FOX News is almost as good as Comedy Central

A radical New York imam who was once investigated as a possible co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center will share the stage Saturday night as a featured guest and speaker when the Council on American-Islamic Relations celebrates its 15th anniversary in Washington.

Continue to laugh here.

Seriously though, Imam Siraj is the man! Anyone going to this CAIR dinner? Kind of pricey for me, but now that FOX News is advertising it, it might be a hot spot with media attention.

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  1. “once investigated co-conspirator…”
    I thought he wasn’t convicted though, or is the case still pending?

    and since when does being investigated once without a conviction make you guilty?

  2. i’m so sick of their crap, such garbage they spew on a regular basis. it’s insane that they are allowed to make the statements they make with no evidence and obvious bias. so tired of them.

  3. Subhanallah, they are so shady! The correct term is “unindicted co-conspirator”, which in reality means, “someone that we want to make look bad but we don’t have any evidence to do so, so we will just throw in his name for the heck of it…”

    It means that he wasn’t charged with anything, wasn’t arrested for anything, and wasn’t even brought into court on the matter, he was just “named” in the indictment (for whatever reason, God knows).

    Read this:

    “The United States Attorneys’ Manual generally recommends against naming unindicted co-conspirators, although their use is not generally prohibited by law or policy.”


    “The term unindicted co-conspirator was familiarized in 1974 when then president Richard Nixon was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in indictments stemming from the Watergate Investigation.”

    Wow, so a REPUBLICAN President of the United States of America was an “unindicted co-conspirator” as well, hmmm…. 😉 FOX News should mention that in the report as well…

    Also, what’s up with the picture of the Imam that they chose? Again, their “reporting” (or whatever it should be called) is so shady…

  4. “….175 titles of Wahhaj’s literature were found in prison libraries that year.”


    what literature?

    I’d like to get my hands on that and all 175 titles.

    Never knew Imam Siraj wrote!

  5. Yeah I got pulled over for speeding, so I was “investigated” too.

    Seriously, Imam Siraj is like the most popular black imam in America. The NYPD has cited him for his help in cleaning up the drug problem in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. He’s pro-FBI (kinda) and helps police. Even the prosecutor who handled the 1993 case said Imam Siraj is clean and he was cleared.

  6. I think the right-wingers are on a desperate spree now. Screw them. Every Muslim in America stands behind Imam Siraj Wahhaj. We support him. We love him. We stand by him. He represents us. He’s part of our identity in America. FOX and WorldNetDaily can go to hell for all I care. May Allah destroy you[r evil plans].

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