Taking a Leak Sunnah Style

Seriously, don’t read this sisters.  Seriously!
EDIT: Okay, so I guess if sisters want to read it, they can go ahead.

Anyways brothers, I’ve added some comedic relief to my comments, so here it goes:

Sahih Bukhari
Volume 7, Book 69, Number 534:

Narrated Abu Qatada: Allah’s Apostle said, “When you drink (water), do not breath in the vessel; and when you urinate, do not touch your penis with your right hand. And when you cleanse yourself after defecation, do not use your right hand.”

My commentary: Thank God, we greet each other with our right hands.

Sahih Muslim
Book 002, Number 0554:

Abu Huraira reported: the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: None amongst you should urinate in standing water, and then wash in it.

Book 002, Number 0555:

Hammam b. Munabbih said: Of the ahadith narrated to us by Abfi Huraira from Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) one is this: The Messenger or Allah (may peace be upon him) said: You should not urinate in standing water, that is not flowing, then wash in it.

My Commentary: Looks like we should flush as we do our thing. EDIT: I mis-read the hadith. It means you can’t use stagnant water to release unless and use it for wudhu. Using the toilet with stagnant water is the fine, since you don’t use toilet water to make wudhu. I know at home and relatives’ house we don’t really have much issues there, but in public places where we don’t know how clean the bathroom facility can be it can become difficult.

I’m a germaphobe so I usually have two options when using public facilities:

  • The Floating Method:
    I use the “floating” method. Basically it’s like your sitting on something that’s not there above the toilet. So your not standing, but your sitting without touching the seat.
  • Hold it and Pray for no speeding ticket:
    Basically keep it in and locate the nearest “safe” house (home, relatives place, hotel rooms, known safe locations for depositing waste, etc.). This will require a well trained driver in extreme circumstances so throw in some duas for no speeding tickets.

Why not stand or use the urinal?

I’m not going to hate, you can stand, but my issue is the collateral damage that comes with using this method.  Purity is very important and any drop of impurity ruins that.

What about istinja?

Well, every brother has his own standard and way. In the “safe” houses, we’re pretty much safe. It has all the features that are necessary to fully satisfy our cleaning procedure. When it comes to the public facilities there are various ways. The plastic water bottle is popular. Some soak the paper, but everyone does it somehow.


If your mom, wife, sister, daughter, etc. does not have this in her bag, then make sure they do. It comes in handy when the water fails to work in the sink (it can happen). Usually most females carry this around, so you should be straight, inshaAllah.

Lastly, don’t stand in the “safe” houses!

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  1. You should include Hotels as “safe” houses too, the better the hotel, the better the bathroom, infact many hotels are cleaner than friends/relatives places! lol hahahaha 😛

  2. Please don’t stand and urinate – the greatest punishment in the grave (or most common) will be for people who aren’t careful when they urinate! (to the best of my little knowledge)

  3. Salams MR,

    I’m coming to NY/Jersey area from the west coast and want to know if you have any suggestions for places I can get my beard lined up? Holla back.


  4. @Usman – Pretty much any barbershop in the urban neighborhoods have good guys who can trim beards. Most of the time (80%) for the past 6 years I have been cutting my own hair and shaping up my beard myself.

  5. Assalamu’alaykum
    No need for the floating method…
    1.Take a strip of toilet paper made from 3-4 squares and put it on the left side of the seat
    2. Repeat with another strip on the right side of the seat
    3. Sit

    As for istinjaa, one thing people should keep in mind is that in the Hanbali madhab (afaik) using water is optional.

    And let’s say you do stand up, and you have undetectable drops/flecks of urine on your clothing…wouldn’t such small amounts be overlooked?

  6. The Prophet (SAWS) once saw Ali standing up and urinating, he told him to sit down because Shaytaan urinates standing up. (I haven’t verified this it’s off the top of my head anyone feel free to correct me)

    So I would recommend all brothers to follow this Sunnah, only stand as a last last last resort.

  7. Salaam

    I understand you making this ‘brothers only’, but I think you forgot about all the Muslim mothers who are in charge of potty training their little boys. They’re the ones who teach their sons about cleanliness when they are toddlers, so that they are careful with themselves from a small age, insha’Allah. So remember that when you try to gender stereotype Islamic knowledge. It doesn’t always fit. 🙂

  8. salams

    MR bro I can *presume* why you would advise sisters to avoid wandering onto this blog entry but the ahaadith you provided are already available to them anyways, so is there really any need to advise them against reading this? After all insha’allah they’ll all have husbands / brothers / sons one day and they should also know what’s good and what isn’t, for guys. Feel free to give me your take on this if you feel otehrwise.

