Video Blogging at Pearls of the Quran with Al-Madina Institute

Quranic Recitation by Shaykh Hassan Saleh

Amazing reciation by the official Qari of Al-Madina Institute

Quranic Recitation (part 2)

Bilal’s Walkthrough

Bilal Atiya gives me a walk through of the Hyatt Dulles where the 3-day event took place.

Bilal talks about Ice Cream and the Workbook

Ghydar singing “Ya Tayybah”

Personal Experience from an attendee

22 Replies to “Video Blogging at Pearls of the Quran with Al-Madina Institute”

  1. Awesome “ya taybah”, wonderful recitation, and I am sure it was a high powered retreat. I watched the Hamza Yusuf lecture online and it was awesome!

  2. This program was very inspiring and touching in many ways MashaAllah. Jazakullah to all the organizers. May Allah SWA continue to shower Al-Madina Institute with his Rahmah. Ameen.

  3. how is the “official” qari not even going to seek refuge from satan the accursed before starting his recitation. We know that when reciting in front of people out loud the isti’aadha must also be said out loud.

  4. Salaam Aghaa-ye MR,

    Will you be getting access to Shaykh Hamza’s talk? Do you know anybody who bootlegged it i.e. recorded it online?

    Thanks for your services brother.

  5. MashaAllah… what an amazing program and atmosphere it really was… JazakAllah khair to all the teachers and organizers!

  6. It was an amazing experience and alhamdulillah it was an honor to be there. One of the best conferences I’ve been to but much more intimate. Can’t wait till next year inshallah!

  7. I recorded it online and the SHY was just too good !

    I might upload it on youtube, but maybe al madinah won’t like that lol….

    but yeah… JazaKAllah khair to Al Madinah and to all the scholars who spoke.

    BTW – the Mujawwad recitation was fantastic!

  8. OK InshaAllah, i’ll post the video link asap here, after it’s done. My stupid ISP capped my bandwidth but i’ll upload from somewhere else.

  9. BROTHER, Can You Please Teach Us How To Record Live Streams Online with A Mac Computer? How Did You Record That? Thanks.

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