How the FBI tricked Tarek Mehanna with a Conspirator (or at least how it is reported)

Update: Free Tarek Mehanna Facebook created. Read the comments. Everyone who knows him are shocked and surprised. This only reassures me that this is all BS.

You know what I find really hilarious from this story is when they tried to join a group in Pakistan, they were rejected for not being Pakistani. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.

This is an amazing quote from his lawyer:

“If this is the FBI’s idea of a terrorist, they are using a net that is designed to catch minnows instead of sharks.” — J.W. Carney, Mehanna’s lawyer, after his 2008 arrest (Boston Globe, Nov. 12, 2008)

I agree 100%.

Let’s not forget innocent until proven guilty.

This should be warning to all Muslims. If some shady Muslim guy is telling you he has connections to go perform Jihad overseas, you know what to say. “Nah bro, I’m good.”

In the early-morning hours of Oct. 21, federal authorities arrested 27-year-old Massachusetts resident Tarek Mehanna on charges that he conspired to provide material support to terrorists and planned to carry out a “violent jihad” by killing U.S. politicians, attacking American troops in Iraq and targeting customers at U.S. shopping malls. U.S. attorneys claim that Mehanna worked with two other men on various plans designed to “kill, kidnap, maim or injure” U.S. citizens and soldiers from 2001 to 2008. He will be held in federal custody pending a detention hearing on Oct. 30. If he is found guilty, Mehanna faces up to 15 years in prison.

Fast Facts:
• A U.S. citizen, Mehanna is the fifth person living in the U.S. to be arrested on terrorism charges in the past five months.

• Was arrested at his parents’ house in Sudbury, Mass., an affluent Boston suburb.

• Graduated from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy in May 2008. His father is a professor of medicinal chemistry at the school.

• Had been planning to move to Saudi Arabia to become a pharmacist.

• Was questioned by the FBI on Dec. 16, 2006, about Daniel J. Maldonado, a Methuen, Mass., resident who was suspected of training at a terrorist camp of al-Qaeda’s and plotting to overthrow the Somali government. Maldonado later admitted to training with al-Qaeda and is now serving a 10-year prison sentence.

• Arrested in November 2008 for statements he made during the 2006 questioning. Mehanna had claimed that Maldonado was living in Egypt and working for a website, but FBI agents recorded a phone conversation between the two men in which Maldonado urged Mehanna to join him in “training for jihad” in Somalia. Was indicted for allegedly lying to authorities in January 2009.

• According to U.S. attorneys, Mehanna’s current plot had two co-conspirators — a man named Ahmad Abousamra and a third person, who is cooperating with authorities and has so far been unnamed. The three men met before the Sept. 11 attacks and attempted to join terrorist groups in Pakistan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

• A 2004 trip to Yeman proved fruitless when the men were unable to locate anyone affiliated with terrorist camps. They returned to the U.S. and allegedly plotted attacks on shopping malls. They abandoned their plans after failing to obtain automatic weapons.

• Used the code terms “peanut butter and jelly” when discussing fighting in Somalia and “culinary school” for terrorist camps.

• Appeared in federal court just hours after his arrest wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants. Witnesses say he refused to stand up at his bail hearing, kicking his chair over and making rude comments.

Quotes By:
“When the FBI asked me where Dan was … I told them I was still in Egypt … and he had called me the day before from Somalia.” — From an unsealed FBI affidavit (Boston Globe, Nov. 12, 2008)

“I don’t ever remember if he said the word Somalia on the phone, but that’s a problem because, like, lying to them in and of itself is a crime.” — Regarding his 2008 arrest (Boston Globe, Nov. 12, 2008)

“I can only think of the countless imprisoned Muslims in the jails of tyrants around the globe and hope that if it is not Allah’s Decree to free them in the near future, that they taste the sweetness that Allah has placed them in prison to taste.” — Letter allegedly written from prison and published on after his 2008 arrest (Associated Press, Oct. 21, 2009)

Quotes About:
“If this is the FBI’s idea of a terrorist, they are using a net that is designed to catch minnows instead of sharks.” — J.W. Carney, Mehanna’s lawyer, after his 2008 arrest (Boston Globe, Nov. 12, 2008)

“The killing of civilians was considered O.K. because civilians are taxpayers and are non-believers.” — U.S. Attorney Michael Loucks, on Mehanna’s beliefs (Bloomberg, Oct. 21, 2009)

“No, definitely not.” — Ahmed Mehanna, father of the accused, when asked if he believed the charges filed against his son had any merit (Associated Press, Oct. 21, 2009)

May Allah make it easy for him and his family.


