Jon Stewart on the Swiss Minaret Ban

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Jon Stewart should become a CNN news anchor.

5 Replies to “Jon Stewart on the Swiss Minaret Ban”

  1. This definitely made my day. I can’t believe that Switzerland truly is taking a stand against minarets. You would think that there worries would be concentrated elsewhere. Oh the joy of ignorance and fear.

  2. Lol MR, actually Jon Stewart is considered the most trusted anchor in the US. Which is funny cause he isn’t even an anchor. 😛

    And man, my poli sci prof described the poster they had with the black sheep being kicked off, and my friend and I just couldn’t believe it. How ridiculous.

  3. lol brother Ibrahim…perhaps with the hot-button divisive issues of abortion and gay marriage aside, “typical liberals” by and large have proven themselves to be our ideological allies when it comes to so many of our shared priorities and concerns such as the opposition of trickle down economics and championing of equal opportunity, civil liberties, greater and more equitable access to basic social services, the pursuit of a more humble, pragmatic, and balanced foreign policy to name just a few…

    In fact even when it comes to the bogey-man issue of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, liberals seem to show remarkably more compassion and enlightenment over their reactionary counterparts…

    It’s no accident that the participants of Palestinian solidarity and/or peace marches tend to overwhelmingly be from the politically liberal spectrum of American society

    So I guess I along with (I suspect) many Muslim-Americans would also be considered as “typical liberals” along with my comrade Jon…so thanks for the compliment brother 🙂

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