12 Replies to “Jummah on Capitol Hill – Adhan”

  1. Am I the only one uncomfortable with this? For a gathering of such importance, would you really forgo praying in a Masjid, a house of God, to pray in front of the capitol? The capitol brings no added barakah. Of all things to be politicized, Jumu’ah probably shouldn’t be one of them. Maybe I don’t fully realize the organizer’s intention for this, but I see little to benefit a lot of potential for harm.

  2. yo MR, can u jus delete ur comment about those phobes…therez no need to give them tha attention they arent worthy of. just post the video. late bro/sis.

  3. I went with some friends. I think this had the potential to be something good, but needs some more organization. I had several issues, some with the organizers and others with Muslims in general.

    But Alhamdulillah I do not regret going.

  4. Badrul – Im going to have to disagree with you bro, i think its positive dawah.

    Abu Bakr as sadeeq used to pray in public, for the sake of dawah. I hear what your saying, but i think there is good in this, to do it every now and then if the intention is right.

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