Best Buy “Happy Eid al-Adha” makes Conservative Christians go crazy

As you can see here (via TechCrunch) a few people are mad that BestBuy’s thanksgiving advertisement features a 14-letter phrase (or 15 if you count the hyphen).

Who’s going to BestBuy this weekend?

UPDATE: “Merry Christmas” BestBUY TV AD

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  1. @Ayoub

    “The wine is symbolic drinking of the blood. And the bread (eucharist) is the eating of the body of christ.
    “This is the blood of christ shed for you.” -Priest
    The priest has the power to turn the wine into a sacred symbolic blood of Christ.
    I should know, i was catholic for 16 years.”

    You don’t have to give me the Catholic line card. I know what they believe. My question is why do even former Catholics assume every Christian is Catholic? I know what the symbolism is. There is obvious symbolism in Muslim’s animal sacrifice too, but for Christians drinking the wine is not drinking blood. Distort what you want, but the view on radical Muslims is not a distortion… it’s fact. People bring up all manner of ignorant comparisons on both sides, like the Crusades. We don’t have any active Crusaders today.

    I’m not painting you all with a broad brush and I don’t believe you or any of the other folks on this site are radical Muslims. I’m simply telling you that your culture is a sub-culture of America (a welcome one) yet not the predominant one, nor should it be. If you want it to be the overriding culture under which you live then do that in your own community or go to a country that is primarily Muslim.

  2. I give props to BB for recognizing a major holiday of the largest monotheistic religion; Islam.

    But the anger i read on the BB forums from so-called christians and racists is nothing but anger they already had before they read the “Eid ul Adha” on the BB ad.

    When i buy products from the grocery store; I sometimes see U and K symbols. meaning they’re Kosher. Am I going to raise hell and post my anger online and call the company of that product??? no! I, as well as many muslims, respect Kosher products. My favorite DELI/Bakery/Restaurant is owned by a jewish family. I know some muslims that eat there.

    Despite all the murders and atrocities that Israel gets away with against the Palestinians because of the whitewashing of the media… i dont, and I refuse to label all Jews, and will continue to go to my favorite jewish deli. A lot of jews dont even want to associate with Israel and some are even against Israel (Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky, The Neturai Karta of Chassidic Jews).

    Yet, I find that only the christians have a hard time accepting a small grain of Muslim Holiday on an store ad; saying things like “DERKA DERKA JIHAD!!! TOWEL HEAD KABOOOM!”.

    Are you of Jesus or the Devil?

  3. @ayoub

    By the way… try getting a practicing Catholic to admit what you said. Those that are not Catholic do not believe the sacraments to be actual blood and flesh. They also do not believe the priest has any more “power” than any other believer.

    And the Pope is just a man (yes, I’m an equal opportunity offender).

  4. @ Greene :

    Agree w/ you that there has been a assault going on in America against the Christian religion and culture. That’s especially true when it comes to media or art. I hope Christians put the blame for this where it belongs though: on SECULARISTS and not on the fact that America’s demographics are shifting due to minority faiths.

    I honestly have yet to meet a religious Muslim, Jew or whomever who has attacked Christianity….if anything we know that people of ANY religious faith are all in the same boat when it comes to the secularists. Personally I myself, and millions of Muslims have no issue with Christianity in the public sphere….as long as I’m not forced to kiss a crucifix more power to it….

    That being said….I think it’s important for both Christians and Muslims…not to mention any other religious group….to break out of this pattern of “us vs. them” as if it’s a zero sum game or a cultural war. It is most definitely not, and there is no need for this mutual antagonism. We can all respect eachother and live together.

    Yes, this is a majority Christian nation and they have every right for their culture to be celebrated in the public sphere as long as they don’t force it on others in the private sphere….but I see no reason why anyone has to deny someone else a miniscule nod in a meaningless ad to celebrate their own culture/religion. A

    ny of this Christian anger at suppression, insults, etc. should be directed at the secularists pushing this agenda….not religious minorities.Hell I would tell any Christian out there I 100% prefer a Christian America to Secular Europe….

  5. @ZAI

    I feel very much the same as you in respect to other religions but almost no one wants to be level-headed. I totally believe in my faith, and though I may witness and hope others accept it I don’t feel the need to try and compel anyone.

