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AlMaghrib Institutes’ Ilmfest 2009 conference in Baltimore, Maryland looks very interesting. Check out the topics:


Here is the full program. Ilmfest is a week away from today.

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  • 19 Responses for "Ilmfest 2009 has some interesting topics like: “Reclaiming Islam from the Jihadists”"

    1. Talib September 26th, 2009 at 1:21 pm

      wow that actually does look good!

      Thanks for posting all sorts of conference advertisements eg RIS and IlmFest

    2. anon September 27th, 2009 at 12:50 pm

      as a Muslim the ‘Psuedo-Jihadist’ is the least of my worries, who is considered a psuedo jihadist anyways?

    3. Mohammed Khan September 27th, 2009 at 3:27 pm

      “Pseudo-Jihadist” is another term for a terrorist.

    4. Sex and Islam September 28th, 2009 at 12:29 am

      Since when did these guys ever “claim” or hijack Islam?

      I hate phrases like that. Saying terrorists hijacked Islam is like saying the Crips hijacked the ghetto.

      Okay, bad analogy, but you get my drift.

    5. Furqan September 28th, 2009 at 7:52 am

      Perhaps Al-Maghrib and IlmQuest should stop selling the tapes of psuedo-Jihadist Anwar Awlaki!

      I will believe Al-Maghrib is not an arm of Al-Qaeda as soon as they stop selling Anwar Awlaki’s tapes. Actions speak louder than empty overtures about “psuedo-Jihadists.”

      By the way, an Eid message from brother Anwar:

      As-Sahab Media:: Shaykh Usama bin Ladin – “A Message to the People of Europe”

      Below is the transcript of Shaykh Usama’s speech:
      Say to those who disbelieve: if they desist, that which has passed will be forgiven them; but if they return [to their misdeeds], then the example of previous peoples has already passed before them. (8:38)
      All praise is due to Allah, who forbade injustice for himself and made it forbidden among humans. As for what comes after:
      To the European peoples: peace be upon he who follows the guidance. You are aware that oppression topples those who commit it and injustice has unhealthy consequences for the unjust, and that one of the greatest forms of injustice is to kill people without right, yet this is exactly what your governments and soldiers are committing under the umbrella of the NATO alliance in Afghanistan…

    6. Furqan September 28th, 2009 at 8:04 am

      I find it a clear measure of hypocrisy to speak against “pseudo-Jihadists” while at the same time supporting them by selling their tapes:

      This is clear and open double speak.

      The Prophet SAW said, “You will find that the worst of Allah’s slaves on the Day of Resurrection is the two-faced person. He comes to some people with one face and to others with another face.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

      I see two faces of al-Maghrib. The face of Yasir Qadhi says Islam is peace and against terrorism. The face of Anwar Awlaki (whose tapes they sell at every al-Maghrib function) says Islam is war and supports terrorism.

      If you believe Awlaki is right, then say so openly. If you believe Awlaki is wrong, then say so openly. Or are you afraid Awlaki’s sharp tongue will takfeer you like he did to Tawfique Chowdhury?

    7. Atif September 28th, 2009 at 12:03 pm

      Firstly, just because IlmQuest sells lectures from speakers that happen to be from al-Maghrib, doesn’t mean they are a sister company or affiliated with al-Maghrib. (as for EmanRush, they are a sister company of al-Maghrib, but they also don’t sell speeches from non-al-Maghrib teachers). AlMaghrib is not affiliated with Anwar Awlaqi types, and vice versa.
      Secondly, I’m assuming the position of Ilmquest is that although Anwar Awlaqi has extreme comments, that shouldn’t mean you discard his entire discography. Just ignore those extreme comments and benefit from the rest of the audio.

    8. Furqan September 28th, 2009 at 1:35 pm

      1) Al-Maghrib has widely distributed Awlaki’s CDs during their seminars. So there is a direct connection between Al-Maghrib and IlmQuest. Why is Anwar Awlaki so popular on the Al-Maghrib forums?

