10 Replies to ““Muslim spies infiltrate Congress” – LOL @ Republicans”

  1. JazakaAllah khair for the post…. accusations from conservatives are ridiculous! Sadly, this has created negative attention for the most prominent American Muslim organization — May Allah bless and protect our Muslim organizations from these hateful people.

  2. @sister –

    Just wanted to point out something to turn your frown upside down. The way its always been throughout Islamic history, even at the time of Prophet Muhammad [saws] is that anytime the haters try to slander and malign Islam and the Muslims, it always backfires and people end up wanting to hear more, and usually they wanna hear more directly from the Muslims themselves, and then they can make their own conclusions without having to deal with the hatericious middle-men.

    Same thing here. Southern baptists, Right-wing crackpots, FOX news and all their acolytes can say whatever the heck they want about Muslims and Islam.

    wa yamkuruna wa yamkurunallah, wallahu khayrul makireen

    [and they planned, and God also planned, and God is the best of planners]

    yo somebody pass me the popcorn

  3. I agree with Maverick, they are making the show for for us, so we don’t have to work as hard trying to get Islam all over the world
    btw, i do u want it salted, or caramel?

  4. Bro, i was joking, we don’t have good popcorn in syria 😉

    and the salsa is really expensive o_O

    But we can dream * dreaming *

  5. Dude, i am sure we could talk about this somewhere else, i do not think that our brother mujahideenryder wants us to have a business chat on his blog, especially on this topic xD but, hey you can check out my new blog! https://muslimiam.wordpress.com

    Popcorn aint as cool in syria as the outerworld

  6. Al Imran verse 99: Say: “O people of Scripture (Jews and Christians)! Why do you stop those who have believed, from the Path of Allah, seeking to make it seem crooked, while you (yourselves) are witnesses [to Muhammad PBUH as a Messenger of Allah and Islam (Allah’s religion, i.e. to worship none but Him Alone)]? And Allah is not unaware of what you do.”

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