    America is accepting of other faiths. I love that it is, but America’s culture and founding were on Christian principles. What I’d like some Muslims (from Muslim countries) who are preaching to me about religious freedom to answer is this… how much diversity and religious freedom is allowed in their countries? Even in Saudi Arabia there is Christian persecution and it is a predominately Muslim society. If that is how they wish to live I’m not going there and asking that they ‘accept’ my faith. I may wish that they allow me to worship freely, but if they ask me not to advertise my religion in their society I will either respect their request or I would be willing to face the consequences.

    That being said, America was founded on the more inclusive principle of religious freedom with the understanding God (the God of the Jews) and the Ten Commandments were our guiding light.

    Thank you so much for being a voice of reason.



  6. 1l, you are an embarrassment. I’m muslim and for anyone to say America is not a nation founded on judeo-christian values is absolutely ignorant. Study the history of this nation and the forefathers and you will see different. That being said, there is a freedom of religion and tolerance in this nation and obv. many don’t abide by that. Muslims need to stop trying to victimize themselves and make a difference. Educate people on what Eid-ul-Adha is. Tell them it tells a story of Abraham and Ismael. That would serve much better than putting your angry hat on and trying to sound intelligent (1L) when you actually sound like a dumbass.

    Thank you Gordon for being tolerant of our religion and not spewing hatred. I only wish there were more people like you.

  7. re: qAZI

    What are you smoking? =P Here are my posts since the beginning. I don’t mention anything about Judeo-Christian foundations of America.

    # 1L November 24th, 2009 at 12:13 am

    @Your Worstnightmare

    You are delusional. American policy is the cause of untold misery to hundreds of thousands of civilians overseas. We know it. You know it. So spare the rest of the sane world your delusions.

    @Gordon Greene

    There’s a fundamental flaw in your argument. Since 2006, no religious holiday greetings in ads, correct? So, 2009 is the first time that “Happy Eid” shows up. Seeing as how it’s NOT CHRISTMAS YET, why don’t people sit down, shut up, and wait to see if BB puts in “Merry Christmas” this year instead of crying foul. There’s obviously been some kind of policy shift in this whole thing.

    I’ve walked into stores at the mall, grocery stores, and pharmacies to hear Christmas song after song being played already. Muslims aren’t griping about that. Yet, one little phrase in an AD, and people start going crazy and calling us all terrorists again.

    # 1L November 24th, 2009 at 12:15 am

    (And I don’t mean to intrude rudely since I know you guys are/were still discussing in the comments, but I’m already sick of hearing that argument that this whole thing was ignoring Christmas… it’s everywhere, and it’s just flawed.)

    # 1L November 24th, 2009 at 12:55 am

    “America’s policies have freed millions of civilians overseas.”

    I was responding to “Yourworstnightmare’s” comment for a reason. America’s had a major impact on the lives of millions outside the US. But it’s been for both good and bad. It’s biased to assume people have no reason to ever be anything but grateful to the US for the effect our policies have had on them.

    “Christians have been quiet about this cultural shift in America and the results are devastating.”

    What cultural shift? And what quiet? I’m confused at what you’re referring to.

    “I’m not interested in waiting to see.”

    So you’re complaining about something that hasn’t occurred yet? Let me get this straight. A business posts a holiday greeting to X group in November. People get angry because they haven’t posted a similar greeting to Y group for a holiday in December. Yet no one is interested in seeing whether the business puts in that greeting in December?

    Wow. Cuz honestly, Eid moves in terms of date every year. So I would totally be backing you up if BB had not posted “Merry Christmas” in December but then “Happy Eid” in January. Seeing as how you have yet to know whether they were planning to put out a “Merry Christmas” greeting IN DECEMBER, I fail to see why this is such a big deal.

    Also–and this is separate from all the above stuff–at the end of the day, there’s enough Santa-love to go around in retail nationwide to make up for a 14 word message in a weekly ad. So, really, way to be upset over some kid getting a crayon for a gift when you got a pony.

  8. We should respect all religions. Christians get all their holidays recognized and the Jews as well so why not Muslims too? I find it funny how people actually are complaining about a company wishing people a happy holidays…very sad

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