Like One Body: A Muslim’s Responsibility to the Ummah – Imam Zaid Shakir & Sh. Yasir Qadhi – NYU 10/15/09 7 PM


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  1. Strange… strange indeed…

    Zaid Shakir calls himself “traditionalist” and follower of the Ash`ari school (as do virtually all those who ascribe themselves to the Maliki school). Now aside from the fact that it’s reported in at least two ISNA speeches he refers to people as “children of Allah,” Zaid should be REFUTING Yassir Qadi. The Ash`aris say Allah is NOT a spatial entity and that Allah exists without being in a direction or in a location. Yassir Qadhi is a WAHHABI. Yassir Qadhi believes Allah lives (during the day) above the Ceiling of Paradise, and Yassir Qadhi believes Allah lives down in the First Heaven (for part of the night). The Ash`aris-Maturidis and the Wahhabis have two different `aqidahs. The Ash`aris-Maturidis consider the Wahhabis to be mujsassimah/mushabbihah (those who claim Allah is a spatial entity and that Allah is similar to the creations). The Ash`aris consider the Wahhabi doctrine to be straight-up kufr. Why doesn’t Zaid tell the audience that? It’s EVIDENT that many Muslims are confused about who’s who. Where is the principle of ordering the good and forbidding the evil? Afterall, if you don’t warn against kufr, then what in the world is one going to warn people about?!?

  2. I was so close to goin tonight. But i forgot how to get to NYU 🙂


    No they arent debating they rather trying to figure out which aspects (each part) of eachs aqeedah is correct.

    sititng on the table tlaking bout which parts are wrong in each’s understanding.

  3. Easy,

    Believe me, i am on point. What is on his site indicates Yassir Qadhi is a Wahhabi-Corporealist. Zaid Shakir claims to be an Ash`ari. The Ash`aris rightfully say Allah was before location and direction, and that Allah exists without a location or direction. The Wahhabis, on the other hand, pray to a large (imaginary) body that they believe is literally is located in the First Heaven in the latter part of the night. The Ash`aris consider such a belief kufr. Regarding scholars, what am i saying that does not comply with what the classical scholars say?

  4. Swarth dude, people would take your claims about YQ and his types a lot more seriously if you got actual, written or video evidence of them stating their belief than Allah is a corporeal entity or has certain manifestations of the same.

    Otherwise, it really seems like you’re either exaggerrating about someone else’s beliefs, OR stating your unqualified and unverified opinion of their beliefs.

    Criticizing the Wahabbi madhab in general is one thing. But unless you bring some hardcore proof about the specific individuals you are criticizing, people will just start tuning you out.

  5. Yasir Qadhi has made his beliefs very clear in his article entitled: “The Theological Implications of the Story of Ibrahim..”. He beliefs like the rest of the wahhabis that Allah changes.

    Exalted is Allah above what the blasphemers attribute to Him.

  6. Mav,

    I actually wrote several posts on his “Implications” story. He was explicit in his objection to Sunni `Aqidah and expressed his belief that Allah is physically located above the `Arsh. When i quoted the saying of At-Tahawi:

    “Allah is supremely clear of boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, appendages, and devices. None of the six directions contain Him as is the case with all the creations.”

    Yassir Qadi objected–or at least the internet personality of YQ, whoever that might be–and said that At-Tahawi’s Creed doesn’t represent the belief of the genuine Salaf. That is nothing more than a straight up lie. Well, what else can be expected–the Wahhabis are known to lie upon scholars and to alter books?

    Not to praise myself, Mav, but i do do my research, and i go to the sources of my opponents. I try not only to know what they say, but UNDERSTAND the rationale behind their positions. May Allah protect me, but i am not going to lie on someone to discredit them. Like i said before, i am confident that the Wahhabis don’t like HOW i describe their beliefs–such as saying they pray to a bipedal entity with a tibia, ocular organs, and a smiling face. But they don’t deny that they believe Allah has two LITERAL feet (hence, bipedal), a LITERAL shin (ergo, a tibia), LITERAL eyes (i.e., ocular organs) and they say Allah has a LITERAL face and smiles (which by implication would mean they believe Allah has a mouth). They don’t mean some sort of non-literal meaning for these words. They INSIST on taking the literal meaning. Furthermore, like i said, it is enough that they say Allah is in a direction and location for them to believe that Allah is a corporeal and spatial entity.