      2) I find it absurd to take your Deen from a man who mixes his biography of the Prophet with Al-Qaeda’s message. Awlaki took his knowledge from Yusuf Uyayree, a well-known Al-Qaeda supporter who was responsible for the Khobar bombing in Saudi Arabia which killed hundreds of innocent people. Where do you draw the line between acceptable religion and terrorism? Who is there to tell you what you should and should not take from Awlaki? Awlaki is a dangerous Kharijite rebel who should be warned against.

    9. Atif September 28th, 2009 at 3:03 pm


      1) Again, IlmQuest takes advantage of alMaghrib seminars and sells their Cds there; it was not Almaghrib distributing the cds. Correlation is not causation. You’re making it seem like there are marching orders from AlMaghrib HQ to sell Anwar Awlaqi cds. 🙂
      I visit the almaghrib forums semi-regularly, and I don’t see how you say he’s “so popular”. He’s rarely talked about there, to my knowledge. Also, alMaghrib students take knowledge from various resources, and they may mention them on the forums. That doesn’t mean that AlMaghrib endorses or promotes those resources.

      You have to realize that Anwar Awlaqi went through kind of a shift in mentality. Before, he wouldn’t mention extreme ideas as much as he does today. He became popular because of his Hereafter series and other works not related to biography.

      I never said I took my Deen from him 🙂
      Regarding what to take and not take, if those extreme comments aren’t already easily refutable or obviously wrong (like suicide bombing), then you go to more trustworthy ‘ulamaa for clarification. That should be your policy when listening to any lecture/shaykh on any matter.

    10. Furqan September 28th, 2009 at 4:05 pm

      I commend you for your good manners, Atif. But I have little tolerance for mass-murdering fools like Al-Qaeda and their pundits like Awlaki. Make no mistake, Awlaki has alligned himself with Al-Qaeda, and Al-Qaeda deems it Halal to kill any and all American civilians (that is me, you, and much of the Al-Maghrib student body). Al-Qaeda intentionally started the Shi’ite/Sunni war in Iraq to make the region ungovernable. Al-Qaeda has stated openly they will use nuclear weapons against civilians if they have the chance. Al-Qaeda is a death machine following the heresy of the Khawaarij.

      Anwar Awlaki is not our friend, he is a dangerous, unstable person who continues to tar the image of Islam in the West. I do not trust any organization who is linked to him.

    11. Atif September 28th, 2009 at 4:19 pm

      Right, if what you say is true, that’s precisely why we shouldn’t link AlMaghrib to Anwar Awlaqi when there’s no explicit link. From what I know of AlMaghrib, they have tried hard to disassociate themselves from such types of people.

    12. Usman Akhtar September 28th, 2009 at 4:50 pm

      @ furqan,

      I really have no intention of starting up a debate here, there a better things to do for the ummah then exercising our finger tips. But i have a fewpoints, for what seems an extremely zealous brother and probably will take offense to what i say, like most wussies do (no offense brother).

      1) ” I will believe Al-Maghrib is not an arm of Al-Qaeda as soon as they stop selling Anwar Awlaki’s tapes. ”

      How is Awlaki affiliated with Al-qaeda in any way?!!!!

      the quotations of “Shaykh Usama” came from a person named “Um Umar traveller” in the comments section of a blog post NOT EVEN WRITTEN BY AWLAKI, but by the admin of the site.

      This shows me that a) you care more about expressing your own theses rather than systematically finding what is truthful, and b) you have trouble reading, which explains your the illogic of your opinions.

      2) “I see two faces of al-Maghrib. The face of Yasir Qadhi says Islam is peace and against terrorism. The face of Anwar Awlaki (whose tapes they sell at every al-Maghrib function) says Islam is war and supports terrorism.”

      The argument can go the other way around, some might say (and im not one of them), that YQ says that he’s against western injustices against Muslims, and yet he sits in Tony Blair’s class at Yale and “discusses the issues of the world”. Tony Blair being responsible for many muslim deaths caused by British soldiers whether in iraq or Afghanistan.

