8 Replies to “Ehud Olmert interrupted several times in San Francisco”

  1. What a horrible man, and such disgusting people.

    I wish these protests made a difference…unfortunately they just annoy and pester. I guess that is better than nothing.

  2. I personally don’t agree with protests like this. Be creative. To be fair, some people have families in gaza, like the guy in the video, and they feel enraged at olmert.

  3. Who is going to pay $50K to host Olmert at a public event if this is what consistently happens? I think these protests are very effective. We’re cutting off a part of his public relations and his funding stream in America.

  4. No, it actually makes him look like a victim, but you really have to wonder if they would invite someone they hate like Ahmedinejad and demand the same respect from the audience to listen to different viewpoints, even though A-jad hasn’t killed anyone…

  5. MashAllah – amazing work from the protestors.

    These are the kinds of protests we need to support – esp when backed by so many Non-Muslims.

  6. I just read this in regards to the protests…here’s a way all of us outside of San Francisco can help right now:

    Contact Jane Wales (JWales@wacsf.org) to express your outrage that the World Affairs Council invited former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to speak last night!

    Write a short, personal note. Here are some possible talking point

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