Niqabi Sister Help Police Arrest Gunman by Convincing Him to Surrender

Gangsta! I thought it was Philly but this was in Deleware.


12 Replies to “Niqabi Sister Help Police Arrest Gunman by Convincing Him to Surrender”

  1. SubhanAllah! I hope the reporter will survive the barrage of hate coming at her for letting a “fundamentalist” on TV and presenting her in a positive light. May Allah s.w.t. reward the sister for this and make us all as brave as her.

  2. Of course Ahmadi, they didn’t need to mention her Islam since she wasn’t convicted for anything 😛
    I hope most people can put it together by looking at her appearance though.

    but wow, maShaAllah @ this sister!

  3. daaaaaang that’s definitely gangsta lool

    MashaAllah, she need to get recruited by the police as a hostage negotiator because she obviously knew what she was doing.

  4. So now you generalize with a hint that philly is full of niqabi women? i can feel that sense of anti niqab in your post. stop it.

    But awesome video. 🙂

  5. sry men ( i am a man also,,,,,,) i find that Muslim women tend to be more fierce than the men….. especially when educated and motivated

  6. Maybe a new way in American Broadcasting – no more racial or religious profiling, or they didnt know she was Mozlem and didnt want to ask bout the niqab..?

    He gained a friend? Is she? She’l be his sister in Islam after he converts in jail…. First came Hancock, now the Niqab-sis..

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