Young Jeezy’s shirk free understanding of Islam


By my nephews and nieces, I will email Jesus
Tell him forward to Moses and CC Allah


So my tafsir on this is that Young Jeezy believes the Christians go to Jesus (peace be upon him) for help, the Jews go to Moses (peace be upon him), and Muslims go to Allah. There is your shirk free rhyme. May Allah guide him.

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  1. Either that, or he’s using Jesus as an intermediary to Moses and God (I won’t put Allah’s name into this crap), since he’s emailing Jesus, who in turn is forwarding to Moses and God.

    Plus he says “by my nephews and nieces” which sounds like he’s swearing by the name of Creation…unless I’m taking it out of context since I have no clue about this song.

  2. Haha. This is interesting. I’m watching my words veeeeery carefully so not to attract a firestorm of comments aimed at me. I mean MR this post right here is a one way path to “2009 Muslim Comment wars”! LOL

  3. @burhan – I don’t listen to it. I get emails from people telling me about it. So I investigate and find it interesting.

  4. Well you may not listen to it but millions of people do so if you want to relate to them you got hear it and know whats in it, but I forgot …yall don’t make dawah and could careless about any else besides yourselves, and then get surprised when non-muslims misunderstand you and discriminated against you when you where the ones who came here and decided to hide in your ivory tower masjids and not have any interaction with the population.

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