“Reclaiming Islam from the Jihadists” – Bro. Haytham

I attended IlmFest | 2009 at Baltimore, MD this past weekend and was blown away by this one lecture that captivated the hearts and minds of about 1000 attendees. Shaykh Waleed Basyouni, PhD. spoke this last Saturday about some of those who according to him, misunderstood Islam and specifically the matter of Jihad.

I will not discuss that halal and haram of this matter, since I am not a scholar or even an advance student of knowledge, rather I will discuss the attitude of those who attacked the shaykh and show their ignorance and lack of manners.

First though, I must say it is clear that those who are of this misguided group are not on the right path under the impression that they are heading to Jannah by killing innocent people. They are in a matter of confusion and I believe what they are doing is not correct nor is it from this divine religion. They have lost their chance by going in to this path regardless of their intentions. Allah said in Surat AlKahf verse 103 and 104, ” Say, should we tell you about those who lost their deeds? they are those whose efforts have been wasted in this life while they thought that they were acquiring good by their deeds.”

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  1. @ believer (in Wahhabism)

    You are guilty of several fallacies. Let’s start by saying that words have meanings, and that TRANSLATION necessarily entails INTEPRETATION. If we understand this, then we can understand why it is not permissible to say that Allah has “Hands” or a “Shin.” First, let’s start with fundamental principles of `Aqidah:

    1. Allah ABSOLUTELY does not resemble the creations.

    2. Allah ABSOLUTELY does not need the creations.

    When we understand the above, we know that Allah is not a corporeal/spatial being (for we are corporeal/spatial beings); Allah is not similar to us. And Allah is not dependent upon the creations; hence, Allah is not in a place. This is understood from the Hadith of the Prophet:

    Kaan-Allahu wa lam yakun shay’un ghayruh.” (Bukhari, et al.)

    (Allah was [before the creations] and there was NOTHING other than Him.”)

    The Prophet did NOT say: “Allah was [before the creation] and there was nothing except the space He [allegedly] occupied.”

    Regarding meanings, the word “Hand” is NEVER used in reference to Allah. “Hand” is an English word. It has MANY meanings. The word in Arabic that the Wahhabis use to say Allah has a “Hand” is “Yad.” The word “yad,” like the word “hand” has MANY meanings. Some of the meanings of the word “yad” are befitting of Allah–and some are not. The LITERAL meaning of “yad” (“hand”)is NOT befitting of Allah–for it refers to a body part. When we translate the word “Yad” (in reference to Allah), we translate in a manner that is appropriate according to the languages involved AND does not conflict in the correct `Aqidah.

    The term “saaq,” which the Wahhabis refer to as “Shin,” actually does not refer to Allah, but to the Judgment Day (Al-Qalam, 42). The phrase: “Kashafa `an saaq” (literally, “the showing of the shin”) means: “a time of hardship” and is an example of idomatic usage–this definition is mentioned by Hans Wehr (ref. saaq)–and it is the meaning mentioned by `Abdullah ibn `Abbas.

    The “Aboveness” of Allah refers to greatness of status, and not to altitude or location. Allah is “above” being blemished by any of the attributes of created beings, such as, being contained by space, place, or direction. The example was given previously about the English kings being referred to as “royal highnesses.” Saying, for example, a pious person is “above” such-and-such trifling behavior does not mean he is in a location higher than where such behavior occurs, but that he is higher IN STATUS than to engage in such actions.

    The Muslims are not denying the Attributes of Allah. The Muslims are DENYING a literalist INTERPRETATION of the Attributes of Allah. Afterall, it is absurd to claim that Allah has a literal “Shin,” but that literal “Shin” is not a bone in the lower leg. If a person believes Allah has a literal bone in the lower leg, then he is an anthropomorphist/kaafir. He he does not believe Allah has a bone in the lower leg, then he does not believe Allah has a “shin.” (That’s besides the fact that the Verse refers to the Judgment Day and NOT Allah.)