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  1. @MR – The comments show a genuine concern for salafi/wahhabis that want to kill innocent women and children…these deviants think that they can twist Islam to justify their terrorist activity. It’s disgusting and unIslamic.

    I don’t know whether the brother is innocent or guilty of a crime but if he’s been hanging out with salafis/wahhabis then he’s probably on his way to being radicalized.

  2. @Abdullah, brother isn’t MM a salafi/wahabi enterprise according to your definitions anyways. Making this group sound monolithic is unfair and is surely not right. I feel that the article on MM is balanced but I don’t think that the dissident comments are coming from a specifically salafi/wahbi outlook on these things. I think that is unfair on your behalf to make the salafis sound fanatic.

    Reflect on this. How would you feel if when a Sufi does some crazy bidah (that most Sufis would disagree with), that someone else would blame Sufis, in general, for committing bidah?

  3. @Saad – Good point.

    The MM article was fair in it’s assessment. I think the people who commented were just concerned that MM was already saying he was a bad Muslim and disowned him.

    Although the post showed that we’re very emotional including myself.

  4. Did you know that Osama bin Laden – a “salafi/wahhabi” – wishes to overthrow the Saudi government – a “salafi/wahhabi” government?

    Broad generalizations (and the terms associated with them) get really old really fast. If you can’t make a point without em, then I feel bad for whatever point you’re trying to make.

  5. @ Saad & MR

    article on MM is balanced .
    The MM article was fair in it’s assessment .


    what part is fair & balanced

    It’s obvious they were very upset about what brother Abu Sabaya said about them, and that’s what the whole article about just a stab in the back for speaking ill of MM.

    The assessment was so fair they wouldn’t leave the name of author… cowards & hypocrites…

    may Allah guide them and forgive them or expose the hypocrites.. Ameen

  6. May Allah grant justice to our unjustly imprisoned brothers and sisters all over the world. Ameen.

    Jazak Allahu khayran for posting information about the case.

    I would hesitate calling the MM post balanced – I do not think it is appropriate for Muslims to be questioning fellow Muslims’ integrity when there is a witch hunt going on in the US. How is this unity? Allahu `alam.

  7. In the words of Tamer Menhanna (the brother of Tariq Menhanna / Abu Sabaya):

    For just a moment, I’d like to ask you to place yourself in my brother’s situation. You have a bright future as a pharmacist earning six figures. You come from a cushy life, no debt, and you have a pretty comfortable future to look forward to. The FBI approaches you and gives you this choice: “help us by informing on people in your community and we’ll reward you very well. Refuse to help us and we will make your life a living hell.”

    Think about that for a second. Imagine if you had it made, and all of a sudden your entire future was threatened. My brother is facing life in prison now and his pending conviction means he can never work as a pharmacist in the states again. All he has to do is agree to inform and ALL OF THIS will DISAPPEAR. And yet he CONTINUES to refuse to, because it is flat out wrong. Who knows, maybe if he agreed, it would be YOU that got screwed from it, because as my brother’s case should show you, informants are really good at making stories up. After all, the FBI pays them $60,000 a year + housing and relocation to do it. It really doesn’t matter if you did anything wrong or not anymore. It’s all politics for the FBI, and they’re looking for glory.

    My brother’s behavior is the exception in this type of situation. A lot of people end up making deals with the FBI. They figure, who cares, i’ll help them bust somebody I don’t even know, what do I care… it’s my future, gotta look out for #1. I want you to ask yourself if you would have the strength to make the right decision there. My brother did. And it could have been you, one of your close friends, or your family members that was spared this type of experience because my brother made the right decision. But now, he needs you to make the right decision. He needs you to do the responsible thing, and support him for what he is enduring as a result of protecting you. Because if people do not show their support for him after all of this, then the next guy that gets approached by the FBI like this will figure, “Why should I do the right thing? Last guy that did the right thing was thrown to the dogs. I gotta look out for myself.” We simply cannot afford to encourage that kind of behavior in our community. We need to help each other and protect each other. The FBI is not out for justice; they are out for blackmail and their favorite strategy is to turn people against one another. We simply CANNOT afford to be afraid to support each other.

