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  1. Its really sad to watch a grown man cling so pathetically to the demons in his mind just for the sake of a paycheck. Folks like Frank Gaffney and others rely on controversy, sensationalism, whipping up the mob, and out right lies just to pay their mortgage and keep the money flowing. He might as grovel on the ground before me and lick the dirt off my shoes.

    Admit it Frank, without us Muslims, you would be standing in line at the social welfare office waiting for your cup of soup.

  2. I jus sent FOX NEWS this letter:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I request that this letter be given directly to whoever is in charge. I am a Muslim in California, who just watched the below news clip and was completely speechless and offended on the coverage FOX news gave to the Zaytuna College. I personally know Sh. Hamza Yusuf and Imam Zaid Shakir for many years and they are nothing but gentle souls who want nothing but good for the American People and Muslims around the world. You airing a clip on false ideas that Zaytuna is a “Jihad”, “Terrorist” school is a horrendous lie and a discredit to the American People who have heard nothing about Zaytuna. I request that you interview both these scholars and get a better understanding of who they are. Seriously reconsider your positions and statements before you go on National TV and the school deserves an apology from FOX NEWS. Please be the fair and balanced organization you claim to be and do what is right! I have been to Zaytuna and it is a home away from home that has helped people from all walks of life. You should be airing positive information not lies and your own perception of what the school is without talking to its founders. I hope FOX NEWS considers this and takes appropriate steps in correcting the mistake of airing that clip.


  3. He has no evidence for 99% of the claims. it is just pure slander and smearing. I hope people can see that. inshAllah.

  4. @Omar

    a) As Amir said, this is Fox. Their bread and butter is sensation and controversy. That’s how they generate revenue because what counts is how many eyeballs are tuned in to their channel, and not whether they’re presenting something completely accurate and true. So its not like this clip should be unexpected.

    b) What was said in the clip above, you’ll notice, was Gaffney’s opinions which he clearly states so, and it was not Fox’s statements or opinions.

    c) To their credit, Fox did indeed make an effort at balancing the message by providing Zaytuna’s mission statement; it wasn’t all just Gaffney’s vitriol.

    d) They never said it was a terrorist school or a jihadi school; again it was gaffney’s opinion that this is a “stealth jihad” and that’s just another term for Fifth Column, which is a charge frequently leveled at Muslims by christian conservatives, right-wing crackpots, and media channels that run with Fox. Try looking up that term, and you’ll understand why we’re only going to hear more and more of that kind of accusation in the coming years and decades, albeit under different facades and fancy terminology.

    To everyone else – stop getting so worked up about this. This isn’t the first or last time we’ve seen smear jobs like this, and this certainly is not unexpected behavior from Fox. And besides, Muslims have been handling this kinda heat for 1400 years. We thrive on publicity, whether negative or positive. The Quraysh used to talk and slander nabeyuna Muhammad [saws] but what did it do? It made people become even more interested and determined to hear the man’s message from him directly.

    Yo man. The sandbox is a dirty mess. Why not clean it up while we’re playing around here? Don’t think you’ll be able to clean it up without getting some dirt flying around in the process. I heard Sephora sells some thick skin. You might wanna pop down there and buy some.

  5. Seems pretty “fair and balanced” to me. heh. What do you really expect from faux news? He was right about Shaykh Hamza being more hardcore before 9/11. He’s totally mellowed out since then. I think he’s gotten wiser with age. Anyway, make sure to be on the lookout for the sharia and stealth jihad that are comin’ to get ya!

  6. Interesting. Well first of all, the fact that a major news organization aired something about Zaytuna College means that inshallah it will hopefully be something established in the U.S. in the near future and is no longer simply in the plans. So alhamdulillah for that.

    I don’t see Gaffney’s logic in saying, “I don’t see Shariah in America.” Zaytuna College wouldn’t be advocating for the application of Shariah in America! Is this an assumption you’re making Mr. Gaffney or have you actually talked to Yusuf and Shakir to see what the purpose of establishing the college is.

    I understand that controversy is good for new organization, but I’m still going to shoot them an email like brother Omar and say if you want to discuss the opening of a Muslim college, at least have another person there who is for it or better yet bring in the actual organizers so that your viewers can decide for themselves. This is what any reputable news organization should do. And while ‘What do you expect from FOX’, yeah that might be true, I hope when Islam comes in the news like this that we all take the initiative to call them or send an email about what we think and how they can do better; let’s at least have them hear our side. Just a little friendly advice.

