“Britain’s Most Powerful Muslim Woman” takes an egg

British Muslims are very interesting

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  1. It would be great if she wore Hittable. Second, those guys that egged her were very, very, very immature. She’s a woman for god’s sake. I’m not sure who this woman is, so I’m not going to defend her nor am I going to accuse her. I just believe that if she did something wrong, we shouldn’t burn her at the stake.

  2. If would be great if she wore Hijab* don’t know what the hell hittable is or what it means for the record.

  3. This story made me sad, these guys are part of the Muhajjiruun group lead by Anjem Choudary and they like to do controversial things and stir up problem, they also have their “London School of Sharia” etc. But yeah, whenever you see a controversial protest etc staged by muslims in London you will find these guys there.

  4. I’m not sure who this sister is, but those guys in the hoodies have NO right to treat her like that and interrogate her about her religious beliefs. Seriously, is religious fanaticism increasing in Europe among Muslims?

  5. Pathetic really… who hit the woman with an egg? If it was those guys man they really gotta get some sense knocked into them.

  6. that happened in my town(LUTON) lol. Yh those guys claim to be good muslims and try to implement islam in the community in a sort of extreme way. uno that tall guy with the beard next to the woman comes and waits outside my college to give lectures, i gotta say that they are sorta extreme. Uno they claim to represent islam but look at em, which good muslim would egg a woman, where in the sunnah of the prophet(pbuh) does it say that YOU SHALL EGG WOMEN LOL.

    i talked to those guys nd they go dat oh she is setting a bad example for muslims with her powerful status. But uno she da most powerful muslim woman in britain even out of da non muslim woman. uno she said that yh i’m tryin make britain a better society for muslims. but these guys claim that she jus workin for the british and doen’t care bout us. WAT IDIOTS, THEY MAKE ME LAUGH

  7. I find them very arrogant when they say ” are you going to teach us about the Propht” or something like that. I love them for the sake of Allah but they are pathetic, why dont they egg a big racist instead?

  8. Correction: Its almost always the Pakistanis and Indians that manipulate and change islam. They either get too Extreme claiming they are the best muslims, or they get too liberal by not covering at all and immitating the Hindus or British.

  9. These guys are misguided arrogant fools, no other words to describe them. Any half intelligent person can see that.

  10. Who is the woman? What makes her so “powerful?” Did she say something deviant–is that why the guys are giving her a hard time? Is she some sort of apologist?

  11. ^Doesn’t matter who she is or what she stands for, they have no right to speak to her in such a condescending way. It’s disrespectful and certainly not Islamic.

  12. @Ayoub – i’m not a Asian, but your statement is racist and narrow minded.

    To all non-UK people here. These lot are a very small minority group which is al-Muhajiroun and they do these publicity stunts in front of the cameras and press every so often. The press loves them for their controversy, the Muslims of the UK despise them and pray that Allah guides them to the truth.

    The women does not represent Muslims, she is simply a Muslm by name and is a token Asian/Muslim in the conservative party (right wing).

  13. Subhnallah these people call for Shairah but if they hurt her, they would of had to pay blood money! They go against Shairah.
    May Allah swt forgive us and guide us ameen

  14. Shame on those people. Throwing an EGG at a Muslimah? Their manor of speech!

    They don’t know the Sunnah.

  15. They think big beards makes them know it alls? forget know it alls, they think it makes them like Rasoolullah? La hawla wa la quwa ta illah billah. Even one atoms worth of arrogance can lead a person to where they dont want to go, if they were the scholars they present themseleves to be, they ought to know that!

    Syeda Warsi is an MP, sits in Parliament, for the Conservative group. She is shadow community minisiter and is a brilliant representative for the Muslims in England politically wise. She stands up for Islam when and where she can whenever it is attacked, or questioned and she does so well, with clarity and adaab. I have utmost respect for her, and she deserves the title of most influential muslim woman. I pray Allah continues to guide her to Him and grants her the ability to continue serving Him with sincerity.

    These brothers are cowards. They are not educated enough to enter into discourse, and choose to attack a sister with an egg? Aoothobillah.

    Forget british muslims MR, its the state of the muslims in the world, muslims of today, the ummah as a whole who is interesting! You ought to change the description to ‘the ummah today is interesting’ or ‘the ummah today is saddening’, rather than making British Muslims feel like we are all caught up in civil arguments. Just saying.

  16. I did a little research on the “Barroness” Saida Warsi. What is reported about her is that she said that homo-marriages are fine. IF she said that (and that’s an IF), then she is a kaafir(ah). Anyone who has rejected what Allah revealed by deeming the haraam to be halaal (or conversely, the halaal to be haraam) has exited the Religion of Allah.

  17. so in which case it is OK to hit her with an egg?
    what is your point swarth moor? You say IF in capitals, yet still post a post with such uncertainty? Either give excuses and dont do takfir on someone without full knowledge, or post with confidence in what you say. Otherwise its known as spreading rumours. And none of us would like that.

  18. Undercover,

    The same judgment applies to anyone: intentionally deeming the haraam to be halaal is kufr. I mentioned this point clearly and unambiguously because many people who call themselves Muslims are unwilling to take a stand on this very elementary aspect of `Aqidah (hence, they call folks who have said all sorts of kufri comments “Muslims” or even “sheikhs of Islam”).

    She certainly smells fishy: she is a “Baroness” in the British system. It’s not very likely she achieved that title by being a devout Muslim (and running around with her hair hanging out ain’t helping her cause). That, of course, is not a reason to deem someone a kaafir(ah)–but it would be interesting to know WHY these guys are harassing her. Although, from what people are saying here, and what i have seen in googling them, they SEEM to be extremists of the radical sort, but that does not preclude that they do not have a legitimate criticism of Warsi’s claims. I’ll do a little more research on her and see if i can confirm these things.

  19. “She certainly smells fishy: she is a “Baroness” in the British system. It’s not very likely she achieved that title by being a devout Muslim”

    It’s simply impossible. It’s in fact near impossible to gain any sort of entrance into British Politics if you’re a devout Muslim.

  20. you fools, they never threw the actual egg at her, do you really think they would egg her in front of police and be able to talk to her afterwards?

  21. What ever we do and were ever we go as Muslims, we should know that there are CIA/MI5 type of Muslims that are sponsored to paint Islam black (may Allah guide us all).Who knows if this guys are one of those sponsored fake Muslims.

  22. Yes, I think British Muslims are edging towards fanatical Islam just like American Muslims are edging towards watered down American Islam.

  23. subhanallah! may Allah forgive us all. Neither of them are taking from the sunnah.
    Allah please have mercy on all our souls.
    We need to learn this deen people! it ain’t that hard… yet we waste time with doing such nonsense and giving into our base desires!

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