5 Replies to “Niqaabis prevented from going to school – AlJazeera Video”

  1. The secularist can’t have it both ways. You can’t claim to be about “female empowerment” but then deny women to dress in a modest fashion. Of course, the secularists don’t believe in gender “equality” in the first place, but they do use the slogan to attack those who have some notion of moral values. The secularist–and those on their payroll–are just straight up hypocrites.

    Regarding Tantawi, claiming that the niqaab is not part of the Religion is a claim that belies the Deen. He didn’t–according to what was reported–merely say that it is not an obligation, but denied that this was a practice from the Deen itself. Some of the Ansaar women used to cover the entire face except for a single eye. The Prophet did not tell those women to show their faces. Apparently Tantawi has said some other wacked out things. May Allah give us learned, courageous, and honorable leaders who won’t sell their Deen for a few dead masons.

    “Keep reminding yourself of the reality of death, for it is the interuptor of pleasures and the terminator of desires.”

    With Allah is the success.

  2. “…a few dead masons.” LOL.

    Imran Hosein is right. The Dajjal is on his way, wallahu ‘alim. Looks like Misr is ready for him too..with all the one-eyed milk-Shaikhs and pyramids and all.

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