UPDATED: SeekersGuidance raises $252,000 in 2 hours for Islamic Relief’s Feed the Needy Campaign

Updated: Videos of the short lectures below.

Looks like online campaigns are raising more funds than actual physical events.

Alhamdulillah, earlier today, SeekersGuidance and Islamic Relief were able to raise over $252,000 within the span of just two hours at the “Feed the Needy Online Fundraiser.” If you were unable to attend the event, pictures and videos will be uploaded to our blog, but please take a moment and make a donation to Islamic Relief for the noble cause of eliminating global hunger.
We would like to give special thanks to our wonderful scholars and speakers – Imam Zaid Shakir, Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick, Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy, Imam Tahir Anwar, Shaykh Faraz Rabbani, Preacher Moss, Hadia Mubarak, and Nura Sediqe. And also to Sidi Shahid Constantino (Tech), Sidi Khuram Zaman (Outreach), Sr. Nora Alfaham (Design), and Sidi Abu Bakr Batasi (Outreach), for their efforts in making this event a success. Special thanks also to Sr. Hafsa Hasan of Islamic Relief Canada, and Sidi Naeem Muhammad of Islamic Relief US for their reaching out to us and their help in making this possible.



Imam Zaid Shakir

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick

Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy

Imam Tahir Anwar

Preacher Moss

4 Replies to “UPDATED: SeekersGuidance raises $252,000 in 2 hours for Islamic Relief’s Feed the Needy Campaign”

  1. The problem I have with SOME in-person fundraising events is that it’s hard to be anonymous.

    Well, it’s almost impossible to be anonymous.

    That works against those who want to donate large sums, and those that want to donate small sums.

    When I had the money to donate a large sum, I got the creepy feeling that I was showing off, or just that others would think I was showing off.

    And when I didn’t have the money to donate large amounts, I felt embarrassed about only being able to give away a few dollars.

    I know that Allah knows our hearts better than we do and that it is our intentions that really matter and not the actual sum, but hey, I’m only human.

    Whereas, when we donate online, we can donate as much or as little as we want without considering what others think about us.

    Of course Shaytan still whispers and makes it seem like we’re never gonna get those bills paid if we give this donation, but that’s going to be there anyway.

    Alhamdulillah, I’m glad they were able tor raise such a large sum. I think this may be the future of Islamic fundraising Inshallah.

    Wallahu Alim.

  2. Bismillah.
    As-salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh . . .

    There is great value in keeping one’s charity between oneself and Allah, al-hamdu lillah, and from my experience such is always possible. Almost all of the fundraising events that I have ever been to, heard of, or spoken at, you can just simply fill out a form and make your contribution without being publicly recognized at all. Not sure how it is “almost impossible to be anonymous”, unless of course you mean being anonymous to the organizers themselves too (and in that case you could just bring a large sum of cash in an envelope and just slip it in the donation box, end of story). To this point, online donations are known to the arrangers of the events as well, so no true anonymity there either. So honestly, going in person, with cash, is the best way to remain anonymous (just make sure no one sees you with the envelope filled with cash) LOL… 😉 May Allah accept and purify our hearts… Amin.

    Sincerely your brother,
    khalil abu asmaa

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  4. Assalamu Alaikum MR:

    I was looking for some material online for my classroom and I ended up here at the Pakistan video that shows internal violence amongst muslims. Jazak Allah khayran, now I will open this up to the students for discussion. Allah swt knows best and He has guided me here to this page, so inshallah khayr.


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