    Also I agree with Atif, if I really have to go when I am out in public, or even at the office (which is cleaned several times daily anyways by the janitors) I just tear off toilet paper and cover the toilet seat, usually after wiping it down with a damp cloth first. I find it easier to sit properly instead of having to have your thigh and knee muscles / joints start aching because you gotta “float” for longer than anticipated.

    Before using the toilet when entering the stall, if I notice some water / drops on the floor I usually don’t bother to investigate whether its actual water or urine, I just throw down some of the thicker, larger hand-drying napkins on the floor and then use my feet / shoes mop it up and toss it. I’m not comfortable with the idea of the folds of my pants even accidentally draping over my shoes while I have them down, and thus accidentally coming into contact with that liquid on the floor.

    And btw, using damp / wet napkins is usually the same as using a water bottle. Like, use some of the stronger, larger hand-drying napkins and splash some water on them at the sink until they’re literally dripping wet, and then take them into the stall. I usually take three or four of them for #2, and only two or so for #1.

  9. After traveling overseas I started to prefer squat floor toilets. You can rinse them off before and after you do your business, and don’t have to kill ten trees trying to make them suitable to sit on.

    In public restrooms in the US, usually a few paper towels folded up and soaked in the sink and then tossed in the toilet works. When you drop trousers, make sure that the floor isn’t full of urine puddles. I often wish horrible curses on the random strangers who leave public restrooms filthy!

    Above all, don’t get too carried away listening to the waswasa when trying to keep clean. The shaytan knows your deen better than you and is more than happy to make you neurotic about the torment of the grave. Do you best, and that’s it.

  10. hmm Feel free to buy toilet cover seats (they r most available in big corp and private unis) but u can buy a bag from duane reade/rite aid and it comes handy and saves time =)

  11. Y’all going on about standing and urinating is some kinda crime. Recently got back from Umrah during Ramadhan and they have loadsa stand-up urinals there on Khalid bin Waleed street. It is very much like the west with little or no hijab to hide your business. This is only a minutes walk away from the Haram. Those white/cream cabins located to the right of Dar al-Tawhid when facing away from the Haram. Also by sitting down (especially in western toilets) how are you eliminating the splashing of urine back on to you? By sitting down and urinating surely same splashes would be created anyway? No doubt these splashes would be landing on your flesh as opposed to your clothes (some argue standing causes splashes to fall on clothes). Clothes can be changed after every leak, how many people do you see washing waist down after every leak? Besides I’m sure brothers have a good aim and can guide their shot tactically to avoid major splashes right?

    In public toilets you got no choice but to stand. Hovering only works for so long before your legs give way, half way through you probably gotta stand anyway unless you got squatters (weight lifters) legs.

    Share your techniques boys! This needs to be the forum where the best technique is identified which would then go on to win the coveted MR Readership prize. 🙂

  12. i jus dnt drink water b4 i leaave for college so i dnt need to go but if i do i got a masjjid close so is all goood

    holding it is torture but the relief after an hour seems kinda satisfying lol 😎

    carry a brick wiv u…desi style (H) loooooooool

  13. @Abdullah – The most optimal way as I have tested with paper towels to see how much splash occurs is first sit down, flush the toilet and then do your thing. When the water is flowing, there is less splash (actually it’s almost none). When the water is stagnant there is more splash.

  14. What MR calls the “floating” method, I’ve always called the “hover” method. For those of us into martial arts, it’s very good exercise.

    As for istinjaa, I usually wash my hands before handling my business. That way, my hands already have water on them and then wash-wash-wash afterwards (obviously this only works when doing #1; Number 2 is a huge fitna if not at home or somewhere safe).

    Glad to see others have the same issues. Guess we’re more alike than I thought.

  15. Wow.. I can’t say I’m too comfortable with urine soaked public restroom floors either. I hope no one out there has the need and desire to work on their technique too hard! There needs to be room for other stressful duties. loll

  16. Abdullah,

    No one said it was absolutely haraam to stand up and take a piss, its just greatly disliked.

