The bill of hope for Afghanistan?

HR 2404:

To require the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to Congress outlining the United States exit strategy for United States military forces in Afghanistan participating in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Sources 1 | 2 (Full bill here)

This is a really interesting piece of proposed legislation. It basically forces the government to come up with a plan on leaving Afghanistan by December 31, 2009. At least it’s a baby step towards something positive. The sad part is most bills do not pass the committee review step (which is where HR 2404 is currently at). On top of that hundreds of bills are written up and proposed but only a few are actually passed. It’s like buckets and buckets of water being filled into an 8 ton tank and only a few drops are released.

The pitfalls of a Democratic system.

InshaAllah it passes.

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum My Brother MR,

    Bro why on earth do we hope for a Batil regime to allow a bill to go through that will exit the shaitanic army from the land of Afganistan!!!!!!!

    Who does sovereignty belong to in the universe????????? Every muslim must contribute to the establishment of Shariah in the muslims lands starting with Pakistan. It is such a dilema that the people would accept the proper implemetation of Shariah. All that needs to take place is for the sincere elements of the Pakistan Army to overthrow the corrupt system and pledge allegiance to Allah and his Messenger, Qu’ran and Sunnah. The with all the muslims wordwide supporting such a system the Islamic State would move to join up with Afganistan, Bangladesh and deal swiftly with America and expell her indefinitaly from this area once and for all. Every muslim around the world, everyone muslim/non muslim that has been oppressed by the USA will rejoice and celebrate that a sincere caring leadership has arisen and will finally take care of the affairs of this upside down world we all currently live in.

    Why would any sane muslim have hope in a government that has bombed Falluga so mush that the after effects of this is resulting in deformed babies, raping of muslim women in american prisions in Iraq and you want to have hope in the Aemrican admisnitration!!!!

    Please my brother think about what Im saying, Im not an extremist, radical, just believe I am wrting the truth insha Allah.

    Ps sorry about spelling mistakes, did this in a rush.

  2. Hey Brother MR:

    I’m Afghani, living in Canada atm.

    I have a lot of family still living back home and I’ve asked all of them what they think of the US army in their homeland. When I asked my Grandpa, he’s about 75ish he has seen it all in Afghanistan many of the wars from soviets and such. And he told me:

    I am happy they are here; they are helping our people out and most importantly keeping the Taliban out.

    I agree with him 100% – So before you follow the Islamic/Extremist stigma you should think twice about how the army is truly affecting the citizens of Afghanistan. Yeah its the UNITED STATES they are the devil, they are evil, have you seen those Youtube videos of what they have done to innocent Muslims!? But rather apparently they are doing positive for the Brothers/Sisters of Afghanistan and I support them. And my Grandpa’s statement regarding is the best one can listen to. No bias, he’s a strong Muslim; he’s seen it all in Afghanistan. So I will stand by him.


  3. @MR: Brother come on… That’s just becoming to sound like a cliche. At the end of the day it is AFGHANISTAN… How long how we been in war for? Killings from both side has now become to sound inevitable. Pre-invasions of US army into Afghanistan there were many killings to from Muslims on Muslims was there not?


  4. “haqq” – Your grandpa isn’t the only person in Afghanistan. Tons of people are against an American presence there. The only people that really support the Afghan government and the US presence would be those who live in Kabul, but other than that, not really. Keep in mind you don’t have to be Taliban in order to be an Afghani who wants the US to leave.

  5. MR: If you and every other Muslim and Muslim nation on this planet and vow to critique and condemn what Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran have been doing in Afghanistan for the past 20 years JUST as strongly as you condem the US presence, then Haqq, I and every other Afghan will support you in your statements regarding the US in Afghanistan.

    Are you and the other Muslims and Muslim countries going to Gaurantee that the Pakistani/Saudi backed Taliban won’t return as soon as the US leaves or atleast say a word about it? Yes or no?

    Enough of our people have died and we are no longer going to accept phoney crocodile tears from the rest of the ummah while it turns a blind eye to the actions of the aforementioned Muslim “brothers” as it was before 9/11. Enough is enough.

