We shouldn’t hate on Shaykh al-Azhar Tantawi on his opinion, instead Protest against the Egyptian Universities ban on Niqab

Update: I am not defending Sh. Tantawi. All I am saying that it serves not purpose to hate on him, calling him various derogatory names. It won’t help to remove the ban on the niqab from the universities. We have to make dua and protest against the universities and government of Egypt to remove the ban inshaAllah.

Once I get this translated, you will see why.

Translation of this article:

Shaykh Tantanwi said he respects the niqab and that there’s no harm for niqaabis to come to his office in order to end this issue. He also confirmed that the niqab is a custom and not from worship (عبادة) and at the same time he stated he has no objection to it.

He denied what was published in some newspapers which quoted him saying to a pupil in an azhari school “if you were even a little beautiful you wouldn’t be wearing this”. He also denied saying that he knows the religion better than you and your family to the pupil.

He also made clear in a special statement, which he stated on the Egyptian program “The House is Your House” (a very famous talk show in Egyptian fyi) When I went to inspect one of the azhari schools (“Ahmad Libi” <- name of the school where the incident occurred, located in Nasr city behind the international park) at the beginning of the new school year, I entered the school accompanied by members of the school board (of that school) and came across approximately 15 students (all girls). One of the girls was wearing the niqab, so I said to her raise your niqab. Not only did she not responsed but she just stood there stunned. So then I requested the teacher to remove the niqab in order so that I can talk to her. The niqab was then removed by force. He then said to her, why do you wear the niqab when you’re with other female students? Then he stated there is no need for the niqab in this case. He also added there’s no stopping a female student from wearing the niqab while attending the morning assembly, but when she enters the classroom she must take the niqab off. Side note from translator: The third paragraph I changed a few pronouns from the original text fyi just so that the text would flow better< Just in case an Arab reads this translation mention this..

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  1. But none of this fitna would have started without Tantawi’s actions…I mean once the head of al-Azhar says something, people in Egypt would be sure to follow

  2. I agree with the previous comment that Tantawi is the instigator and should take full responsibility for this outrageous insult to Muslimahs everywhere who choose to wear niqab modeling after the wives of our beloved Prophet (SAWS)

  3. Ok, this is what I think. Based on the Arabic article and comments left by people.

    A) He believes Niqab is not fardh. Agreed, it isn’t.

    But there is a difference of opinion, those who say it is fardh are a minority in fact, by him saying that it has NO relation to Islam, he his reducing the other opinion to nothing. Thus opening the door for people and governments to take his words and take away a basic human right. Indirectly declaring the niqab un-Islamic in its entirety.

    B) He believes women have the right to wear it, yet he tells a girl to take it off and then insults her in the most vile way. So where did her right to wear niqab go?

    He has been interviewed countless times by tons of hijab-less TV hostesses and interviewers yet not once did he scold them for not wearing Hijab? Would have have spoken to any of them in the same manner he did with the girl?

    C) He believes that niqab shouldnt be worn in an all-girl environment. Agreed.

    But when he arrived, with his entourage of men, she did what any niqabi would do, put her niqab on (and she doesn’t otherwise wear it). And then guess what he did? He insulted her and made her take it off and then insulted her again.

    Tantawi, did not apologise to the girl, nor clarify his position on niqab fully. He may not have ‘banned’ the niqab, nor said it is ‘haram’, but he has declared it as something not of the deen. Thus, his choice of poor words and gutter language, is one not befitting a scholar and secondly that places in the hands of the secularists and kuffar another mighty weapon to use against our sisters.

    Tantawi is guilty and his poor over reaction has caused a fitna. The ban on niqab only applies to azhar schools – they are segregated anyway – so it doesn’t really matter. What may be scary though is niqab being banned in educational institutes all over.