    One way or another, Allah will be the final adjudicator in this case, as He is in all cases. I trust in Allah and believe that He will have mercy on us. You just need to decide where YOU stand on things. Tariq has made his choice, and anybody with greater intellect or reasoning capabilities than a 1st grader can see through the RIDICULOUS story that the FBI “alleges.” You need to make your choice now. I urge you to make the right choice, and for the sake of my brother and the good of our communities, whether they be Islamic or non-Islamic, to support us at the upcoming hearing in person. Thanks for reading this.

    – Tamer Mehanna

  8. MM is definitely a wahhabi enterprise. They were probably setup to counter the activities of people like Hamza Yusuf and Zaid Shakir. They audience is essentially the same.

  9. A lot of people mentioned how great of a guy Tarek Mehanna is and how nice he is. Here are some of Tarek Mehanna’s posts from Islamic Awakening which show how much of a nice guy he is, and how good his manners are and how much he respects the scholars:

    Tarek On Sh. Hamza Yusuf:

    “What a devil, قبحه الله.”

    “He’s such a fruitcake, و الله”

    Here is Tarek telling us how Sh. Hamza is a waste of a fertilized egg:

    “What a waste of a nutfah.”

    Here is Tarek mocking Sh. Hamza for the firefighter comment:

    “No. The firefighters who pulled people out of the World Trade Center, remember?”

    Tarek on Sh. Waleed Basyuni:

    “Walid Basyuni should stick to talking about menstruation and post-natal bleeding.”

    “And ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam is referring above to the sincere scholar who simply knows no better – a description I’m finding it very hard to ascribe to the one [Basyuni] who spoke this garbage.”

    “he should be careful when choosing his words during this class so as not to incur the wrath of Allah.”

    Tarek correcting a sister when she defended Sh. Walid Basyuni:

    “Sister, come on. Get real. The issue isn’t about a few misunderstood words.”

    Tarek on Sh. Yasir Qadhi:

    “Look at how politically correct they are with the enemies of Allah when shaking hands with Tony Blair, etc. and how they never focus on the injustices done to Muslims around the world. Compare that with how harsh they are against the Mujahidin and how you never hear them once having a positive word to say about them or their struggle…I used to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were refraining from speaking about certain issues for a perceived wisdom. It’s clear I was wrong, as they are now going beyond silence from the truth and have gotten to the point of actively speaking falsehood.”

    Tarek claiming that Sh. Yasir Qadhi defends Blair over Muslims:

    “He would rebuke him for focusing on Blair instead of doing more to stop the ‘Jihadists’ in Palestine from terrorizing innocent Israelis.”


    “If this were true, we would’ve found Mr. Qadi to be a bit more ‘outraged’ while patiently seeking knowledge at the hands of Tony Blair – hands that are soaked with the blood of untold numbers of innocents.”

    Tarek explains to us what are Sh. Yasir Qadhi’s sinister motivations behind defending Blair:

    “Rather, the real motives [of Yasir] are mainly three:

    * blissful ignorance (it’s much easier to just parrot what one hears in the news without bothering to pinpoint exactly who did what and discover an inconvenient truth)

    * appeasing the government (after all, who wants to end up like ‘Ali at-Tamimi)

    * providing a smokescreen for one’s watered down attitudes”


    “Therefore, simply meeting Blair is not the aspect of the incident that I hold against Mr. Qadi. Rather, the problem is much deeper.”

    Here is Tarek mocking Sh. Yasir Qadhi, accusing him of “selling out” so much that he now says Arabic words like a white man:

    “I notice he insisted on pronouncing ‘Ilm Fest with an American accent.”

