Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) – The War in Afghanistan is Un-American

Excellent video. I would have voted for you Ron Paul, but unfortunately your party selected an idiot instead.

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  1. Ron Paul is a Congressman, not the Governor of Texas. He makes a lot of sense – at least in this issue.

  2. Great comments as usual from Rep. Ron Paul.

    Now it is time for MUSLIM countries and scholars to band together and tell Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and various extremist groups that their constant interference and sabotage over the past 20 years in Afghanistan is un-ISLAMIC. Where are those comments? I’m waiting….

    Right and wrong is not only right and wrong when non-Muslims are involved. “Interests” based on economics, “security” or whatnot are not only judged when non-Muslims are involved.

    Afghan community will no longer be fooled by crocodile tears of those among the ummah who all of a sudden care about Afghanistan or Afghans only when America or Russia is behind the zulm. Where were the Muslim groups and Muslim voices before 9/11?

    MR I give you credit my brother. You are a sincere, ethical and moral brother in Islam.

    The lack of responses to the video of Pakistani army beating and torturing random people speaks volumes about the nationalisms and political interests that have infected many in the Ummah though. If it was an American soldier in that video or it was Gauntanamo there’d have been 60+ comments on that video.

    When Muslims are doing the same? ZERO….


  3. People be realistic…. while we may agree w/ Ron Paul’s views/statements, we need to understand that he is not a political heavy-weight. He is very popular in his district, but has little clout in the House.

  4. my interest in libertarian movement or what is generally understood as such has alot to do with this dude. I wish more people would have paid attention to him before, but all of you, err, most of you, were guzzling down the bama kool-aid, justifying urselves vis – lesser of 2 evils, he’s the most ‘practical’ option, dont waste ur vote (all the while mindyou, abandoning your claims to any/all moral high grounds-ahem, “temporarily”) or some other slippery-slope nonesense. Now it appears the drink has been out with carbonation* dissipating rapidly as the recent polls are suggesting . Is the drink all flat so soon?


    Anyway, yoo its mad funny when you see change of expression with the dude in the back when Mr. Paul expresses the reality that logistically Taliban cant do diddly-squat to us (i think in 40 seconds mark).His face says it all:…… WTF?? LOL!

    Some of ya’ll partisan folks might jump on this so let it be said, the townhallers, tea-baggers (haha) dont really represent the true face of what position he represents jsut as labelling those whom prefer the bama-kool aid as socialist is equally incorrect….

    mmm…? maybe yes or both, whatever. blah.

  5. What was up with the responder (at about 6:10+) saying that their ideology was a struggle in Islam? Is the government really still playing that card?

  6. ZAI,

    Just for the record, comments are closed on the Pakistani beating thread. But you are right, many of us are bogged down in this petty nationalism (nation states more often than not drawn by the West and for the interests of the West), and quick to blame the West, while not being willing to be self-critical. We can do both: we can clean our own house AND at the same time be aware of the shemes and machinations of the Western regimes.

  7. Ron Paul does tend to make very clear, consistent points that are validated by the facts, but let us not allow that to cloud our judgment about what he was and is involved with.

    He is known to be a Free Mason of the 32nd degree, which is one of the organizations that infected Egypt with the virus of nationalism. I’m not saying that he had a hand in this particular effort, but the Free Masons are not trustworthy anyway, to say the very least about them.

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