King Abdullah visiting the Prophet’s (s) grave

Intersting how the King can make dua raising his hands at the grave but when other Muslims try this, the brothers of the office of promoting the good and forbidding the evil stops them.  Skip to 1:30 in the video to see it.

May the blessings, peace and mercy be upon the Prophet Muhammad.

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  1. uh you can make dua to Allah at the location of the Prophet’s grave, the difference is between doing it, and thinking that it’s a special virtue to do so, or praying to the Prophet himself, or making Salah there, or staying a long time.

  2. Hmm interesting. I think some of the people didn’t approve which is why they started making d’ua towards the Qibla afterwards. Also noticed many of those with the king prayed with their hands low as per the Orthodox Hanbali position, whereas most Salafis will pray with their hands between the navel and the chest.

  3. Saudis are so ignorant and their blind followers are even more ignorant. Here are two more examples in addition to this one:

    1) The salafi influences like to follow literally. Yet, Saudi Arabia don’t go with moon sighting which is directly from the Prophet (may the peace and blessings of God be with him). And the world follows them.

    2) Salafis/Saudis don’t like to celebrate birthdays, especially the Prophets. Yet, when Condelleza Rice visits them on her birthday, they role out a carpet for her and have a cake ready for her.


  4. AS: You forgot to mention that they also do a Mawlid of ‘Abd al-Wahab every year! I guess this is not a bidda’.
    Al-Suyuufi: All Salafis are followers of the doctrine that is taught in Saudi Arabia, so yes, all salafis do taqleed of what is taught in Saudi Arabia.

  5. The muttawa didn’t seem to care about du’a w/ hands raised when I was there last summer. They only got irritated if anyone tried to lean over the railing and touch the gate or if you lingered too long holding up the line…

    My favorite hypocrisy of the “gaurdians of the two holy shrines” is the artistic rendering of whoever the latest head tyrant happens to be on their Rial notes….What happened to the ban on producing images of living things O’ great represenatives of the only “authentic” Islam?


  6. Salam, you’re just wrong. Tons of Salafi scholars are in jails because they oppose the Saudi govt…the first group of modern salafis as we know them who gave military support to Ibn Saud split off almost as soon as he founded the Saudi Kingdom…Ibn Taymiyyah basically called himself Salafi yet he predates the Saudi family. I can give counter-example after counter-example. Point is, Saudi govt uses the “Salafi” title for itself, and ends up enslaving many of its scholars, which leads to the misguidance of many.
    Sure, I follow Ibn Baz and everyone in terms of religious issues, but by no means do I attach myself to the Saudi govt whatsoever…

    Oh, here’s another example. Bin Laden. He sure as hell considers himself Salafi, I’d love to see you say he makes Taqleed to the Saudis…

  7. Oh and despite being salafi I dont follow the Saudi govt’s brand of Islam, nor do I follow Bin Laden’s (and I know many more people like this), so I guess the issue is way more complex than you thought

  8. there is just so much confusion these days and it seems salafis seem to be the butt of everyone’s jokes.

    Hes the one is going to say jack to him MR.

  9. The birthday of AbdulWahhab is celebrated? Saaaaaaaaaays who? I’ve never, ever, even heard his birthdate!
    And I expect if I asked almost every “Salafi” I know, they won’t know his birthdate, let alone celebrate his birthday!

  10. Salaam,

    First of all, this isn’t news, I dwnloaded this clip 5 months ago.

    Second, the King is taught the correct Islaam and is told not to make du’aa TO Prophet Muhammad, thus he isn’t, rather he just has his hand in that position. As for the people who do ‘umrah, no one knows what they’re saying and who they’re praying to.

    Quit bashing Sa’udis. I live in Saudi Arabia, and experience their actions and mistakes on a daily basis, but bashing Saudis on internet blogs doesn’t get us anywhere. Its a sin. It increases counter-racism which becomes racism. Thank you. Salaaam

  11. wa salam,

    Lol, the King is taught the correct Islam? Then why does he rule by manmade law, which is an act of kufr?

  12. Al Suyuufi, you are just right. 🙂
    Typical salafi arrogance.
    IM: Why would I bash my blood relatives/friends who are Saudi? It is the so-called “Salafi” doctrine that is “taught” in Saudi, I am not referring to the “people” of Saudi. I can tell you, most people in Saudi don’t even give a damn about Salafi/Wahabi, etc.
    When Imam Ahmad was alive, the biggest fitna in his time (which had a Khalifah) was that the the Quran was created. If Imams did not say/teach this, they were put to death. This opinion was trickled down to the masses, and people believed it. The Ummah was revived by Imam Ahmad who fought this wrong thought (amongst others) and taught the true teachings of Islam. Now, we do not have a Khalifah, but Saudi Arabia is looked at as the “centre” of Islamic learning. Saudi Arabia supports the so-called Salafi doctrine, just ask any Saudi doctor who is in the West, ask them what their kids learn on the weekend (their kids have to do Islamic studies on the weekend in order to go back to Saudi schools, Islamic studies/Quran is mandatory). Therefore, b/c Saudi is “perceived” by some as an authority, then whatever they support, the general masses will do taqleed. We need an Imam Ahmad to rise against this Salafi/Wahabi fitna today, and guide the ummah to the true teachings of Ahlul Sunnah.

