Saudi Arabia builds first University for men and women, Scholar doesn’t like it and loses his position

King Abdullah builds a university for men and women and allows women to drive within the university as well as not wear the niqab. A scholar from the Saudi leading ulema council, Shaykh Saad al-Shethry, complains and King Abdullah removes him from his position. I guess we can no longer say women can’t drive in Saudi Arabia.

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has sacked a senior cleric who criticised a new science and technology university which opened in September.

The cleric, Sheikh Saad al-Shethry, said the mixing of sexes in any university was evil and a great sin.

He demanded the curriculum should be vetted by Islamic scholars to prevent teaching of “alien ideologies”.

The $7bn university near Jeddah, named after King Abdullah, is a key project of the reform-minded Saudi monarch.

In what is being seen as a rare intervention, a royal decree removed Sheikh Saad from Saudi Arabia’s most senior council of religious scholars, or ulema.

No reason was given publicly for the removal.

The timing follows the sheikh’s stringent criticism of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), whose administration lies outside the control of the cleric-dominated ministry of education.

“The recommendation is to set up Sharia (Islamic law) committees at this university to oversee these studies and look into what violates the Sharia,” Sheikh Saad was quoted saying last week in the Saudi press.

The government hopes the technologically advanced centre with its relaxed social constraints will help modernise the kingdom’s deeply conservative society.

In contrast to the strict rules outside the sprawling campus, women are allowed to drive and are not required to wear veils in classes.


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  1. Frank;

    I’ve lived in the UK for over 2 decades. I don’t live in a cave in Britain. I know what I’m talking about when I say they are extreme. They resort to violence and intimidation. I had the unfortunate experience of living amongst some of their supporters. A lot of their members have criminal records. Which includes violent assault.

    I thought as much as your knowledge is very limited on BNP, that you knew what you are talking about. In fact you don’t. BNP IS anti-Jew. BNP is racist and nazi. Some of their members have been convicted and served time in jail for attacking Jewish citizens. They don’t hide the fact they are anti-Jews. Look at what their members, former leaders, and even current leader Nick Griffin has said of Jews. However, by publicly attacking Jews, they know they are not going to win much votes (as they already acknowledged and admitted the fact the Jews own the Media here), and won’t have much success. This is what they’ve said on their site;

    “The BNP has moved on in recent years, casting off the leg-irons of conspiracy theories and the thinly veiled anti-Semitism which has held this party back for two decades.”

    So they’ve turned their attention to what the media and others constantly attack … Islam and Muslims. Nick Griffin;

    “We should be positioning ourselves to take advantage for our own political ends of the growing wave of public hostility to Islam currently being whipped up by the mass media. This is not a matter of dancing to neo-con tunes, but of finding members of the public who are already used to the sound of that kind of music willing to cross over and dance to our tune.”

    They remain anti-Jews. They’ve learned from their mistakes that positioning themselves as an openly anti-Semitic party, won’t allow them to grow as a Political force to be reckoned with. So they’ve toned down their messages, and attempting to modernize the party, in order to gain more votes and support. There are far more people who are anti-Muslim in the UK, than anti-Jew. They are trying to take advantage of that.

    I agree with you that they should attack race, rather than Religion.

    Lol @ “Muslims might not be a race, but they act one, they call it the Ummah.”

    It’s true they may call it Ummah, Brotherhood, and other such terms. But Muslims can be one of the most racist types of people. A lot of the racism I’ve experienced has been at the hands of Muslims. That’s why I don’t complain about racism from Whites, as there is just as much or more racism coming from Muslims. Muslims are divided. Even though they say ‘we are one Ummah’, that nonsense considering many don’t tolerate Muslims from other races and cultures.

  2. @Maverick you’re a proven hypocrite, it is evident by your own words. You can deny it all you want, but its fact.

    @Musa Jobarteh: You’re a liar, if I was an “Islam hater” why would have I converted to the religion, went to mosque, learned some arabic, etc. You want to call someone a hater to shut them up, just like the Jews will call someone an ani semite. All the tea in China can’t change the fact Islam is a fake me out religion, that is just fact. I can say whatever I want about your god and prophet from where I come from, and if you think you can stop that you got another thing comming. You sound like a brainwashed lemming too !

    @Al Sudani: You don’t have a clue, the BNP are a political party. They had to tone down their rhetoric and beliefs to get votes. Especially in a society like the UK where any hint of racism is looked down upon and the multiculti is government policy. The BNP are not anti Semitic, they are what we call in the United States “Kosher Conservatives,” it’s illegal to be anti semitic in many places in Europe, they throw your ass in prison. Read about the heretical two if you wanna see what I’m talkin about. When groups were protesting outside a mosque in the UK a few weeks ago they were waving Israeli flags! You can make all the exscuses you want. Muslims have been racist against and oppressed non Muslims for centuries. Islam doesn’t believe all citizens are equal, and anyone can rule the land, that person has to be a Muslim. So a Muslim crying about racism and demanding equality is shedding crocodile tears and is a hypocrite.