  4. I read that Tantawi told the girl she was not pretty and so should not feel the need to wear niqab…So that is insulting to the girl

  5. Here’s what it boils down to – did he say that he was considering/going to impose a ban on Niqab in al-Azhar? There’s a world of difference between saying “Niqab is not needed in Al Azhar and it is not fardh”, and saying “Niqab is not allowed in Al Azhar”

  6. You need to define what these protests are for:

    Are they against the decision to ban the niqaab in the universities b/c they are allowed in Islam (which is debatable)?

    Or are the protests for the human rights entailed in the Egyptian Constitution (ironically flouted by Hosni Mubarak)?

  7. A couple of issues:

    1) Where is the proof that a ‘minority’ of scholars only say it is wajib? If one were to open up the books of fiqh and look into the them he/she would find that there is a serious difference of opinion i.e. a huge group saying it is wajib and another saying it is mustahabb (and not merely mubah)

    2)Tantawi doesn’t even recognize it is mubah let alone mustahabb and claims it is a custom?!

    3)Tantawis words are nothing but fitnah even if azhar schools are segregated. He has given the nations of Kuffar fuel to ban it for example the Munafiq Congress of Canada is proposing a ban..

    May Allah allow the scholars to release serious refutations on this man who permits riba based transactions and now this…Ameen

  8. Salaams,

    I have a few technical translation issues:

    -In the first paragraph, instead of

    ” that there’s no harm for niqaabis to come to his office in order to end this issue.”

    I would translate وما أكثر السيدات اللائي يذهبن إلى مكتبه سعياً لقضاء حوائجهن

    as: and how many, or indeed many (niqabi) women come to his office in order to take of their issues/needs.

    Instead of translating ساكناً، as the very dramatic “stunned”, I would translate it as stood motionless.

    the translation also misses that the Tantawi said in the last paragraph in addition to “why do you wear the niqab when you’re with other female students?” that and your teacher is female

    also I would revise the last paragraph:

    “He also added there’s no stopping a female student from wearing the niqab while attending the morning assembly, but when she enters the classroom she must take the niqab off.”


    “He also added there’s no stopping a female student from wearing the niqab when she comes out/goes from her home and attends the morning assembly, but when she enters the classroom she takes off this niqab.”

    sorry for being so picky 🙂

  9. I still refuse to believe he didnt insult her. There has been a word to word statement that he said that was released.

    Secondly, HE is still a Man and therefore that girl is required to cover infront of him. He had no right, absolutely no right to ask her to remove it.

  10. I agree with the others. He should have ended the issue after being told she didn’t wear it in the class amongst her classmates. Just in front of strange men. Even if he did not insult the girl it has still caused so much of uproar all over. Niqabis are being banned from accommodation (as shown in the previous vid you posted), Some other org in Ottawa wants to ban niqabs and so many disagreements, debates and disunity among Muslims.

  11. Basically, this guy has lied multiple times:

    a) saying the niqaab is not from the deen
    b) saying he did not say what everyone witnessed him say to the young woman

    I say ban Tantawi, hit his pictures with shoes – after all he needs to feel the anger in the “arab” way, replace him with someone who knows the very basics of deen and has picked up a standard work of tafsir that quotes the sahabah on 33:59.

  12. “He also confirmed that the niqab is a custom and not from worship (عبادة) and at the same time he stated he has no objection to it.”

    Okay, that’s still a problem.

  13. And MR, Tantawi has a Tafseer from before, in which he says that Niqab is either mandatory or at least a good thing. But clearly he’s taken a turn for the worse since then.

  14. Salaam All,

    Sh. Tantawi is backing down on what he said. Even if he said something wrong, he is obviously denying it and this shows his good intentions.

    Our Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) said to give a Muslim the benefit of the doubt many, many times over before accusing him of doing something wrong.

    If a Muslim has done something wrong, and especially if he is trying to distance himself from what he said, then help him and forgive him.
    Don’t trash his entire character, call him “evil”, “taghut”, etc.

