FIFA, France and Germany build Soccer stadium in Palestine, Israel wants to Demolish it

Kicking footballs is a threat to the national security of Israel.

A friendly game between an Arab soccer team and a Palestinian team was supposed to inaugurate the new stadium being built in the eastern part of Al-Bireh, near Ramallah, at the end of the year. “Supposed to” because the Civil Administration, an arm of the Defense Ministry, has ordered that the work be halted and is threatening demolition.

FIFA, the international soccer federation, financed the stadium as part of a larger program to promote Palestinian soccer. The stadium covers 11 dunams (2.75 acres) and will hold 8,000 seats. An Israeli contractor, in partnership with a Dutch company and a Palestinian subcontractor, constructed the field.

n October 2008, when the field was ready, FIFA president Joseph Blatter and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad laid the cornerstone for the stadium. The governments of France and Germany are paying for the construction of stands. The outer wall, the lighting and the scoreboard are being financed by the Al-Bireh municipality, which owns the land and within whose jurisdiction the stadium is located.


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  1. MR you silly person! Our religion threatens the very existence of Jews and Israel!!!! Israel has every right to suppress the very rights of the Palestinians simply because they are Muslims! The Ko-ran explicitly tells us to kill Jews and all infidels LOLZ! Didn’t you know that??? I am proud of Israel for standing up to this non-existing threat just like always!

  2. Who is this nub? The Quran doesnt tell us to kill jews….
    Also M R Palestinians are Arabs….. Good thing that the israelies are showing their stupid side 😀

  3. very soon death is coming to israel.
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    Sidi Akbari

  5. MR, don’t listen to “Anonymous” it will be a sad day if you try to ban free speech, or whatever innapropriate comments. I also would like to know how “Anonymous” was able to obtain those IP addresses. Maybe if anonymous can’t take opinions that disagrees with a person, he/she can go back to kindergarten and learn how to have a conversation with somebody instead of blocking them off.

  6. I smell a stinky fight? Anyone else smell something. Oh wait…that could be [your name here].

    What would spice this up even more is if suyuufi would show up!



  7. Can we get back to bashing Israel? That’s rather fun and never grows old.

    At least until Sarah Palin decides to run for President. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of things to blog about when/if that happens.

    Oh, the possibilities!

  8. I can believe some people didn’t get my comment. Didn’t you guys see the last part of my comment “I’m proud of Israel for standing up to this NON-existing threat just like ALWAYS” jeez I always thought the people here would fight only over which madhab is right and whose wahabbi and who isn’t (did I just provoke more fighting?!) I thought I was pretty clear in my sarcastic comment. Sheesh, I even thought I’d get a few chuckles here and there >_<

  9. People chuckle quietly. They bark loudly.

    Welcome to MR’s blog, Fight-Provoker!

    “…did I just provoke more fighting?”

    Hope to see you comment more often. Fiery fights bring more hits. More hits for MR means more commenters…which means reading posts get less boring and more entertaining.


  10. wow the sheer pettiness/dickery of this is astounding…I thought that the fact that Israelis are also huge football fans would somehow enable to them have a shred of sympathy if for just this one project, but I guess I was just being naive…this is surely a new low even for them.

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