      3) “If you believe Awlaki is right, then say so openly. If you believe Awlaki is wrong, then say so openly. Or are you afraid Awlaki’s sharp tongue will takfeer you like he did to Tawfique Chowdhury?”

      Idiot. What more can I say? Hmmm… maybe arrogant idiot?

      I’m guessing you never listened to even one of Awlakis series to its completion, and with your limited understanding, and limited value for a work on the Prophet’s life, the life of the greatest companions, and other of his series, you’ve concocted a paragraph with such vile venom that your own reputation as an intellectual has been harmed more that the reputation of Imam Awlaki as a scholar.

      Anyone who has a value for Ilm would realize the importance of those lecture series.

      And by the way, if you actually read the IlmQuest page you’ll notice that absolutely NONE of the audio series sold are about jihad.

      don’t have kids.

    13. Furqan September 28th, 2009 at 6:07 pm


      Here are some gems from Awlaki’s site.

      “If a Muslim kills each and every civilian disbeliever on the face of the earth he is still a Muslim and we cannot side with the disbelievers against him.” (

      “In the first confrontation between the government of Yemen and the mujahideen, the government suffered a humiliating defeat… May this be the beginning of the greatest Jihad, the Jihad of the Arabian Peninsula that would free the heart of the Islamic world from the tyrants who are deceiving the ummah and standing between us and victory.” (

      “The hatred of kuffar is a central element of our military creed. We need to realize that Allah will not grant us victory as long as we still have some love towards his enemies in our hearts. The spiritual condition of total loyalty towards Allah and total animosity towards his enemies was a necessary precursor to the judgment of Allah between His prophets and their disbelieving nations. Never was victory attained by the Prophets of Allah and their people until their loyalty towards Allah was complete and their disassociation with the kuffar was complete” (

      And here you can see for yourself how Awlaki takes his knowledge from the Khobar Al-Qaeda bomber Yusuf Uyayree:

      “Imam Anwar al Awlaki brings this book back to life in his lecture series on the book. It is a very detailed lecture series which is extremely relevant to our time since there is no Khilafah and many Muslims are claiming, “It is not the time for Jihad.”… Jihad is the one thing that the kuffar completely dislike about this Deen; they don’t
      mind you praying Salat and fasting in the month of Ramadan, but Jihad strikes fear into their hearts. Today, the word ‘terrorism’ in the news, in most cases, implies Jihad.”


      By the way, in case you are swayed by their arguments, know that they cherry-pick verses and hadith to support the terrorism they were going to commit anyway. I do not expect to change your mind, since you seem more emotionally attached to Awlaki than aware of his true teachings. I never denied a need for a good biography of the Prophet, but again we need to be cautious who we take the Deen from. If we give Awlaki legitimacy through his tapes, then ignorant people will be swayed by his “cut-and-paste” approach to Quran and Hadith. Then they would think it is their religious duty to rebel against the government, as Awlaki says, but this is in fact the path of the Khawaarij.

      I am happy that Atif sees my point. You should learn manners from him.

    14. MR September 30th, 2009 at 11:38 am

      @The response of another brother…

      It’s times like this when you really miss ‘Ali at-Tamimi.

      You’d be surprised that Sh. Ali Tamimi would be a staunch person against these fake jihadists. In his own words he was one who advocated against terrorism by various Muslim groups. I advise you to read his article on MuslimMatters which was dated in 1993. SubhanAllah. Even these fake jihadists try to claim Sh. Ali Tamimi.

    15. Furqan September 30th, 2009 at 1:16 pm

      “This shows that the problem in his eyes are people who participate in Jihad itself, not so-called terrorism.”

      Is Jihad intentionally attacking civilians like the policies of Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

      Is Jihad to attack noncombatants in the roads and markets like Al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

      Is Jihad to convince naive youth to blow themselves up as suicide bombers?

      Is Jihad to threaten any hope of international peace and stability?

      Are there any rules to this kind of Jihad? Or is it simply a free pass to kill anyone you consider a Kaafir?

