Islamophobia at Stony Brook University

This is really shocking. I went to Stony Brook University and I absolutely loved the community there. I had never experienced any type of bigotry or hate crime there. It’s really sad that these guys had to print the cartoon and spread it around campus. What would they accomplish by this? I hope and pray that Stony Brook campus police catch those involved.

Go Seawolves!

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  1. “he took down the poster and he called me immediately!” … someone needs to calm down jut a little. if you ask me, the jewish girl in the first video was the most composed. i like her

  2. I am a Christian… and so disgusted by this story, how can someone do that? Its horrible. Also, I use to attend Stonybrook. The whole thing sickens me. I hope they find the person… and they should be prosecuted. I posted the story on my blog.
    Thanks for letting me comment. ~Mika

  3. Wow… i’m still a student at Stony but didn’t hear about this until reading this blog. I know there are all sorts of bigots at every campus and honestly I’m surprised incidents like this don’t happen more. Or does it happen other times without News cameras? It’s so easy for some loser to post some crap without even making an effort to spread it around, but fortunately, most won’t even do that.

  4. “Omar Shareef, president of the Muslim Association, says dozens of hate-filled flyers began to emerge in busy areas all over the university. They included anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian images.”

    Woww.. i haven’t been paying attention to the fliers lately. I remember seeing tons of eccentric Pro-Christian fliers saying something like “Jesus is God!!!!” and something about being saved or not. That pissed off all the agnostics too. Everyone is getting spat on at Stony! : /

  5. Omar Shareef needs to calm down a bit, and get himself composed. May Allah help him become a great MSA prez!

  6. Those fish are non-kosher haaram sedentary bottom dwellers. The mascot looks like a Wolf. wtf Why can’t it just be the USS Seawolf submarine loll

  7. LOL, the problem with the ummah today, instead of commenting on the actual post – you point out the faults of the brother. haha.. wow no wonder we’re where we are in this world.

  8. I don’t see this as such a bad thing. The vast majority of colleges are nothing but liberal/multicultural indoctrination centers. Most college students, atleast while I was in college are usually scared stiff to offend any of the ‘untouchable’ groups. During my last year and a half in college is when I became to lose my belief in the ideals of liberalism, humanism, and multiculty though, so there is hope for some of these students. They just having to be willing to realize everything they’ve learned and been indoctrinated with is a load of excretment.

    Don’t forget this a “free speech” issue too, one of the few good things left in the country. I don’t want things to end up like they did in Europe and Canada, or even religious theocracies where one can’t deny the holocaust or question a “prophet!”

  9. Dave this is a free speech issue. We could adopt blasphemy laws like they have in Pakistan. We can allow foaming out the mouth mobs to break into peoples homes rape and rob them because they said something bad about Muhammad or Allah. Nah, forget that, lets keep the laws we have that opens everything up to critique. The prisons are already full, we don’t need to fill them up with blasphmers and holocaust deniers.

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