  3. @frank

    My brother in the deen. HAHA oh dat really pisses u off mate, if you converted to islam why are you saying irrelevant things about the Prophet SAW which u have no right to say, and saying some horrible things about muslims? You can say whatever about the muslims but not the Prophet SAW. He is a Man SAW whom before you talk about Him SAW you have to know him like the back of you hand because he is the leader of the Prophets.

    I could see from your reply that your heart was beating fast and your hands very shaky (judging by your spelling). You contradicting yourself mate u said u are a convert (i believed u) and again u said where you come from you can say anything about your Creator SWT and my Creator SWT and mate trust me that is just so wrong.
    EG. You can say to your wife that i love you so much and again saying that where i come from i can say anything to you, can you?

    Welcome to the deen brother, but mind your comments on site like this cus u should be defending Islam not Muslims but ISLAM and all. yeah!

    I ent a liar mate just the justice and truth moderator.

  4. @ Musa I converted to Islam then left it because it is obviously a man made religion, it’s also extremly humiliating and embarassing to embrace another mans culture and god. Only a person who is brainwashed, liar, or has a feminine like attachment to their culture could deny that. The laws of my country allow me to say what I want about anyone including “prophets” as long as I don’t call for violence against them. The Abrhamic/Semetic religions are a scam, they ripped of the myths of cultures that came before them, and mixed in their own insane cultural quirks and exported them to the rest of the world. Using invisible things to make people live in fear is an old tactic to control people. You really think God chose Jews as a choosen people? I think the Jews made that up…. I can’t follow these religions because I can’t be a liar.

  5. Musa I wouldnt say I follow any religion. I don’t think religion is all bad. There are a lot of good traits in Islam, mostly the moral stuff. I have a problem with the worship aspect though, I don’t think dropping a few G’s on the hajj to walk around the kaba half naked is gonna cleanse my sins. I think it is on par with African animist who think showering in bovine urine is gonna protect them from spirits, it is all stupid. It’s just like I think there are many knowledgable things to learn from hinduism, but I aint gonna smear cow dung on my head. The morality is good, the worshiping part is loony. When someone walks up to us on the street and promises and 100% return on a investment we think they are crazy a scammer. When it comes to religions promising eternal life, I feel the same way, its a scam. Islam believes everything is God’s will anyway, so I think God has to be pretty evil if wills people to be tortured for an eternity. When US soldiers torture people we consider them sadistic, but when God does, and does it much worse, he’s a good dude.

  6. haha, u dont wanna expose ur faith u havent got one, have u? Mate satan (devil) really got to u. Do not let this material world fool you and know that one day u are going to die, probably the next minute.
    I shall try to be nice
    Islam is the only true religion on the surface of the earth and the quran is unique from every point of view. If u are a christian, atheist, hindu or whatever u ll find answers in islam. Because all the major religious scriptures talks about prophet Muhammad SAW and his qualities in great details.

    When he came he could have made up his own laws but clearly he established the laws before him. The quran did not contain even his own biography, his companions, his actions or anything about him or his family except his only message is follow one God your God and my God who created u from the very beginning.

    If u an atheist i know u believe in science or wot ur Gp’s say to u dont u? Quran is the miracle of miracles and it is a book of signs (and signs). Quran talks about all the findings made by scientists today ( 50 – 100 yrs back) how could he know them 1400 yrs ago? I would love to answer any questions u have about islam and i could give u lot of contradictions in many other religious scriptures.

    check this out comments by the top scientists.

    How could Abrahamic religion be a scam all their message is follow your Creator SWT because this world didnt emerged out of nowhere. Islam do not ripped off your culture, you can follow your culture as long as it doesnt contradict with shariah. Where ever you go u have laws in place to guide the citizen and all. why wouldnt our Creator SWT not have his own law in place?

  7. Musa youre only fooling yourself. God doesn’t exist in the way he is packaged in the Abrahamic religions. The stories were created by the people in that part of the world, as the religions are chalk full of the customs. All we know about the majority of these so called prophets is from what we read in the bible, which is a pile of crap. Islam comes from the foundation of Judaism, so you can’t build a fact when the foundation is a blaten myth. If Islam/Koran was so scientific the people who know the koran best would be are leading scientist, but that can’t be further then the truth. Almost everything we have in the modern world was created by non Muslims in Europe and USA over the last 200 years. It wasn’t quranic or sharia experts who gave us the computer, cars, airplanes, air conditioning, heart transplants, cancer cures, etc.

    If you convert to Islam you do lose your culture, because you have to be more Muslim then the born Muslims. A born Muslim can be a lax Muslim, barely practicing, but he will still be considered more Muslim then a convert. If you’re a convert you have to adopt all the struggles of the Muslim world before your own struggles. The Muslims even ask you to change your name and stuff like that.