    Al-Suyyufi, it is true that a large percentage of Afghans want the US out, mostly due to the fact of civilian casualties and the fact that not dealing with Pakistans role in all of this ultimately makes the whole war pointless for Afghans anyway….nut what you conveniently choose to ignore is the fact that those same majorities of Afghans consider Pakistans government, military and ISI the NUMBER ONE enemy of our country and we don’t want them and their Taliban puppets EITHER….

    We will not accept being ruled by Islamabad, Tehran or Riyadh just as we will not accept rule by Washington, and I gaurantee you folks 100% the war will continue even if the US leaves and our sovereignty is not respected by those nations. It is OUR country and WE alone have the right to rule it. End of story.

  6. No ZAI, I did not ignore that, since I said: “Keep in mind you don’t have to be Taliban in order to be an Afghani who wants the US to leave.”

  7. Haqq, now you’re the one relying on cliches..except this time cliches of the Kuffar. They go into other people’s countries upset the natural political, economic, social way of life then blame the people for killing each other. They are manipulating it for their own gain, look what they are doing to sudan, every time there is a peace treaty they pay off another group of rebels to start the conflict again. Its like the bay of pigs strategy except…all over the world.

  8. I’m not Afghan, so I’m not going to pretend I know what’s best for Muslims there.

    But I am American, and I have a pretty good idea of what’s good for me and my country.

    These continuous, never-ending wars are destroying America. They are wasting our treasure and are not done for the benefit of the people we’re supposedly fighting for. The only ones who really benefit are big corporations and big politicians.

    And for what? To establish a corrupt puppet government in Kabul?

    Since no one wants to accept Islamic reasons for opposing this war, tell me why I as an American (albeit Muslim), should support it? How does it improve my life here in America?

    Muslims in Afghanistan were dying before America came, and they’re dying afterwards.

  9. I am in full support of ending the US war in Afghanistan, for BOTH Islamic and US national interest reasons.

    What I and most other Afghans ALSO want though is a clear and thorough condemnation of what Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran have been doing in Afghanistan since 1992 and to protest and attempt to prevent it. I want statements by ulema in other nations and by the OIC, as well as Muslims in general….and if they are not willing to do that then they should not talk about Afghanistan PERIOD.

    It is not only the “kuffar” that have caused war, manipulation, sabotage and used bribery in Afghanistan. So have Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran. Pakistan has been sobotaging Afghan peace since 1992 when it had Gulbuddin Hekmatmayar start raining missles on Kabul to disrupt the unity government led by Sibghatluah Mujaddidi which was agreed to by ALL parties in Mecca in front of the Ka’aba of all places.

    So enough! Either condemn it ALL or stay out of Afghan business. Enough of my people have died due to this hypocrisy and desire to protect the idea of an insincere Muslim nationalism and a true unity based on Qoran, Sunnah and Islam which doesn’t really exist.

    My people and nation are not an expendable commodity meant to be sacraificed to realize political and military goals against the west and corrupt Muslim regimes in more “important” places like Egypt, Saudi or Pakistan….

  10. @ZAi: No my Grampa isnt AFGHANISTAN but his wisdom, experience and what he has truly seen – I can stand by his judgment confidently. What Afghanistan really needs is for Pakistan to terminate all their affairs with our home country.

    @Zookeeper: They might do that to other countries but what political/economical/social life did Afghanistan really have?
    Politically ran by a bunch of extremist that were not even predominantly AFGHAN (Taliban)
    Economically, Its basically a universal fact now that Afghanistan is heavily povertized and in truly bad economic conditions.
    Socially, we all know how the Taliban were treating the citizens of Afghanistan… Public executions, women were being treated like animals either forced to marriage, raped or just a useless widow. Was there even any healthcare? education? And who really profited off the narcotics… Taliban or America? I’ll leave that to you to answer.

    And when you say that America is doing this for their OWN gain? What gain are they achieving, bad PR? Soldiers dying? A lot of tax money gone to waste? I dont really see what they can be profiting off of.

  11. Haqq, who are you responding to? I am Afghan and I agree with you that Pakistans government is the cause of many of our countries miseries…

    Araam ko baradar jaan. Read correctly before you write! Tashakkur….

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