    Here is Tarek accusing Sh. Yasir Qadhi of selling out after 9/11:

    “From a psychological perspective, I get the impression that he [Yasir] is trying to reassure himself more than he is trying to teach the audience something that they weren’t already doing in the first place. He is right about one thing, though: 9/11 radically changed everyone.

    Tarek on Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury:

    “he is contributing (or wishes to contribute) to the injustices done against us.”

    “There aren’t 70 excuses, there are only two: either he was coerced or he has never once read the news and thus had no clue that this is what ‘War on Terror’ means.”

    “These pathetic people are certainly not Salafis in my book.”

    Here is Tarek Mehanna praying that Imam Warith Deen burns in hell:

    “May Allah give him what he deserves. Ameen. I second that. I third that.”

    So MM was wrong to target Tarek when he was arrested for his radical views, but Tarek picked the perfect timing to pray that Imam WD goes to hell ON THE DAY THAT THE IMAM DIED! Yes, this Tarek Mehanna fellow is a very nice guy!

    Here is what Tarek thinks of the Shuyukh (referring to Sh. Hamza and Sh. Yasir Qadhi):

    “That’s what many of us used to think…until the words (and photo opportunities) of the shuyukh proved us wrong.”

    Here is what Tarek said about a Sufi scholar:

    “Absolutely. He is a believer in and caller to major shirk, and we are believers in and callers to pure Tawhid.”

    Here is what he said about Sh. Jalal Abualrub:

    “Liar. Liar. Liar.”

    Here is what he said to someone else:

    “Wallahi, you should be severely beaten.”

    These are all his beautiful quotes from Islamic Awakening, and so it’s no wonder that his entire team of supporters from that site overwhelmed MM when they posted that article.

    But I’m not done yet of fact, our very nice Tarek wrote an entire article which was indirectly aimed at the Shuyukh in the west, accusing them of being “The Hypocrites of Today.”

    Now, even though Tarek said that killing civilians is wrong, he still supports those who do that, including Usama bin Ladin, Al-Qaeda, and the Al-Qaeda linked group called Al-Shabaab.

    In one post on Islamic Awakening, he calls Sh. Jalal Abualrub a “liar” three times because he (Jalal Abu alrub) criticized Usama bin Ladin. Then Tarek goes on to say:

    “Liar, then why did he [Abdullah Azzam] say this about him in 1988 – only a year before he was killed? Maybe [Jalal]’s just jealous that ‘Abdullah ‘Azzam, who he was trying so hard to cozy up to, praised Ibn Ladin instead of him.”

    And then Tarek defends Bin Ladin another time on MM, claiming that Sh. Ibn Jibrin praised Bin Ladin:

    “Seems to be confirmed here. Sometimes people want to hear what they want to hear.”

    (The word ‘here’ lead to a link that showed Sh. Ibn Jibrin praised bin Ladin, which seem to be Tarek’s viewpoints. Such a nice guy this Tarek fellow! He is nice to neighbors, he helps out in the community, and the ONLY minor problem is that he supports Usama bin Ladin.)

    In another post on Islamic Awakening, he supports Al-Shabaab, the Al-Qaeda linked group. When Al-Shabaab rips off the government, Tarek says proudly:


    In another post on Islamic Awakening, Tarek quotes someone praising Bin Ladin and assuring us that he’s not a terrorist but a credible leader:

    “Scheuer says Ibn Ladin ‘is an extraordinary man,’ ‘I don’t think he is a terrorist, he is a resistance leader,’ he is ‘a credible leader,’ and ‘a heroic figure'”

    And Tarek agrees with those sentiments, saying:

    “Interesting discussion from a few years back in which the CIA agent who spent years hunting Usamah bin Ladin appears more sympathetic to him than the Muslims he is discussing with.”

    So Tarek, just say it outright already! You’re sympathetic to bin Ladin!

    In another post about the Government of Algeria failing in an attempt to keep Muslims from joining Al-Qaeda, Tarek says:

    “…But the evil plot encompasses only him who makes it…[Fatir; 43]”

    And here are Tarek’s views on Al-Qaeda in general:

    “In terms of slander, there is no slander worse than to refer to entire Mujahidin groups as terrorists, even if they commit errors during the course of Jihad.”

    Yes, because killing civilians is just “a minor error” according to Tarek.