    Yasir Qadhi and all those who jumped on his bandwagon of sarcasm and mockery of Sh. Tantawi should repent and ask Allah for forgiveness. None of you gave Sh. Tatawi a chance to explain himself or to back off from his words. Surely all of you have accumulated lots of son — especially Qadhi.

    Now get over it and exert your energy on more important things. Sarcasm was never a priority as Qadhi makes it to be. Don’t waste your time listening to him.


  15. Sorry, I meant:

    “None of you gave Sh. Tatawi a chance to explain himself or to back off from his words. Surely all of you have accumulated lots of sin — especially Qadhi.”

  16. Assalaam Alykum,

    Who said that Niqab is minority opinion? Have you even opened a book on fiqh?

    According to a huge group of scholars it is obligatory while another group of scholars don’t consider it obligatory but recommended i.e. mustahab. So saying that it is a minority opinion is totally false and misleading.

    Brother PakistanMD why are you saying that Niqab is allowed in Islam is debatable. Have you looked into the book of fiqh or you just gave us your opinion because that holds no weight unless supported by evidence.

    No scholar except the people of desires have said that it is tradition.

    Regarding waiting on Tantawi to give explanation. Why should we wait for him to give an explanation. He said what he said and that is being already confirmed by other people who were there. If he later on comes and deny it than it does not release him from what he has done.

    He has also come up with a odd view that Niqab is a tradition not from Islam. Which scholar from the past supports him in this opinion?

    Qadhi or any other scholar condemning him is right in what they did because this guy (Tantawi) is opening the door for kuffar government to impose much stricter ban on niqab.

  17. suhail, relax.

    You’re giving way too much weight to Tantawi’s words. There are many other scholars and shyoukh around the world that can easily outrank his words any day, especially when it comes to what governments may or may not consider when deciding on public policy.

  18. This is a small snippet of Tantawi’s history.

    – He himself said ‘Ana ragel fi dawla muwadhaf’ (I am an employee of this country). Meaning he is not independent and simply works for the state. He is typically and comically referred to by most Egyptians as ‘Sayyid Beh Okay’ – someone who says okay to everything (the government wants).

    – Agreed with Women’s conference in Beijin conference, with point number 7, which was about same-sex marriage. He said: “what’s wrong with that, its sexual health”. Approving of same-sex marriage.

    – He said: ‘Applying the rules of shariah will take a long time until everyone is convinced, contentment and satisfied’ – implying that people need to be satisfied (or are comfortable) with shariah before it can be applied fully.

    – He agreed with Mubarak’s decision to send members of the Muslim Brotherhood political party to military courts for trials.

    – He is known to frequent the ‘Loins/Rotary Clubs’ a Jewish Masonic social club network in Egypt (there is a fatwa from al-Azhar in May 1985 banning Muslims from joining these Loins and Rotary clubs)

    – He made riba/interest ‘halal’ (when he was told that hundreds of scholars disagree with him, he responded ‘they are nothing’)

    – He declared suicide bombers in Palestine as not being Shuhada (martyrs) while the Azhari scholars league responded by saying they are martyrs, the people are ahl al-harb and they are in a state of war.

    – He agreed with the decision by the minister of Education to ban Hijabi’s from entering schools, until they get their guardian’s consent. This is a stupid law, since many girls wear hijabs and come from non-practising families (even secular ones) or may be converts.

    – Shaykh Nabawi el-‘Ish, who was the head of Fatwa committee in Al-Azhar, gave a fatwa banning relations with the current Iraqi ruling system, due to it being imposed by an occupied force. He also said that anyone dealing with them is going against the laws of Allah. Then David Welsh, the American ambassador in Cairo, visited Tantawi objecting with the Shaykh’s fatwa. So in 2003 Tantawi made a decision to remove Shaykh el-‘ish from his position and transfer him to a rural outpost. He also said that al-Azhar is an Egyptian organisation and is not qualified to give fatawa (he was the grand Mufti at the time).

