Fort Hood Victims Speak out against Anti-Muslim Sentiment

Thank you. May God make it easy for us all and protect the innocent.

10 Replies to “Fort Hood Victims Speak out against Anti-Muslim Sentiment”

  1. That is very big of them. When you lose someone you love you’re more likely to act on pure emotion. So that fact that they have so much sabr is very extraordinary, some muslims could learn from that.

  2. masha’Allah, i was happy to hear that. i lived in fort hood for 19 years, and that base is crazy. we’re a small ummah there with a lot of brothers in the army. i’m in the marines myself and i pray for those of us in the armed forces because it just got harder for us.

  3. lol…you should all be leaving the army because i never knew it was okay to be in an army actively fighting muslims.

  4. This is truly something remarkable and should be shared with others. May Allah guide them to the haqq. Ameen.

  5. @ al-suyuufi. i fail to see any humor about this. i joined the military in ’98 and two months later took shahada after my interaction with two muslim somalis. would i have found islam had i not joined the military? i guess we’ll never know.

  6. You found Islam cause Allah wanted you to. Plus it wasn’t wrong for you to join the military since you weren’t Muslim at the time.

    if i meet some muslims while drinking at a bar, and later convert, that doesn’t make the bar an okay place to visit, does it?

  7. Mashallah, may Allah bless them and give them ease in their time of difficulty.

    MR: Thanks for posting this. I live not far from Fort Hood and to hear families of casualties acknowledging the need to step back and use sense before stereotyping a group of people is really encouraging for me. I’ll pass this on to other Muslims in central Texas like me who have been worrying about being stigmatized because of this. Jazakallah khayr.

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