      The Prophet SAW said, “There will be disputes after me, so if you have a way to end them in peace, then do so.” (

      The problem with these so-called Jihadists is that they do not seek any peaceful solution. They deem fighting (i.e. blowing up Shi’ite mosques and markets) as an end in itself. They are a cult of death and murder. And, they respect no treaty even with other Muslims, let alone the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter, and the rules of civil society. You never see them quoting the Quran on peace, forgiveness, and compassion, but they only quote verses which support violence.

      “So do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part?” (2:85)

      These so-called Jihadists are bloodthirsty killers who rejoice whenever they blow up a civilian market. In Afghanistan, they intentionally target civilians on the road, not for any military purpose, but solely to terrorize people into submitting to them. Don’t give me your excuses, they are open criminals. They are no different than high-way robbers; it is only that they mask their crimes with religious language. This is no lofty liberation movement; it is a criminal Mafia enterprise. Why are so many pseudo-Jihadis leaving the movement and recanting of their errors?

      This “response of another brother” exactly confirms my point that pseudo-Jihadists cannot tell the difference between Awlaki’s emotional-laden “cut and paste” propoganda and the authentic teachings of the Prophet with respect to war.

    16. Furqan September 30th, 2009 at 1:27 pm

      Come! Let us steal and murder; just call it Jihad and all will be well!

    17. Anti-Crusader October 7th, 2009 at 2:12 am

      Furqan is talking out of his ass. There is no “al-queda” you idiot, it’s a generic term used to label anyone a terrorist. The Sunni-Shia warfare in Iraq was a direct result of the American occupation which armed and trained death squads. Spare us the BS, you sound like an inbred hillybilly high on FOX news.
      Iraq never had a history of civil war, pick up a history book before defaming others. You’re not fit to polish Awlaki’s shoes, a man who was wrongfully arrested and tortured by the Yemini government at Uncle Sam’s request.

    18. NaaaH October 8th, 2009 at 10:02 am

      Or better yet…. Come, let us stand by and watch our muslim brothers and sisters starve, get raped, murdered at the hands of the oppressor.

      DO NOT ridicule the ones who are trying with every ounce of their soul to defend those of us who are oppressed while some of us sit here with our arms folded!!!

      “Don’t give me your excuses, they are open criminals. They are no different than high-way robbers; it is only that they mask their crimes with religious language. This is no lofty liberation movement; it is a criminal Mafia enterprise”.
      Some of them may be “open criminals”, unfortunately there are people who abuse the power that they are given. The worst being governments, that allows the mass killings of innocent muslim men, women and children EVERYDAY.

      Don’t even for a second, forget the Palestinian mothers holding the limp bodies of their headless babies and others trying to dig their dead children out of what is left, after being attacked by the Israeli’s.

      Or are you going to deny that any of this happens and that they don’t have a right to be defended????

    19. Furqan October 11th, 2009 at 11:45 am

      “Talking out of his ass.”

      “Spare us the BS, you sound like an inbred hillybilly high on FOX news.”

      Nice manners. Very Islamic.

      “There is no “al-queda” you idiot, it’s a generic term used to label anyone a terrorist.”

      I guess Osama Bin Laden, Ayman Thawahiri, Zarqawi, Yusuf Uyayri, and all the others are just made up names. I guess the Taliban burning down girl’s schools and forcing their children to be suicide bombers is just part of our imagination. I guess all those people who were killed by Al-Qaeda didn’t really exist!

      Shaykh Salman Ouda wrote, “I have persistently called upon our sincere scholars and preachers – and continue to call upon them – to describe things by their proper names, and to disassociate the word “jihād” (a word rich in meaning which is found in our sacred texts) from the activities of those killing organizations which murder innocent people and undermine security in societies around the world – regardless of whether those societies are Muslim or non-Muslim – since carrying out atrocities and targeting civilians is categorically forbidden in Islam.” (

      Let me guess, the Shaykh is “talking out of his ass” too?

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