    Oh and I forget the BEST part. Tarek Mehanna went by the user name “Abu Sabaya.” Anyone want to know where he got that name from? It amazes me that people didn’t put this together before…Abu Sabaya is the name of the Filipino terrorist who led the Abu Sayyaf. This guy–and his group–would kidnap and take hostages, raping them mercilessly while in captivity. This is why the leader took the name Abu Sabaya, because it means “Father of the Captives.” And this is who Tarek named himself after.

    But oh yes, he’s such a nice guy! He walks his dog, recycles every week, and even helps old ladies cross the street! Sure, he named himself after a Filipino terrorist and murderer rapist, but who cares about that, right?

    Conclusion: this guy Tarek was just an “Al-Qaeda blogger” exactly as the media portrayed himself to be.

    I, as a student of Sh. Hamza Yusuf, applaud MM for taking out the trash, and wish they didn’t succumb to the barrage of Islamic Awakening comments on their site.

  10. @Marya: I think it is very unfair that all these brothers are making the allegations against MM that they are making. MM never specifically made any comments questioning the integrity of Tarek Mehanna (may God help and ease his difficulty). In fact, they explicitly stated that one has to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. For all these people to read in between the lines and derive meaning which isn’t intended is unfair and wrong.
    @ Abdul-Haqq Abdul-Kaliq: If you truly believe that we are going to meet God one day for all of our actions reflect on this. Suppose that the people that you stated are cowards or hypocrites are not such. How do you think you are going to respond to God for alleging that they are?

  11. MR said: “Everyone who knows him are shocked and surprised. This only reassures me that this is all BS.”

    Many people live secret lives on the internet. Were those people aware of all his rantings and ravings online? Are you (MR) telling me that you are surprised that he is arrested on terrorism charges when I just posted to you quotes from him where he supports Al-Qaeda, Usama bin Ladin, and Al-Shabaab? And these are quotes from his user name still online right now so you can check them on islamic awakening. But oh yes don’t forget that he volunteers in his community, walks old ladies across the street, etc!

  12. @ Sufi Talib of Sh. Hamza Yusuf:
    Listen, although your anger maybe well justified, right now is not the time to post this sort of stuff while the guy has been put into prison. This will only make things worse. Unless proven guilty, he is innocent.

  13. @Saad–It is the relevant time to discuss it. MR is boldly saying that the charges against him are trumped up based on those who know Tarek. First of all, even the neighbors and friends of serial killers will often say “but he was such a nice guy.” Tarek’s quotes indicate clearly that he had a predilection to radical terrorist groups, and so I ask: why is it automatically assumed by fellow Muslims that he is innocent?

  14. And yes, he is innocent until proven guilty. That’s why he is having a court trial to determine his guilt. But why on earth is a facebook account being created saying “Free Tarek”? That’s difference than believing in the principle that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Yes, you could call for a fair trial, but you can’t just say “free Tarek.” Otherwise, why not say that to every single criminal who ever gets arrested? Before his trial, chant for him to be freed since “everyone is innocent until proven guilty?” Yes, he hasn’t been proven guilty yet because the trial hasn’t taken place yet.

  15. “You know what I find really hilarious from this story is when they tried to join a group in Pakistan, they were rejected for not being Pakistani. Sounds like a lot of BS to me.”

    Why does it sound like BS?

  16. Sufi Talib
    1) You are cutting and pasting sentences from forums no one here was a part of. We don’t know what context in which these random sentences belong to. Most of them sound like normal things a young man would say in a informal medium. So you trying to further tarnish my muslim brothers reputation is inappropriate and down right unislamic.

    2) MR is giving our Brother the benefit of the doubt. He is being charged for terrorism, he is not being charged for propagating views that are contrary to yours in a forum.

    3) Anyone who takes the kufars word for it against a Muslim, especially when those Kuffar are openly persecuting the Muslims…is a suspicious character.