    – He fired Shaykh abul-Hasan the former head of Fatwa committee at al-Azhar, because he made a statement declaring that it is haram to aid the American occupation of Iraq and he called for jihad against this occupation.

    – One time Mubarak was ill and some journalists wrote about a change of leadership and Tantawi declared that hadd al-Qadhf (80 lashes) should be applied on them.

    – Tantawi convinced the governor of Cairo to dismantle the Azhari Scholars League and assign set up a new establishment that are advocates of himself.

    – Under the guise of developing al-Azhar, he agreed with the law that makes the Azhari secondary school three years instead of four (i.e. reducing the education and learning).

    – He forwarded, for internal review/investigation, the following professors Dr Ibrahim al-Khouli, Dr Mahmoud Himaya and Dr Yahya Ismail (who left Egypt subsequently) because they disagreed with his fatawa.

    – He said women are allowed to be president and that they are qualified for the position.

    – He said that France has the right to ban hijab.

    – He was once asked if it was halal or haram to go to beaches where women dress in bikini etc, he retorted: ‘did the state ask you to go?’. Again avoiding the crux of the matter and not dealing with the issue.

    – He was once asked about running Miss Egypt beauty pageant where women wear swim suits etc, if it was halal or haram – he responded ‘we advise the government not to run such competitions’. Again he avoided giving a fatwa or making a clear definition.

    – At the UN conference he shook Shimon Perez’s hand with both his hands (sign of admiration and respect)

    – (from the interview, according to Shaykh Wajdi) He once chased a journalist beating him with a shoe and calling him ‘Son of a Dog’ amongst other insults.

    – He agreed to allow foreign forces/troops to be stationed in the country (Egypt) – even though they may be using it to attack neighbouring states.

    (Above is based on this clip with Shaykh Wajdi Ghunaim:


    and a post with a list of things in Arabic


  19. Asalamo Alaykum – In light of what Jameel posted I am embarrased that such a “scholar’ is allowed to run an Islamic college…Can he be impeached?

  20. Jameel,

    doesn’t it say in the Quran that a Muslim is not allowed to intentionally take his/her own life? (I am paraphrasing)

    Suicide bombers fall under that category.

  21. MR: Learn to take a stand. Allah doesn’t want you to be an news reporter, rather to be accountable for yourself.

    I don’t believe what he said, nor will others. There is absolutely no hikmah in his actions, which alone is enough for him to be condemned.

    Tauntawi is like a Firawn in the robes of Moses…its quite sad to see.

  22. @Dawud – Learn to take a stand? As a person who reads my blog you should know I always take stands. Reporting what Tantawi said is fair and balanced. I posted both sides. I think Tantawi is wrong, but he said it should be removed in the class. Unfortunately the schools didn’t even let them in the physical buildings with niqab which is against what Tantawi said. That’s what I am against. I made it clear in the title of the post.

  23. “Even if he said something wrong, he is obviously denying it and this shows his good intentions. ”

    Uhh, if he had good intentions, he would accept what he said and correct himself, since that is the way of scholars.

  24. @MuslimGirl – there is a difference of opinion on this. Some scholars declare that it is allowed in circumstances such as Palestine (continuous and desperate state of war) and other scholars do not allow it. Personally, I have reservations about suicide bombing.

    Tantawi has rarely had credibility and with this incident he has fallen further. As long as the Egyptian state is run by the Mubarak family (or those like them), they will always have a Tantawi to do their bidding,

    May Allah guide him and relieve us of these so called ‘leaders’ and ‘scholars’.

  25. We need to “hate on” Tantawi because he is contradicting the Religion (if he actually made those remarks).

    I’d also like to point out while wearing the Niqab is mandub (recommended) it is not an obligation. Some scholars mentioned some details regarding the woman who is ordered by the Khalifah to cover her face but other than that there is a consensus that the women are not obligated to cover their faces. Regardless of what some later Shafi’i and Hanafi scholars said – they made a mistake in this issue. In fact Ibn Hajar Al-Haytami in his books Al-Fatawa Al-Kubraa and Hashiyah Sharh Al-Idaah Fi Manasik Al-Hajj as well as Zakariyya Al-Ansari in Sharh Rawd At-Talib copied the consensus from the likes of Imam Al-Haramayn and Al-Qadi Iyad that a woman is not obligated to cover her face.

