Amir Khan takes down Jewish Boxer Dmitriy Salita

Skip to 5 minutes. Dimitriy Salita is actual an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, New York. Here is a video about him:

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  1. So I guess if the Jews can brag about a Jewish girl beating Turks in chess…then I guess we can brag about a Muslim totally owning a Jew in boxing? Pleeeease!

  2. Notice the Israeli flag behind the Jewish boxer, alongside the American one.

    This was a win over a Zionist, not a Jew.

  3. @ Ahmadi: Great point! I saw the Jewish flag. Zionists can only fight behind tanks/guns. Once they get on the ground, even the rocks/stones will say a Jew is behind me, then they will get their ass kicked. This was a very exciting match!

  4. @Abdus Salam – No this blog is not for zionist lovers. This is an anti-Zionist blog. I you are really a “Abdus Salam” then you might as well join the anti-Zionist group.

  5. I am a big fan of Amir Khan; I’ve been watching him since he was in the Olympics. He is going to be one of the greatest boxers today. He is lighting quick-2nd fastest boxer today; a little bit slower than Mayweather. Expect to keep hearing his name all the time.

  6. Salaam,
    Let’s not take the bait of this being a “Jew vs. Muslim” fight. This was victory from a proud representative of the Muslim and Pakistani community. It doesn’t matter what the background of his opponent was.

  7. @ C’mon: Although I agree with you, I am sure it is perceived that way by many. I mean, c’mon. 🙂
    I am sure we all felt a bit of pride, especially b/c he had the Israeli flag, which is a reflection of his political affiliations. If he was just an orthodox Jew, then yeh, I see your point.

  8. C’mon has an excellent point because King Khan himself doesn’t approve of these kinds of divisive, simplistic, cosmic analogies:

    He says: ‘I’m a Muslim but I respect other religions and cultures. Take Salita. I respect him and the Jewish religion. He respects me and my religion. He’s got no chance against me but our faiths have nothing to do with it.

    ‘In the ring I’m doing what I love but in the world I’m a man of peace. If, as a sportsman and an icon, I can send a message that will help people, I will do that.

    ‘I’ve never experienced the problem face to face but if you go on the message boards and chat forums there are always people getting in with the religious thing. It’s a very small minority but it does hurt. You get it the other way, too. From young Muslim men. I would rather have peace.’

    Would it not be proper to respect the brother’s wishes?

  9. Ummm Im shocked… all shouldnt support either of them, boxing is not something to be proud of.

    Its not Islamic because it causes harm on the boxer and his opponent, especially in the face (which is forbidden in Islam). Close to 350 boxers died between 1945-1983 because of this “sport”.


  10. Not so sure how accurate that is Muslim…I mean wrestling is allowed (and was even encouraged) in the Prophet (S)’s time and that sport can also result in bodily harm on the participants-if INAPPROPRIATELY practiced.

    In fact any physical contact sport, if inappropriately practiced, can lead to bodily harm. I’m certainly not an expert in these matters, but that seems to be the key- what degree of mastery an individual possesses.

    These guys are clearly professionals and train their whole lives for these fights…if deaths of boxers do occur, it’s mostly due to their cumulative exposure over time to the effects of boxing…very rarely do professional boxers actually die in the ring.

    In any case, with all due respect I don’t think it’s appropriate to presume to lecture a brother on how to live his life and earn his bread, especially under such relatively shaky circumstances of haraam and halal…

  11. Hadith number 1287:

    æÚä ÇÈí åÑíÑÉ ÑÖí Çááå Úäå ÞÇá : ÞÇá ÑÓæá Çááå:

    Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Messenger said, “If any of you fights, he must avoid the face.” (Agreed upon)

  12. Salaam Brother Atif if you do some research you will see that boxing is haram, so with all due respect please do not chastise a Muslim for enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.

    Barak allahufeekum

  13. Oh I’m sorry brother I was not aware of the explicit restriction on the face…thank you for the enlightenment and I apologize for any offense I may have caused on behalf of my ignorance.

  14. I agree! Stupid post! 🙂 And I don’t care that the Jewish guy lost! Or that he’s actually an orthodox Jew from Brooklyn. What’s the point?

  15. woo I saw one of his videos before, looks like he’s doin well for himself. MashaAllah.

    @MR – lol, this has like nothing to do with the guy being Jewish…

  16. great job amir! fantastic hope you do the same to ricky hatton salita take back your israeli flag it’s green all the way

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