  17. asalamualykum sufi Talib,

    Talib would mean student correct? ( Im guessing your hanafi because your a student of Hamza Yusuf, but I could be wrong), but in any case, can you please provide me with sources from classical scholars that say a non-muslim goverment, tribe, or entity, is allowed to try, imprison, lash,(or carry out any punishment whatsoever) on a Muslim in any circumstance, EVER? It would be great and appreciated if it could be from this list of scholars ( abu hanifa, malik, shafii, ibn hajar, ghazali, ahmad, nawawi, suyuti, .. basically ANY scholar, anywhere in the history of muslims. ( and like I told someone else, sorry, Shaykh Al azhar wont cut it 🙂

    I will be kindly waiting.

  18. Just because this man had a certain ideology doesn’t mean he was willing to kill people. There’s a huge distance between words spoken about distant conflicts and the internal wish to kill. Clearly, Tarek was a guy with certain views – ideas in his head – but like so many others who speak similar words as him, he didn’t have any motivation to kill. Seriously, it’s a huge leap between someone who comments on blogs and someone who goes to malls and shoots up people – a huge leap. Quoting what he said on a website doesn’t give a shred of motive on his part.

  19. I support the guys right to free speech, but I do detest the content of his speech. I don’t like the fact that he is basically a chicken hawk, he accuses people of being cowards and not following true Islam, while he does the same. There is no doubt in my mind if he truly wanted to become a jihadist in Iraq or Afghanistan or Somalia he could have done so. This is obviously not a man whose economic situation would deter him from doing so. He went to a college that cost thousands of dollars, lived in a wealthy neighborhood, etc. His inflated ego got him in this place, so he has no one to blame but himself. Even his actions court, kicking over his chair, and not standing up when called to, show he is nothing more then a spoiled little punk.

  20. Sufi Talib of Sh. Hamza Yusuf, you actually went through all his posts to find statements you dislike? you sad individual.

  21. Sufi Talib,

    I am waiting to be educated from a talib. I really need your answer with references please from my question in the post above. If the answer is not able to be found on the internet, maybe you can ring one of your shaykhs.

    Thanks a lot , appreciate your time and patience.


    read his site, post and comments from supporting commenters.

    You decide.

    Also, Tarek is known to be close to Samir Khan, whose site is here:

    Again, please read all the interesting posts and comments left by people and then you decide. Or put it this way, if Samir Khan and Abdullah as-Sayf Jones, as well as Tarbiya (the administrators of that site) were arrested one day in the future, should be surprised?

    Q: When do we accept that sum1 may be guilty of a terrorist-related charge? What will it take to convince us that Tarek is indeed responsible? We seem to have proof with which to dismiss the announcements made about him by the government.

    I agree that OBVIOUSLY we need to support the course of the law and Tarek is innocent until proven guilty, but when are going to accept that there may be people within our communities that are plotting and doing these things?

    I also agree that we need greater context for the issue of “Sufi Talib”‘s forum quotes, but at the end of the day, if you are aware of the fact that Tarek often posted comments under the name “Abu Sabaya”, then you cannot ignore the unease inherent in some of those comments.

    Let’s get sources “Sufi Talib”. It will help everyone.

  23. why not read this?

    I did and I found nothing wrong with what you posted. Not only is there nothing wrong there certainly isn’t anything criminal.

    What I am surprised of is that you’re posting other people’s blogs as evidence against mehanna. Its not his words, and even if they were that doesn’t constitute a CRIME. You know crime…like that things people are charged for and go to jail for. JAIL, for blog posts…seriously.

    Is it just me or did everyone go mad?

    I feel sorry for myself, that this is what is left of my ummah. Indeed there is no helper nor protector other than Allah.

  24. Hi, Why not read this?


    I had asked for Sufi Talib to provide me with sources,(maybe he’s looking it up for me) but since you seem educated as well and into looking for sources, maybe you can help a less educated brother out. Ill paste my question below. I just need the answer to this, please not on other issues.

    can you please provide me with sources from classical scholars that say a non-muslim goverment, tribe, or entity, is allowed to try, imprison, lash,(or carry out any punishment whatsoever) on a Muslim in any circumstance, EVER? It would be greatly appreciated if it could be from this list of scholars ( abu hanifa, malik, shafii, ibn hajar, ghazali, ahmad, nawawi, suyuti, .. basically ANY scholar, anywhere in the history of muslims. ( and like I told someone else, sorry, Shaykh Al azhar wont cut it .

