Disney Supplies the Taliban with Blankets & Taliban like American Music?

David Rohde wrote a 5 part series on being held captive by the Taliban which is on the New York Times website. It’s an interesting read. I found this pretty funny:

My Taliban guards slept beneath bedspreads manufactured by a Pakistani textile company and emblazoned with characters from the American television show “Hannah Montana” and the movie “Spider-Man.” My blanket was a pink Barbie comforter.

I wonder if the FBI will investigate Disney now. I mean they have Fahad Hashmi on 23 hour lock down in an NYC maximum security prison for sleeping over at a person’s house who was trying to send socks and rain coats to the Taliban. So will they contact Disney for supplying the Taliban with Hannah Montana blankets.

I also found this pretty cool and interesting. Kind of shows a different side of some of the Taliban:

On other nights, at my guards’ urging, I switched to American tunes. In a halting, off-key voice, I sang Frank Sinatra’s version of “New York, New York” and described it as the story of a villager who tries to succeed in the city and support his family. I sang Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” and described it as a portrayal of the struggles of average Americans.

I realized that my guards, too, might have needed a break from our grim existence. But I felt like a performing monkey when they told me to sing for visiting commanders. I knew they were simply laughing at me.

I intentionally avoided American love songs, trying to dispel their belief that all Americans were hedonists. Despite my efforts, romantic songs — whatever their language — were the guards’ favorites.

The Beatles song “She Loves You,” which popped into my head soon after I received my wife’s letter from the Red Cross, was the most popular.

For reasons that baffled me, the guards relished singing it with me. I began by singing its first verse. My three Taliban guards, along with Tahir and Asad, then joined me in the chorus.

“She loves you — yeah, yeah, yeah,” we sang, with Kalashnikovs lying on the floor around us.

I actually think this is good, because it humanizes them in a way that Americans never see them. Most Americans think they are monsters savaging for blood killing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This shows them enjoying themselves and having fun.

Just to clarify, technically it was all halal, since there was no musical instruments involved. Just a Capella (voice only). For those who are interested in the song they sung together, here is the YouTube link.


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  1. This reminds me of Orwell’s 1984. America spent a decade demonizing Taliban. Now they are going to rewrite history and tell us they are not so bad after all.

  2. The taliban should not be painted in a good way. A couple of weeks ago a brother I knew told me that his brother-in-law was innocently killed in a bomb blast in afghanistan because of the stupid taliban. These people are not talib of ilm, they are talib of shayateen.

  3. MR wrora…

    You said: “I actually think this is good, because it humanizes them in a way that Americans never see them. Most Americans think they are monsters savaging for blood killing anyone who doesn’t agree with them. This shows them enjoying themselves and having fun.” …

    I agree with that to an extant with the MAJOR caveat being that one must recognize that the “Taliban” are no longer a united cohesive group that follows any particular ideology….therefore no doubt some of them come off as just regular folks.

    A large portion of neo-“Taliban” have no loyalty whatsoever to any theocratic ideology….they’re just regular Afghans who are p*ssed at the rampant corruption of Karzai & his cronies as well as rightfully angry at the callous barbarous US army policies of air raids which kill civilians….so they simply join the Taliban for access to weapons and nothing more.

    Another group of “Taliban” are various tribal and splinter groups that have their own agendas and ideologies separate from the historical Taliban. They might support some type of theocracy or ethnic nationalisms orand resist foriegn Wesern occupation, but they are not loyal to al-Qaeda, Pakistan or any other foriegn interests either.

    The third group of Taliban, or the Taliban proper are total Pakistani creations funded, trained, armed and directed by the ISI to carry out Pakistani interests. These are the folks who are blowing up the Indian embassy or sabotaging civilian projects that would increase the populaces faith in the central government.

    Finally, you have the remnant of the true original Taliban led by Mollah Omar out of Quetta in Baluchistan and these are the folks who are totally committed to a certain ideology and ally themselves expediently to al-Qaeda and other extremist networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    They are not a myth or a Western media fabrication and they will themselves beat the Talibs mentioned in that article for daring to sleep under a Disney blanket. It is NOT a joke or western propoganda….the Afghan women’s group RAWA has many videos documenting the savagery that used to take place at Ghazi stadium under their rule. The fact that the Western politicians use this news to further their own agendas and interests doesn’t mean the news itself isn’t true….

