America Kills Afghanis Working With Them

Man, Afghanistan is a mess.  If you fight for your land you may end up dead.  If you work with the invaders you may also end up dead.  May Allah make it easy for them and free them from any more war. Ameen!

At least eight Afghans working with US forces have been killed in a Nato air strike in north-western Afghanistan, the defence ministry in Kabul says.

Nato confirms an air strike was ordered and is investigating whether it was the cause of the deaths on Friday.

It was launched as US and Afghan forces reportedly came under insurgent attack during search operations in Badghis province for two missing US soldiers.

Five Americans and 18 Afghans were also wounded on Friday.

Nato said the casualties occurred “during a joint operation that involved multiple engagements over several hours”.

‘Important mission’

The Afghan defence ministry said a base housing coalition troops and Afghan security forces was mistakenly hit by the air strike.

Four Afghan soldiers, three police and another person believed to have been an interpreter were killed.

A spokesperson for the Nato force, US Navy Capt Jane Campbell, said: “We are saddened by the loss of life and injuries sustained during this very important mission.”


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  1. “…mistakenly hit…”

    Did you even read that part? This was not done on purpose, and saying so is ridiculous. It’s war, stuff like that happens.

  2. Actually I take that back. I was stupid for saying what I said above this post. Mistakenly hit is code for “wipe all those ragheads out” my mistake.

  3. The only time its “mistakenly hit” is when they wipe out their own forces. you know away from everyone

  4. I don’t who wrote the 2nd post in my name, but I sure didn’t. They did not kill the Afghan Soldiers & Coalition soldiers on purpose… notice how the excerpt also mentions that the barracks housed both Afghans and Coalition forces.

    Y’all need to stop your pseudo-defense of terrorists from the comfort of your couches of your homes. Go outside and do something for your mosque, community, and educate yourself!
    Note: I’m referring to the anti-Americans writing comments on this blog. On to anyone else, who I believe are more respectable.

  5. I am absolutely not anti-American. I love America because I was born here and was able to become a Hafiz of Quran here, in America. The thing is that PakistaniMD, what do you want us to do? Fight in the war? That’s not in my interest. Condemn terrorism? Of course. The Quran is very vocal in condemning the killing of innocent life. We were born as humans, not demons. The problem here is that, Blackwater who is part of American military forces, was found being ordered of “killing the ragheads” in fact the video is here on MR.

    I go to a weekly majlis where the shaikh talks about idiots who blow themselves up. So my “pseudo” defense is backed up with facts, unlike your pathetic attempt to downplay the innocent killings of afghans. Of course your a racist Pakistani so it’s not surprising at all.

  6. I did not say that one should go and fight overseas (but if you want to serve, you can always become a doctor or engineer for some other branch).

    I don’t care for Xe(Blackwater) b/c I am hoping that they get closed down. The pressure groups are already working on that, so I don’t what the big deal is for us to be yelling at them, when we know that they will face punishment for their crimes in the court system one day.

    “pathetic attempt to downplay the innocent killings of afghans. ”

    I define the killing of Afghans either as deliberate or in-deliberate. If any Afghan is killed, raped, or hurt DELIBERATELY than I will condemn it, just like anyone else, and hope that the criminals be brought to justice.

    “racist pakistani”

    I did’nt know I was a racist! I was under the impression that all Muslims must respect other Muslims and People of the Book regardless of their ethnicity, skin color, and nationality.

    I think what is happening here is that we are both misunderstanding each other (esp. if your the other poster in my name, PakistaniMD2).

  7. PakistaniMD, you seem very misinformed at how many afghan people have lost their lives due to this money sucking war. I think it was last year when 90 people died at a wedding in Afghanistan. Do you even bother to read how many civilian casualties have happened since the start of this war? It seems as if the government is trying to beat Israel!

  8. “Five Americans and 18 Afghans were also wounded on Friday”

    So why mr MR, do you emphasize the deaths of Afghans in the title?

    It seems other nationalities also sacrificed much that day, together in their struggle.


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