  7. *donating money for Zaytuna’s school* which i had been postponing due to my own weakness and whispers of shaytan…

    Bro and sisters, talk is cheap! Go and sacrifice with ur money and time =)

  8. Look at the amount of sources, effort, energy enemies of Islam are investing in to destroy us? to weaken us?

    Question is what are we doing to encounter that?

  9. وَلَن تَرۡضَىٰ عَنكَ ٱلۡيَہُودُ وَلَا ٱلنَّصَـٰرَىٰ حَتَّىٰ تَتَّبِعَ مِلَّتَہُمۡ‌ۗ 2:120

    And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor will the Christians, till youfollow their religion

  10. When your heart and mind is continuously filled with anger, hate, and resentment, towards, a group of people, and your profession and source of income, is based on creating and smearing lies, controversy, and targeting people, in this case, Muslims, your mind becomes blurred to the facts, you become intolerant, and close-minded, which leads you to fail to realize the obvious. Which is not surprising in hearing of his very ignorant and ironic comments.

  11. Sub7an Allah, my boss (American non-Muslim) just came back from visiting the States (we live in Egypt) and was telling me that it’s crazy how many people actually believe that Fox news is actually real news! He was saying they don’t just watch it to laugh at it like we do, they actually leave it on like they would CNN or BBC. Honestly I had no idea, I thought it was common knowledge to the average American that Fox news is garbage, but I guess I’m being naive (I’ve never lived in the States).

    It’s ironic that they’re saying that about HY when he’s being accused by some Muslims of being too apologetic!

  12. Wonder if Zaytuna College will try airing an ad on FOX. Oh, and if they don’t, I doubt any Muslim will say anything because it is Fox News and they have the right to censor ads as they wish. Only when this happens to a Muslim organization, it’s not the same thing. And we accuse others of hypocrisy…

  13. This is going to be off topic, I know, but I have to say this:
    I really hope no Muslims seriously consider voting for Michael Bloomberg in the mayoral elections in New York. He doesn’t have our interesting in mind as a communitiy of faith, and he’d rather work against us that with us, so let’s not even bother. Plus, there is no reason why he should run a third term, its illegal and ridiculous, no comittee unless they were bought or disillusioned would go outside the bounds of the law for this guy. Let’s not even bother with him.

  14. The statement of Frank Gaffney does not come to me as a surprise!. He has been a critique of muslims throughout his career. He questioned President Obama’s citizenship.

    He is a President of Think Tank Centre for Security Policy and is unable to perform his duties in a professioanal manner. He is flabbergasted and dismayed about the creation of Zaytuna College that without investigating and analyzing the college mission, is making distorting comments and has labeled the college as radical.

    Shame on Fox News to broadcast such program. We are Muslims and our religion teaches us not to come down to the level of another individual. This has nothing to do with Christanity or Judaism. This is the sole opinion of Frank Gaffney, and by Allah’s will, he will see the College becoming an outstanding example to other educational institutes.

  15. As-salaamu alaikum my dear brothers and sisters!

    Again, be prepared to swallow more garbage from “these people”. You have all said it, I am not really contributing anything new…but I guess I have to comment as well 🙂

    Because “these people” do not understand one small fraction of Islam and our beautiful BEAUTIFUL way of life, all they are left with is scrambling around to ATTEMPT to make a mockery this deen and thus create more fear in the ignorant. We shouldn’t be so concerned about them because at the end of the day, the cameras are always rolling with Allah SWT, he sees and hears and KNOWS all, so why are we so concerned with “these people” we all should be more concerned about our ownselves and educating ourselves and strengthening our iman so we can let the pureness of Allah’s perfect order (law) reach the ends of this earth! 🙂

    May Allah give them Heedayah (I say this with sincerity!) and for those who don’t know what Heedayah is….its guidance, nothing more nothing less!!!

  16. Salaam
    All I can say is that Shaykh Hamza Yusuf has enough problems with conservative America. I know some Muslims have problems with his Sunni-Sufism, but he remains an effective, proactive advocate for American Muslims and his lectures (from what I have heard) are always accurate and informative. Can we stop hating on this guy people? Let Fox news do that.

  17. “we brought one individual who clearly has an axe to grind with nobody else to counter or refute him…yup fair and balanced”

    PS: anon you are retarded…best you stay anonymous to hide the shame

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