  4. ZAI,

    Isn’t RAWA some sort of commie-feminist group? Ya, i just looked at their web site–it’s typical Frankfurt School propaganda in Afghani garb. That’s not to say that the Taliban in their current manifestation isn’t greatly problematic. It seems that many of them are “sincere,” that is, they love Islam and wish to defend it–but they are ignorant and lack political wisdom (and interpersonal skills). Also, of course, they do have some extremist ideologies in circulation amongst them. Nonetheless, it is important that folks don’t turn to openly anti-Islamic secular extremists in an effort to right the wrongs of the Taliban.

  5. Swarth Moor I don’t think you’re qualified to critique the Taliban, I mean these guys actually do something beyond posting on blogs and picking up pennies (habashi/ashari cultist pick up pennies because it has the word god on it) off the street! LOL

    I respect the Taliban because they fight for their ethnicity and culture. They are able to exploit the stupidity of people to fund their endeavors (belief in Islam, fighting communism), like Walt Disney did to make his empire.

    Remember my friends, the people who go crazy over Walt Disney products are no different then those who go crazy over religion, they both make people who deal in fantasy FILTHY rich.

  6. @Asmarani,

    Don’t sweat Frank, he’s just a little has been wigger Wahhabi apostate–now wannabe Nazi white nationalist. He’s having some coping issues. He sees his narrow little world of white guy supremacy is gittin’ dismantled by the J Crew and is being overrun by brown folk–and add to that, his white women are pushing out mulatto babies with the Half-a-Bucks, Snoop Bastards, and other negro heathens of the world.

  7. @ SM:

    Brother, you’re 100% right that RAWA is a qausi-Commie extremist feminish organization. Infact, it’s well known among Afghans that they lean towards a Maoist type of communism in their ideology and it’s rumored that their founder Meena Kamal’s husband was a founding member of Shola e Jawid, the Maoist Communist group in Afghanistan. Among their many eccentricities is the straight out weird personality cult they’ve constructed around their assassinated leader Meena.

    That’s exactly the point of the bigger picture though. If we Muslims don’t step up to condemn the wrongs in our society, then these types of fringe groups will take advantage of legitimate issues and appropriate them for their specific agendas and ideologies.

    Sadly whatever RAWA’s overall ideology is, those tapes and recordings of Taliban savagery are 100% legit and they’ve co-opted those things to attack any semblance of Islamic values in public life and promote an extreme feminism in their schools. We cannot complain though because w/ our silence we provided a type of silent consent that allowed these groups to take advantage of that fact and extend criticisms to all of Islam….

    There will always be people and groups out there who will attack Islam and Muslims no matter what….but by breaking our silence on many issues before these fools can take advantage of it atleast we could MINIMIZE how much of this skewed image of Islam is propogated….We are in many ways our own worst enemies…

  8. Swarth Moor goes from habashi/ashari know it all cultist to ghetto negro muh dik! whenever he gets upset. I was never a whabbi or a nazi white nationalist. I did have some contact with ashari/habishis and they are clowns who pick up pennies from the filthy pavement because it has the word “God” on it.

  9. Isn’t this supposed to be a muslim blog? Why is Frank being allowed to insult the name of God on here? It’s one thing to insult a group of people, but it’s something else when he comes on here and insults the name of God. His post should be removed or censured.

    To say he is a retard would an insult to people who are mentally challenged.

  10. “Just to clarify, technically it was all halal, since there was no musical instruments involved. Just a Capella (voice only).”
    Only in America do Muslims have to agonise about how halal music is. Sad.

  11. Actually, the part with the blankets are common around the world, not just the taliban. I meant with gov officials and etc, not kids especially around asia.
    Btw, why are some names lighted up in blue?
    Is it because they have links or what.
    Also, anon2, your totally wrong. Lots of music are haram, and not just in the US,,,,,, we should stop promoting those type of music

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