    My point is that people should not go to one extreme as it is being reported about Tantawi nor should they go to the other extreme and deem obligatory (wajib) that which is not.

  26. Asmarani, there is a valid difference of opinion as to whether the niqab is fardh or mandub, both are valid opinions.
    Otherwise you wouldn’t have the Ansari women all come out covered head to toe when the ayaat about hijab were revealed, and you wouldn’t have Ali cover all of himself except his eye, when he was asked how hijab is worn.

  27. I hate it how Shaykh Yasir Qadhi relys on Egyptian news reports and dosn’t trust our own scholars (Shaykh Al-Azhar Tantawi).

    I also hate how Shaykh Yasir Qadhi talks in such a sarcastic fashion, I could not imagine the Prophet Muhammad (saw) speak his mind like this.

    I have respect for Shaykh Yasir Qadhi because he is a Shaykh, but I hate how he behaves sometimes. May Allah forgive me.

  28. The women of Al-Ansari did not cover in the manner that they did because they understood it to be an obligation, rather they did it because it is better for the women to exaggerate in covering. If one looks thoroughly into this matter they will not find a single mujtahid saying that the women are obligated to cover their faces. In fact Ibn Jarir At-Tabari who was a mujtahid is among those who copied the consensus of the permissibility of women uncovering their faces. In addition to that, those scholars who said that the woman has to cover her face, some of them were talking in reference to the Khalifah ordering her to do it while others simply made a mistake. In addition to all of that, the saying of the Mujtahid has more weight over the saying of the mujtahid within the madhhab (Ashabul-Wujuh) and he has more weight over those from Ahlut-Tarjeeh and they have weight over Ahlun-Naqal. If you look at those Shafi’i scholars who said the woman has to cover her face, you will not find a single one of them to be among Ashabul-Wujuh and I personally haven’t heard of any person from Ahlut-Tarjeeh saying that the women have to cover their faces. Najmud-Din Al-Ghazzi was from Ahlun-Naql as well as Khatib Ash-Sharbini.

    By no means am I suggesting any of those scholars were misguided, I am just stating that the religious evidence shows that they made mistakes in this issue. May Allah have mercy on them.

  29. Shoaib Bobat, you need to keep in mind that Tantawi and Yasir Qadi are not on the same team. Yasir Qadi is a wahhabi why Tantawi claims to be an Ash’ari. Although, if you actually said what is being reported (I don’t believe simply based upon internet and TV reports), he is not really an Ash’ari but a “scholar for a dollar”.

  30. Asmarani-

    1. Shaykh Yasir Qadhi is not a wahabi, although the only place he studied Islam was Saudi Arabia.

    2. How dare you call Shaykh Al Azhar Tantawi a “scholar for a dollar”, on what basis do you make this claim? I hate it how Muslims ignorantly backbite about their own scholars….