    Lastly, denying that Allah is above the `Arsh does not mean that Allah is everywhere–or in a particular where. As it is shirk to believe that Allah dwells inside of a particular person, it is shirk to believe Allah dwells in ANY place or direction. Allah was before places and directions existed–Allah has no associates–Allah is not inside of a place or a direction. Allah exists without being in a place or direction (or in all places and directions).

    I hope this clarifies the matter.

    With Allah is the success.

  2. @ Mav,

    No one is saying that the “general ta’weel” isn’t the safer thing to do. We say Allah is atributed with “Yad”–and that the Yad of Allah is unlike the creations; i.e., it is not of a body and does not occupy space. Nonetheless, once we TRANSLATE we are giving an INTERPRETATION. We are choosing from the multitude of lexically possible meanings for “Yad” and giving one particular meaning over other lexically possible meanings. It is easier (and safer) to simply say Allah is attributed with “Yad” (without translating or interpreting the word), and that Allah’s Yad is not like that of the creations. The problem is that you have people INSISTING on taking the literal meaning of these terms, such as, Yad and `Ayn. Furthermore, these people do literally believe that Allah occupies space, has a location, and is of a size. This is in itself tashbih/kufr.

    The problem with quoting Wahhabi sources is that they tend to lie and distort. They will outright tamper with classical texts. On the other hand, you can’t lie on or distort the rational proof. Also, the Salaf, whom the Wahhabis claim to follow USUALLY did not engage in giving specific interpretations of the muhkam Verses. There was no great need to do so: the people (really) knew the Arabic language and they knew Allah REALLY does not resemble the creations. Nonethless, there are ample cases in which the Salaf did make specific non-literal interpretations.

    I’ll give you an example of when i was in a local prison. A young Wahhabi was getting belligerent about this issue (of making specific ta’weel). I told him Al-Bukhari made specific ta’weel in his Sahih (Al-Qasas, 88). This only made him more belligerent–until an older Wahhabi inmate grudgingly acknowledged that what i said was true. You can point to Ibn Katheer’s Tafseer (someone the Wahhabis are very fond of), and you can see NUMEROUS cases where he reports the earlier scholars making ta’weel.

    The Wahhabis are utterly defeated intellectually–even from their own sources. But because they have dominated the discourse here in the West for the past generation–and MANY Muslims here (and in the old countries) are so horrendously ignorant in the matters of Doctrine–the Wahhabis have had a chance to spread their ideology with little resistance from the general Muslim population. Also, it does not help that those who profess traditional knowledge/`aqidah are virtually silent about the issue of Wahhabism. Last point: the Wahhabis historically speaking, have considered the Ummah itself to be a nation of mushriks. And as a result, they considered it “open season” on those who didn’t follow their ideology. This thinking, along with a refusal to use common sense, is the source of their violent behavior. That’s just a fact of history.

    With Allah is the success.

  3. The Whahabies believe Allah is a big man with a tibia bone with no legs two right feet no arms two right hands without a head but with a face that is both located above the Arsh and in the 3rd part of the night, and sitting in your throat. The whahabies believe the universe is uncreated, and by implication, everything in the universe, because the universe is nothing but a collection of creations. All of this is in any Whahbie book on creed. They believe all of this in the utmost strict literal sense. They believe it verbatim. And in some cases their kids would draw a picture of this thing and call it Allah. Whahabies are mushriks, through and through.


    When you defend any whahabie, you defend this belief. Khalas.

  4. I may have discovered the origin of the saying “one foot in the door”. Could it be the saying of the wahhabis that “Allah is outside of the universe but on the Day of Judgment he will put his foot in hellfire”??? So according to the wahhabis “Allah will have one foot in the universe”.

    I think I need a barf bag!!!

  5. The asharis and habashis are a cult. The habashis even kiss the arse of the alawites in Syria. When I was a Muslim I went to some of their classes, that is where Swarth Moor gets all this “Allah exist without a place” and “don’t throw religious pamplets in the trash” crap too. They will even pick up pennies because it has the word “God” on it. Their belief wont put them in hell though, because Islam is faker then a $3 dollar bill.

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