  13. @Salam true, we need someone to take it to a higher level and make it better, but they’re doing more than any other “Muslim-majority country” out there. We should be happy they’re not advocating swirling people in dark closets screaming the same thing over and over

  14. Salam-
    You should be ashamed of yourself – Saying that Salafis celebrate the birthday of Imam abdulwahab ra7imaho Allaah is a blatant lie. Your either making this up, or you were fooled to believe it. Please tell us which of the two it is .

    If you have problems with the Salafi doctrine, present the faults in the doctrine ( aqeedah ) and dont give us nonsense about the king raising his hands near the grave of the messenger peace be upon him.

  15. Assalamu alaykum, Brother MR, you have a wonderful website/blog…
    Alhamdullilah, if you have the opportunity to go for Umrah or Hajj, please visit the Rasool (saws) grave, and experience it firsthand yourself, if you have not done already….In terms of the “religious police”, some may act improperly but the state may not condone their individual behaviour, also
    some may act as reminders to ignorant worshippers, who are on the path of committing shirk…it is agreed that there are perhaps better ways to remind people, who are in error, such as a quick lesson on how to behave according to the Sunnah b/f they visit, also to have people who are multi-lingual, who can speak on certain fiqh issues, in their local language, to get the message across…keep up the good work…let us try to be more constructive, so that we may improve our Ummah…with peace and blessings…

  16. @ Arif – if this is your ignorant understanding of what Sufism is, sincerely ask Allah to increase your understanding. I know this is difficult since “many” so-called sufis have made mistakes (in the past & now). It is difficult to find “true” scholars of Tassawuf. As the saying goes, Sufism was a reality w/out a name, now it is a name w/out a reality.
    @ Jaix – My dear brother, are you Non-Arab? The only reason why I ask is that most Arabs are aware of this. Please find out on your own.

  17. I am arab and I insist that what you said is a blatant lie. Simply prove me wrong . Prove to us that salafis celebrate the birthday of abdulwhab ra7imaho Allaaho
    Just tell me ? Have you come up with this on your own? Or did u just spread the lie ?
    You either started it or spread it . I dare u to prove that slafis celebrate it

  18. Salam, don’t use my opposition to the Saudi kingdom to aid your argument against Salafis…the doctrine of Salafiyyah predates the taghout Saudi kingdom, and Salafiyyah is not limited to the methodology that Saudiyya coerces its scholars to make it,

  19. @ Jaix: You misunderstood what I said. I did not say that the Salafi Shuyookh promote celebrating the b’day of ‘Abdul Wahab at the Ibn Sa`ud University in Riyadh, however, the Saudi gov’t supports it, why not then support the Mawlid?
    @ al-suyuufi: Learn history, and learn the practice of the “real” salafis. those who call themselves salafis today are an insult to the true bearers of that title.

  20. I was there in 2007 and the muttawa were quite busy slapping people’s hands who did this very same gesture in that very same place in front of the Maqam. Perhaps it’s something that falls in and out of fashion, like wearing fur or something 😉

  21. Assalamu alaykum

    We live in the last time, when we find a group of Muslims, concern more with graves, and shrines than worshiping Allah.

    When it comes down to making this affairs of the graves of the people. Over worshiping Allah.

    This was one from many tricks of the shaytan when he fool the people in too making idols of those who was pious and died. The people did so, they made these Statues for remembrancer than the next generation after them came along and shaytan fool them into worshiping them thinking they are getting more close to Allah.

    In our time you have the jahil of the muslims taking the graves of people as their lord, there shrine place of worship, seeking help going there asking them for help. From some sects of sufis go to the graves even make offerings. Doing all these action thinking they getting close to Allah. The truth is they worshiping shaytan.

    Knowledge of Allah and His deen will only bring you out of darkness. For those who call upon these shrines and busy them self with arguing about graves of the people.

    Busy your self with knowledge about Allah and His messenger. Then the veil will be lifted.

    But for those who do not busy them self with seeking knowledge from the Quran and sunnah you will forever be in darkness.

    Those how are for this falsehood you have no proof, most of you do not even understand Arabic or Quran in the text it was revealed rather then you stick to fools who are misguiding. Then you snare at your brother for calling you to the remembrance of Allah.

    Some one call you from these action then you lead to name calling “oh Wahabi” this word Wahabi we are all Wahabi it is the name of Allah that mean the bestower. So we are the followers of the Bestowed who is Allah.

  22. people are allowed to raise their hands in duah in front the prophets grave. i would know since i’ve been there several times including last summer ( mashallah). however the things that are prohibitted are bida’s for example if someone is saying a wrong duah or if they take too long and there are too many people so they need to shorten it up and give others a chance.
    i’ve never been on the men’s side but i know that on the women’s side people used to try and rub pieces of fabric near the prophets grave for good luck or to pray on or something and that is haram.
    and further more people critisize the saudi gov’t too much and they should try to think of the pressure they have to keep bida’s away from the two most holy cities in Islam. why don’t you try to take on such a responsibility and if you can succeed than you can criticize others. so for now we should all focus on our own flaws.

  23. I can understand how people respond to there emotion and I don’t blam them for that if iam to go to prophet once in my life time stakes are going to be high as far as my emotions are concern that’s what saudis needs to understand on the other hand I have seen people in that scence Saudi securties are very right people does beyond limits that’s all from me

  24. esselamu alejkum ue rahmetULLAH, by the arguments of kuran and sunnah he is a KAFIR (king)

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