    With Allah is the success.

  7. Subhanallah…..I go to what one may consider to be a salafi masjid, and understand…I’m no scholar, student of knowledge, mufti, imam etc…..but when the Imam during Ramadan said that Allah descends to the earth on laylatul qadr……i thought that sounded very very strange……it put pictures in my head (astaghfurullah)……….how can they say things like that but then warn against imagining exactly what they’re saying?……..When you say the word foot i think of foot……Just because you put the word Allah (swt) in front of it doesn’t mean i’m going to think of something OTHER than a foot (like a nonexistant foot)……..they’re really confusing me…

  8. Murad,

    This issue is not complicated, but some people have made it unnecessarily so. First, we start by understanding the correct belief:

    1. Allah is One. That is, Allah has no partners AND Allah has no parts (Al-Ahad). This means that Allah is not composite entity; Allah is not composed of limbs, organs, or appendages, such as, eyes, fingers, shin, foot, etc.; Allah does not have an upper part or a lower part; Allah is not in the dimensions of space, time, direction, etc.

    2. Allah is Eternal (Beginningless). Hence, Allah is not subject to age, time, “becoming,” development, etc. Allah is Perfect. Allah does not change.

    3. Allah is ABSOLUTELY Transcendent (Free-of-Need). Whereas you and i need to eat, drink, and sleep, Allah does not. Furthermore, you and i–and all bodies (material, spiritual or otherwise)–are dependent upon space for their very existence; Allah is not in space, for Allah is not dependent upon ANYTHING!

    4. Allah is ABSOLUTELY Incomparable. TRULY whatever we imagine is utterly unlike the One Who created the imagination (i.e., Allah). Allah does not have the properties of the creations; hence, Allah does not have a size, shape, mass, color, etc. Allah is not in motion–nor is Allah motionless, for both entail the occupation of one space or another. Allah is not a corporeal or spatial entity. Allah is the CREATOR of space/bodies and does not occupy space or a body; Allah exists without space, place, or direction. This is the belief of pure Tawheed. It is what the Prophet came with and is intellectually invinsible.

    Regarding the so-called Salafis (it would be more appropriate to call them Wahhabis or “Talafis”), they are a people who read the Qur’an and Hadiths but did not use common sense. Worse than that, they started from the erroneous assumption that Allah is somehow similar to the creations (even if they say otherwise by their tongue). The Wahhabis are literalists, and they read certain Verses and Hadiths that should NOT be taken literally, but they insisted on giving them literal meanings. As a result, they commit tashbih (the blasphemous belief that Allah is somehow similar to what is created).

    For example, they read the words “Yad,” `”Ayn,” and “Wajh,” and insisted that Allah has a “Hand,” “Eye,” and “Face”–in spite of the fact that each one of those words has more than a dozen meanings in the Arabic language. For instance, of the meanings of “Yad,” such as, power, care, control, foreleg, authority, and hand, some of those meanings can be applied to Allah and some OBVIOUSLY cannot. The Talafis will tell you that since “yad” literally means “hand,” then they say: “Allah must literally have a hand.” However, since we know that a literal “hand” is a body part whose existence cannot be independent of space/place, and we know that Allah is not dependent upon space/place (or anything else), then we know that Allah is NOT attributed with a literal hand. Instead the term “Yad” when applied to Allah must be interpretted/translated in a manner that befits the Glory and Perfection of Allah. The same can be said about the other horrendous things the Wahhabis attribute to Allah, such as, laughing, sitting, rising, descending, coming in the shadows of clouds, smiling, having a tibia, etc. The Wahhabis failed to make an ABSOLUTE distinction between the Creator and the creations; hence they fell into tashbih (resembling the Lord of everything to that which He created). May Allah protect us from that.

    I hope this makes things a litte clearer for you.

    With Allah is the success.

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