best thing this imam could have done is stay in the country of his birth, or move to a country that shares in his ideology/way of life. I find it hard to believe a pious Muslims would willingly move to a country that is incompatible with the teachings of islam and currently at war with his country and Muslims as a whole. Could he just be the run of the mill money first immigrant, or a terorrist? That is not for me to decide, but the court system. Either way I hope it leads to his deportion from this country.

  3. This whole thing smells weird…not only has he come here, as you put it, “run-off-the-mill-money-first-immigrant,” but accordingly, his welcomed-stay BY our government mind you, also served a dual function as our tax payed F.B.I informant… (serving the community for higher puposes of course). I’d quit jumping the gun here bub, you already gotta tendency for that shEat. I doubt the public will ever get the full story on this till we get bored and look for the next boogie-man, am sure Frank will be there to get the full scoop, let me guess Frank, there is a likley hood that he’ll be wearing a turban or even a sombrerro, huh? Don’t you got a border to protect with your miltia esse’ ?

  4. I’m not surprised to see you peek your head in to apologize for this shyster. I don’t care about the border, really. Don’t you got some hip-hop CD’s to buy or download? I head them Jew record execs need a new winter home in Miami Beach! The only tendecies I show is using my brain to make edjucated and usually spot on assertations. Why you always bring race into things too? Weird……..

  5. strange situation.

    May Allah swt make it easy for this brother and forgive any of his wrong doings, amen.

    on a side note:

    I urge people not to respond to Franks incitements. He is a Murtad and he is just trying to make the Muslims (at least on this blog) get lost in pointless arguments, and maybe trying to get them to say things they wouldn’t normally. Also remember the Islamic ruling for these kinds of people (apostates) , you should hate and love for the sake of Allah. For evidence look at the blog from a couple days ago about the Palestinian woman being assaulted. anyway don’t respond to my warning just heed it. Frank don’t bother commenting .

  6. Frank hates everyone. “Dirty JoO conspiracy rulers” to “scummy MoOslim terrorists”. loll Fair and balanced FoxWhitePride5 News.

  7. Dave, I don’t hate everyone, but I do think most people are lemmings. They show a very female side by not being able to look past their emotions when making a decision. All info we have at the moment points to Ahmad Wais Afzali being a scumbag, even if the charges don’t happen to be true. He did abandon his nation and people at a time of need to immigrate to a kafir country. He also worked for the FBI if the reports are right. If the charges agianst him are valid, he wanted to murder people. So why should I kiss his arse??

    My problems with the Jews are valid too, there is no denying they have more power then they should in the United States. I don’t have a problem with Muslims living in their own lands. The ones immigrating to the US are Jew dupes though, most would sell out their mother for money and material wealth.

  8. When will people wake up and stop being stupid! Lying to the FBI is a crime. How many muslims are imprisoned and how many more are going to be imprisoned for being stupid and not knowing their rights.

    1) Unless the FBI produces an arrest warrant you do not have speak,meet or cooperate with them in any way. You don’t even have to allow them into your home and shouldn’t.

    2) Even if they have arrest warrant you do not have to speak to them. You have a right to remain silent. You are entitled to have lawyer to be present when dealing with them at all times.


  9. Frank the Crank, I do not kid myself that a bigot like you will listen to reason. But for everyone else, I would like to set the record straight. The vast majority of the Jews in America descend from penniless immigrants of the 19th century. Of those who succeeded and became wealthy, the vast majority did it through hard work, education, cooperation, non-violent politics, voting, and clean living. Just like many Moslems are doing today.

    As far as not talking to the FBI goes, stonewalling on a terror investigation helps terrorists. Most people like that have crimes to hide, and I wish they would go to Saudi Arabia and stay there. They won’t have to worry about civil rights there!

    It is also a fact that the Moslem Arab nations sided with Hitler in his genocide. They killed and drove out Jewish communities that had lived peacefully with them for many centuries. Even today Moslem rulers sympathize with Naziism and deny the Holocaust. Those crimes and sins, as much as anything else, are why the world reserved half of Palestine for the Jews.

  10. Rich, a few thoughts on the points you made just now:

    1.) The reason why Muslims often hesitate in talking to the FBI or CIA for that matter is because of generations of distrust of government intel services from back home. In countries like Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and more, the national law enforcement and national intelligence services (a.k.a. “mukhabaraat in Arabiy) are extremely brutal, all-powerful, abusive, and are often used by the state to perpetuate repressive practices, opression, tyranny and torture. So obviously when you have such hard-coded resistance to the intel services of so many countries BUILT INTO OUR DNA, you shouldn’t be surprised that there is considerable resistance or apathy to work with the FBI or CIA.

    2.) Ever since 9/11, the track record for actual arrests and convictions of terrorist offenses in USA and Canada is abysmal. Many suspects are rounded up based on flimsy evidence or pressured witnesses who have conflcts of interest whereby they are paid more money the more suspects they reel in; and then these convictions are trumpeted in the media as “evidence” that the state intelligence agencies are doing their job in keeping the country safe.

    Its basically like unethical sales professionals who, when pressured by their bosses to produce results and numbers and meet quotas in order to placate shareholders, often resort to slamming and other unethical tactics to trap customers and get that sale, just to show results to their boss – never mind whether the sale was legitimate or not.

    And the utter irony of it all is, that America and her allies claim to be free and democractic, as opposed to oppressive regimes like Iran or Syria or Egypt, and YET America is going down the exact same slippery path of no-return as those countries did many decades ago. The mukhabaraat in those countries continued to expand their powers of surveillance and arrest by claiming there were insidious threats from within. Any kind of criticism and public opposition to unethical or illegal government policy was viewed as unpatriotic and undesirable, and was brutally arrested by jailing dissidents under a wide variety of trumped up, overblown charges. Its the exact same thing that will happen in America, Canada, UK, etc if they don’t clean up their act and refine their searches.

    Muslims want to live in peace. No Muslim I know of actually wants to destroy or bring down Uncle Sam. Hell no. But when Muslims hear news of FBI or their associated international partners using entrapment to arrest young Muslim kids and toss them in jail, breaking up their lives, destroying their dreams and families, then OF COURSE the Muslim public is going to be extremely DISTRUSTFUL of assisting national law enforcement.

    3.) Regarding your comment: “It is also a fact that the Moslem Arab nations sided with Hitler in his genocide.” – Please don’t make such repugnant associations. Just because the leader of XYZ nation made ABC choice, it doesn’t mean that the entire nation, or even a significant majority, agreed with that leader. Some Arab leaders did indeed mistakenly side with Hitler on some items, but I challenge you to find me the statements of any of those Arab and Muslim leaders who supported Hitler’s Aryan / white-supremacist view of the world.

    And furthermore, you’ll find that most Muslim countries throughout history and even during WW2 welcomed tghe Jewish minorities in their midst very openly and gave them safe sanctuary while over periods of several hundred years the Jews were being kicked out of EVERY single Christian European country. Even after WW2 you’ll find that there were lots of Jews comfortably living in Muslim countries such as Iraq, yemen, Iran and more.


  11. LEWIS ROVEGNO & ANTHONY LANZA are the owners of Islamic Burial & Shipping Service INC.
    76-20 Rockaway Boulevard
    Woodhaven, NY 11421
    who also own
    Romanelli James Stephen Funeral Home
    8901 Rockaway Blvd, Ozone Park
    i hope they evict this terrorists i would
    or i would not do business with them either

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