  31. اولا أنا ضد تقليعة النقاب خاصة لبس القفاز وذلك لاعتبارات كثيرة ويكفى ان ترى العديد من المنقبات يتركن العربات المخصصة للحريم فى مترو الانفاق ويفضلن التلصق بالرجال فى عرباتهم المزدحمة. كما اننى امقت لابسى الحجاب المدنشنات اللاتى فى ظاهرهن عوالم وفى باطنهن اخفاء شعر مجعد لا تصلح له قصة وتوفير غسل الشعر وووووووو
    ثانيا لقد اختلط الحابل بالنابل فى هذا العصر. المسجد الأقصى اصبح مسجدا فلسطينبا ولا يمت من بعيد أو قريب للاسلام والمسلمين.
    ضحكوا على حكامنا واستهزؤا بمن عينوهم مشايخ الاسلام بحضور ماسموهم حوار الحضارات والاديان فى ندوات عقيمة تدار من ممثلى كل ديانة الا الاسلام! ألم يكن لأمريكا حق الفيتو على تعيين فضيلة الامام الاكبر شيخ الأزهر وكذلك مفتى الديار المصرية؟
    ضغطوا على حكامنا بتغيير المناهج الدراسية الدينية وعدم تلاوة وتعليم ايات معينة! والعجيب ان كلمة مثل “الجهاد” يشرحها مشايخنا الكرام بمعنى اخر تماما. واصبح كبار أأمتنا جهلة لا يستطيعون الافتاء ولا اعطاء خطبة الجمعة الا من ورقة ويكفى ان ترثى حال المسلمين عندما ترى خطيب المسجد الحرام يوم الجمعة يقرأ من ورقة خطبته من السلام عليكم حتى أقم الصلاة. وان السعودية لا تقر ولا تعترف بأى مسلم لم يأتى الا من منطقة مسيلمة الكذاب. وعليه فتمنع السعودية اية امامة لصلاة, مثلا, لاى شخص غير سعودى ومن غير منطقة القصيم!
    يحاول موظفى الحكومات العربية ممن عينوهم مفتيين ومشايخ الاسلام بأن علينا طاعة من لا يصلى الا فى مناسبات معينة وارتموا فى احضان اليهود والكفرة واصيبوا بالبلاههوالخرس عند الحملات المسعورة بسب الرسول وسموهم بأولى الامر. تخيل بورقيبة وزين البدين وحسنى مبارك والملك عبد الله ومحمود عباس وغيرهم أولى الأمر ووشجب علينا طاعتهم العمياء!
    ماذا فعل زعماء العرب عندما اعاد النازى بابا الفاتيكان مقولة فى منتهى السفاهه عن نبى الله. اصيب أولياء امورنا بالطرش والخرس وأسرع ملك الاردن وطاقمه بتقديم ولاءات الاعتذار والطاعة لهذا البابا النازى عدو الاسلام.
    خرائط اسرائيل ومناهجها الدراسية تشير الى ان يثرب اسرائيلية فلو احتلت اسرائيل المدينة المنورة فهل سيقال انها قضية اسرائيلية/سعودية؟
    ثالثا مالفرق بين سفاهة فضيلة الامام الأكبر الشيخ الطظاوى وادعاءه أنه أعلم من دارسة بالأزهر ومن أللى خلفوها وما كان يقوم به الحبيب بورقيبة الذى كان يمد يده النجسة لنزع غطاء الرأس من على عجائز تونس؟
    رابعا وراء صوت الشيخ الطظاوى الخادع بأنه متزن ورزين شخصية كلها نفاق وكذب وخداع! هل تذكرون سلامه الحار لشمعون بيريز وبعد مهاجمته ادعى كذبا انه لم يكن يعرف من صافحهه! يامولانا اللى اختشوا ماتواز والكذب ليس من صفات رجال الدين!
    خامسا وأخيرا ستذاع يوم الخميس القادم برنامج “واحد من الناس” على قناة دريم الثانية فى العاشرة مساءا بتوقيت القاهرة مقابلة مع نور الشريف والذى يظهر فيها رباط جأشه وعدم مبالاته باتهامه بالشذوذ الجنسى
    . أغرب وأجرأ ما فى المقابلة هو تصريح الحاج متولى عفوا نور الشريف بان “من حق الانسان ان يكون شاذا”. هل سيتشنج الشيخ الطظاوى لذلك التصريح العام الشاذ ونراه المناداة بمعاقبة المفسدين فى الارض أم سيكون من أهل لوط يؤيد الشذوذ ويمنع النقاب!