    Thanks heaps and look forward to your answer. I really need it.

    Your akhi

  25. can you please provide me with sources from classical scholars that say a non-muslim goverment, tribe, or entity, is allowed to try, imprison, lash,(or carry out any punishment whatsoever) on a Muslim in any circumstance, EVER?

    So governments and people who don’t believe in Allah Muhammad or Islam should treat Muslims special because they do, Mike? That is an arrogant way to go through life. Muslims shouldn’t live in non Muslim countries then.

  26. Mike,

    You’re sincerely welcome. Now can you tell me why a guy/girl who thinks Islam is superior to all other would be in a country that sees Islam as a fake religion?

  27. Frank,

    Firstly, which country sees Islam as a fake religion? Im guessing you mean the U.S.A. As you can tell, I am a research, fact based kind of guy. So, according to you the U.S sees islam as a fake religion, if I am correct. Please kindly provide for me documentation from the constitution ( bill of rights, amendments, etc) or presidential edicts, congressional votes, public referendums, that state Islam is a fake religion and does not belong in the U.S ( sorry, fox news polls do not count as official American Policy and neither does your opinion or mine :).

    Secondly, from a muslim perpective, Allah says in the Quran, “To Allah belongeth all that is in the heavens and on earth”. The entire earth and lands belong to Allah, no muslims will dispute this. Just because a certain person or entity rules a certain place for a period of time, does not negate this fact. So although its better for muslims to live in a ”muslim” country, we need to be everywhere to show the people the truth and light of Islam. May Allah open your heart to it.

    In any case, Im just waiting for documentation from Sufi Talib.


  28. “we need to be everywhere to show the people the truth and light of Islam”

    What if they have their own light and truth that works for them already?
    Islam isn’t the first religion that has rules on moral conduct.

  29. Mike, The United States of America sees all religions as having no authority in its jurisdiction. Religions are a private matter, no voice in the public sphere. Islam is a fake religion like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.

    From my perspective Allah is fake. What he/she says has no meaning. Allah is a run of the mill fraud who needs death to make his point… LOL !

  30. Frank I sincerely hate you for the sake of Allah.

    May Allah make all your offspring sincere pious Muslims, and May they curse you and what you stand for, amen

  31. @ Mike,
    When we live in other people’s countries, we follow their laws as long as their laws allow us to practice our religion freely. As a result, matters of crime and punishment are in the hands of the government and if they choose to punish a guy, they have the right to. We may not like that but if our brother is guilty of a crime, the government has right to punish him.

    @ Zookeeper,
    Your approach is not effective at all. You should not hate a fellow being who has come to our forum. You should not curse someone like that either.

    @ Frank,
    Thank you for your support of free speech. Even if you hate the content of the guy’s speech, we can at least agree on the fact that arresting someone for being a ‘chicken hawk’ is unconstitutional.

  32. @Saad: Why on earth are you defending Frank? He cursed Allah ta’ala and our religion wal-3iyyathubillah!

    So-called freedom of speech does not extend to saying “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre, so what about when a person dares to curse the Creator of the universe by calling Him fake? How repulsive.

    If he wants to come here to learn about the religion by being respectful and asking questions sincerely, this is one thing. To curse God is entirely another.

  33. @ Sufi Talib of Shk. Hamza Yusuf: – Bro, I had come to expect more from his students than what I’ve seen from you. I sincerely hope you weren’t engaging in some sort of rivalry / partisanship by posting all of those statements of Tarek. The critical fact here is that none of those statements were a crime, much less anything one should be sent to jail for. If you are trying to link those statements to his arrest, then you’re way off track. And if you did that out of spite because if Tarek’s views on Shk Hamza, then you’re also way off track.

    @ Saad: – Dude, just so that you know, this Frank guy is a self-styled apostate. He claims he was Muslim before, and then he left Islam. He comes here just to troll. Try to ignore him.

  34. Maybe saad has more American than muslim in his identification as an American Muslim.

    saad, no disrespect, but it seems like you value free speech over the rights of allah and his messenger.

    Faruq, right on my man. NO respect for allah, no respect for that person. simle as that.

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