Jesse Ventura on 9/11 and Questioning the Government

The FOX News guy that walks off the stage is funny.

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  1. Dang, I thought this video was from recent. It’s from ’08 or something. Oh and MR, did you notice how extremely fast 2009 went by? It’s as if yesterday I was sitting on my couch on exactly January 1st typing on my blog (which is now deleted)!

  2. That guy just stormed off, making himself look foolish…then they all have a decent conversation about it.

    Funny back and forth in the beginning though

  3. as saalamu alaikum brothers and sisters….i don’t know what took place on 911 but i do think Jesse ventura made a good point….something really funny took place with those towers falling the way they fell….It was shocking to see HOW they fell and then when the police officers, news people, average joe on the street and firemen say they heard BOOM BOOM BOOM and the thing fell i think planted bombs was what made them fall NOT the jets. And we all know from the owner of building 7 that it was “pulled” forced down according to it’s owner. I know that if it had explosives inside then they were PLACED inside prior to 9/11 and that means INSIDE JOB OR it means that 19 arab men walked around for weeks planting them and went unnoticed! LOL

    but the real question is not how but rather WHY…. why would our GOV do that and put the blame on muslims? AND what message does that or should that send to muslims? ISNA put out a statement saying they were proud of muslims who serve in the US armed forces…LAST time i checked the US was at war in SEVERAL muslim countries…it could be that ISNA does not know that LOL. HOW can they be proud of muslims who are in the armed services fighting along side the kufar who are fighting the muslims? HUMMM…prophet muhammad(saws) said…the muslim ummah is like one body…when one part is harmed….ALL parts are harmed. (Bukhari and MUSLIM)

    clearly america is at war with ISLAM and muslims and our way of life…what is sad is i am not so sure we have gotten the memo on the issue.

    i have seen all the crap on FEMA camps and Alex Jones and foreign military on the US city streets JUST in case they are needed for RIOT control? WHAT would make the people in america RIOT to such a degree that we need more than the police or NAT Guard. They say in case of a terror attack….Why would a terror attack against the US make me riot against the US? the only terror attack that would piss me off is one done by the US to us citizens……… hey i might be on to something……NAH they would never do that would they or have they ALREADY done it? perhaps this is why they hate for you to ask questions about 911 JESSE.

  4. ^ The poster above ((umeezee) is need of mental help…

    The site he links to is extremist site that advocates hate on the same level as right-wingers’ hate. No wonder why the creator of that site was kicked out of the Islamic Cultural Center in NY; he deserved the boot.

  5. I agree with Umeezee. You’re blind if you havent seen the obvious of previous and current Obama administration. Blind, or a sell-out dunya-lover ready to kill and oppress other muslims to win favor of the kaffiroon elites.

  6. You guys need to chill with the kuffar insults and links to extremist sites.

    I’m not a Muslim, although I know many and work with them great, but no need to get all hateful like the loafs at revolutionmuslim do and incite hatred and threaten to kill infidels.

  7. The “Revolution” site is a typical Wahhabi propaganda site. It blasphemously teaches that Allah has a giant face, fingers, foot, and laughs. If you want to REALLY deal with quasi-islamic extremism, you must deal with THE DOCTRINE. Extremism and anthropomorphism (or corporealism) go hand in hand.

    You have a group of unthinking literalist, who read certain Verses (and Hadiths) with no understanding of the Islamic `Aqidah–and an utter refusal to use common sense. They take those Verses literally, and as a result think that the Creator of the Universe is hovering above their heads with a smiling face and a tibia. Consequently, if they have such a stupid literalist understanding about the thing they erroneously worship, it wouldn’t be surprising they have a stupid/literalist interpretation of the Verses and Hadiths pertaining to Islamic statecraft.

    They (these Wahhabi) don’t think. It doesn’t occur to them that Allah created direction, place, and time, and that Allah is not a spatial entity that exist within direction, place, or time. It is enough that Abu Ja`far At-Tahawi said:

    “Allah is gloriously supreme from having boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, appendages, and instruments. NONE OF THE SIX DIRECTIONS contain Allah, as is the case with all created things.”

    May Allah guide us and make us aware of this menace to humanity.

    With Allah is the success.

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