  32. Shoaib Bobat, I suggest you take a closer look at Yasir Qadi. Just read these: http://go2.wordpress.com/?id=725X1342&site=sunnianswers.wordpress.com&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmuslimmatters.org%2F2008%2F04%2F09%2Fthe-role-of-atomism-on-groups-of-kalam%2F



    You should read what I wrote again. I didn’t say that Tantawi was a “scholar for a dollar” because I didn’t not the words that he is accused of come out of his mouth nor did I hear from two trustworthy male muslim witnesses that he really said those statements. For that reason I do not affirm that Tantawi is a “scholar for a dollar” which is why I said “IF HE ACTUALLY SAID….”

    My apologies for not being clear.

  33. it is an insult in and of itself to force the girl remove her niqab and then look at her face….something she wanted to remain hidden from the opposite gender. and Allah knows best.

  34. Another example of a baseless comment from a ‘so called’ scholar who people incorrectly attribute to being from ahl al-‘ilm. To say that the niqaab is only from habits or customs is a clear lie. Any person with an elementary reading in fiqh would know that there is legitimate difference of opinion on the issue. To force a women to remove it shows an ignorant shameless disgraceful way of handling differences of opinion. Definately not what one would expect from shaykh al Azhar??? or any person of ‘ilm. Seeing that he has never once asked an hijabless women to cover (an issue of which their is no difference of opinion) we can see he’s not even fair on the issue. But considering his track record, it’s not surprising. It’s time for Muslims to put people in their proper positions and not raise them to or give them a status they don’t deserve. At Tantawi doesn’t deseve to be called a person of ‘ilm, based upon his past fatwas and his behaviour.

  35. Tantawi should be forced to strip naked for his perverted offense. I swear if i see him I’ll force him to strip naked just like he forced this girl to unveil. This guy has serious sexuality issues. Freaking pedophile.

  36. MR, you said ‘I’m not defending Tantawi’

    The title of this blog suggests otherwise, saying we shouldn’t hate on him is indeed defending him.

    Make up your mind

  37. @asim, I don’t think MR himself is saying that we shouldn’t hate on Tantawi’.. he’s reiterating Tantawi’s opinion that we shouldn’t hate on him.

  38. Yes, we should not ‘HATE’ on Tantawi, as this is not the way of Muslims. Rather we should tackle his opinion in an educated manner or atleast allow scholars to do it. Refuting with patience, references and true sources in a balanced and fair manner will win over Tantawi’s appalling opinions.

    Tantawi, as he himself claims, is a scholar working for the government. NO respected ‘alim can ever be independent of thought and practice if he is on the payroll of the state. A scholar must always be independent and openly oppose that which he sees as un-Islamic even if that is the ruler.

    However Tantawi’s history, as you can all read above, is tainted with many countless, verifiable instances of severe defects in academic rigour and manner/adab.

  39. I love it how WE JUDGE the Ulama of Al-Azhar, who dedicated their entire lives to the study of Islam and not allow them to defend themselves!

    Our hearts are full of diseases.

    Al-Azhar has it’s faults BUT DON’T THROW THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATH-WATER, otherwise we will end up having a Wahabi ideology at the center of Islamic learning (if it isn’t already is).

  40. Asmarani: What exactly do you want me to look at? How does those articles make Shaykh Yasir Qadhi a Wahabi?

  41. Uh nobody is dismissing Al-Azhar simply because of Tantawi.
    Tantawi may be a man of knowledge, but he is nothing more than a state scholar, and this has ruined him. When you’re a scholar and the government is putting food on your table, then there is no way you’re going to say anything against them. And keep in mind that recently, it is the government being “alarmed” by the growing number of niqabis.

  42. Sufijee- I hope your 100% correct in labeling Shaykh Al-Azhar Tantawi a “ruined state scholar” because you’ll have to testify to that when you die.

  43. haha, I got that from another scholar from Al Azhar I know, who literally said “politics ruins people” when speaking about this issue

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