  8. Frank: i have read your talk with my brother Musa and got to say you cracked me up many times (made me laff), you might be things why i laff if your saying bad things about Islam, well its very simple mate because you cannot harm the religion of Allah(swt) by saying bad or good things ….Allah does not rely on humans to spread his true divine word…… basically there is nothing you can do to stop Islam spreading across the whole globe until every human says Allah is the grestest!. so if you want to waste your time…then carry on but both ways your a looser in both worlds.

    hey frank i got a question for ya mate – do you believe in life after dealth?

    do you believe you will be held acount for your deeds on earth after you die frank?

    do you believe in heaven and hell frank?

    and frank i know your not a muslim…….BUT don’t worry help is on hand………..all you need to do is become thirsty…….YES thirsty for the truth……and yar don’t go based on BBC and CNN news because you get hot and attractive stroyies…..yar just stroyies………..fake yar……..but if you feel like a bad time story then yar you might want to switch on BBC news and see how a caveman with a pistle destroyed 3 tanks all by himself…..and how the soliders stopped him by killing all of the people in the city….did i menstion the children as well…also women, the old, and civil people…………WOW thats hot new right frank?

    so mate you need to go to imaams and poeple who have studyed Islam if you want to now what Islam is.

    one more thing…………..sins are not removed by walking around the kaba………boy you do not know much about Islam do you………if your claim is true that you left Islam (which i dout!) then i know why you did because boy if you think walking around the kaba with clear your sins and all the other wired things you stated are Islam then you obviously learned Islam from CNN.

    finally, Allah almighty only guides thows people who have some Potential …….and no one can guide a person who Allah does not want to guide becaue what they do themslef……. …….all i can do is give you the truth the rest is up to Allah to give you guidence.

    I pray for peace and guidance to Islam for all mankind white or black, man or women, muslim or non-muslim. Allah almighty says that i have made you brothers and sisters in humanity. Allah also says in the wonderful Qur’an if you save the life of a human (be he muslim or non-muslim) it would be as he has saved the whole of humaity. Allah almighty also says…and is you kill a human other then for Murder are causes mischife on the lands, it would be as if you have killed the whole of humanity.

    Islam is for peace…………ALLAH orders us Peace……Allah almighty says if the person fighting with you wants peace then give it to him because peace is better then fightying. in Islam fighting is only used as a last resort…………BUT with limits which are:-

    1) fight the people only fighting you
    2) don’t harm or kill Women and children
    3) don’t killed the old
    4) don’t destroy the trees and vegitantion and animals
    5) if the other side figters give up then don’t just let them go but first moved them to a place of safety and then let them free.

    which is why it is spreading like wild fire all over the world.

    frank……….Islam is for you as well.

  9. Frank May Allah guide u and all. Abrahamic is the only true religion of Allah SWT. The towns destroyed by Allah SWT had been proven by scientists exactly as described in the Quran. There is your proof.

    ISLAM BELIEVES IN PROOF!! Make sure next time when u talking give me proof.

    The quran is so scientific and Its legacy is tangible, with terms like algebra, algorithm and alkali all being Arabic in origin and at the very heart of modern science – there would be no modern mathematics or physics without algebra, no computers without algorithms and no chemistry without alkalis.

    U believe in what bbc say right? there is your proof

    If you converted to islam you are closer to God than anyone else because you are sinless and no GOOD muslim would feel than u are inferior than him or her. Every Good muslims makes you feel welcome and they give you presents, money and stuffs etc did u get those?

    If you not happy about changing your name in Islam you can keep your name God looks at our hearts not our names.


  10. Frank;

    Don’t try teaching me what the BNP is about when you have neither lived here, nor amongst them, to understand what kind of Party they truly are.

    You have demonstrated nothing but utter ignorance. I’ve refuted you on every single point about them. My sources have been directly from their own site, and from the very own words of Nick Griffin. They are nothing short of a racist and nazi party. This has been proven from both their words and actions.

  11. To call the BNP racist and nazi-like is complete and utter hyperbole. They arent even racist to be honest, they are simply anti Islam, and you yourself said Muslims aren’t a race. Here is a comment from a major UK newspaper, showing how the BNP are what I call “kosher conservatives.” I could search and find a bunch of more pro Jew quotes and articles from the BNP, but I’m off to bed.


    Ruth Smeed, of the Board of Deputies, said: “The BNP website is now one of the most Zionist on the web – it goes further than any of the mainstream parties in its support of Israel and at the same time demonises Islam and the Muslim world. They are actively campaigning in Jewish communities, particularly in London, making a lot of their one Jewish councillor, their support of Israel and attacking Muslims. It is a poisonous campaign but it shows a growing electoral sophistication.”

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