    And I’m not sure if you were just rtying to be sarcastic or not, but when you stand at a urinal and take a leak, your urine travels a farther distance to hit the urinal wall than it does when you’re sitting down on a toilet. In that extra distance, the stream of urine starts breaking up into globs and droplets which have a greater splash radius than a solid stream of liquid.

    I’m not even sure why I’m having to explain all that in such detail, as anyone who has ever used a urinal or stood next to a guy using one will know that there’s much more splashing than there is when sitting on a toilet.

    If you want further physical demonstration, just try pouring any liquid from any container with a small spout, like a kettle for example. Pour the liquid into a second container from a small distance, less than five inches say, and then while you’re still pouring raise the container way up and back a bit to keep the stream flowing into the same, and you’ll notice there’s plenty fo splash as the stream starts breaking up into blobs and droplets.

    And yes, as others explained, in public toilets there are other options instead of just standing.

  17. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    Indeed, sitting is recommended, whereas standing is disliked if there is no need, as I understand it according to the majority of ‘ulama’. The various ahadith that encourage sitting and the rulings of the scholars should suffice. Standing is not haram, but the ruling of makruh means that you will get a reward for leaving it, in sha’ Allah.

    Also, any guy who has been to the bathroom in the morning knows that the stream is, basically, unpredictable. Prior to my conversion, I urinated while standing and I had no pants on in the morning. Suffice to say, I had to wash my legs from time to time. I hope you can forgive me for being so descriptive, but my point is: the Prophet’s, salla Llahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, encouragement to sit is very rational and understandable, no matter what epoch and place you are in.

  18. @ Maverick – I hear ya. I wouldn’t use a urinal, I was merely demonstrating that even outside the Haram in Makkah there are urinals now. Even at Azhar in Egypt they have urinals. Personally I am so against urinals! Personally, I would use a normal toilet but stand, this is merely what I was trying to get at. Thats all. I guess I didn’t explain myself well enough.

    So my argument above with a normal toilet – what are everybodies thoughts on that?

  19. I understand what you were saying, and its good to remember that just because somethingis disliked doesn’t mean its forbidden [duh yes, everyone knows that] but often some people think something that’s makrouh would never be tolerated or accomodated in eitehr of teh Tow Cities, and I disagree, i think the administrator is a wise man, he knows some people are in a rush.

    The other thing you could do is, if you’re gonna use a toilet:

    1.) Sit in the other direction, facing the back wall. That means you won’t be coming into contact with most of the toilet seat, you’re going to be using the bottoms of your thighs to balance yourself just at the front edge of the seat.

    2.) Stand and face the wall, but arch your back / waist forward as much as possible, use your right hand on the wall / toilet lid / tank pipe, and use your other hand to bring that fireman’s hose down closer to teh surface of the water as much as possible. Although like I said earlier, the longer the distance the stream has to travel, the greater the likelihood that it’ll break up and cause splashback.

    Or, you could just clean the toilet seat and floor, sit and relax. Crack open the Economist or the Times and chill.

  20. salam mr.

    what a beautiful post. if only humans understood the importance of not standing up and urinating. basic physics, let alone common sense, proves that urine splashes back onto the body i.e. clothing, when standing up during urination. i mean, is it okay if it’s just a little bit?

    anyway, i think you’ll love this website–it’s amazing how non-muslims are doing such great things around the world while the muslims are sitting on youtube and facebook, texting during classes, taking the easy professors, backbiting and arguing in digital forums, etc.

    check it:

    later bro.

  21. I can’t get this grizzly picture of MR smiling and doing the hover/floating method out of my head. Ah God!

    What the heck are safe houses? What is this speeding ticket you are talking about?

    Please do not include pictures for this series of posts brother!!

  22. And what the heck is this stuff about Purrell man? Seriously, some awful explanations here…

    Safe houses…you make it sound like your going to drop a bomb…ok well maybe you are, but in the toilet seat. Be clear dude, thats all.

  23. To prevent the bottom of your trousers from touching the badroom floor, you can tuck them in to your socks before lowering them.

  24. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    My tips:

    #1: Use the handicap / physically challenged people toilet. In Denmark they always have their own sink etc.

    #2: Soak a ball of toilet paper and use it with some liquid soap to clean the toilet seat.

    #3: Use a new soaked ball of paper as you “bottle” or bring a small water bottle.

    – If people ask you why you used the handicap toilet a good comeback is: “Well, do I NORMAL to you?” 🙂

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