Egyptians building wall on Palestinian border? Flooding supply tunnels?

Is the Egyptian government on crack or something?

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  1. Man this guy mubarak needs to be taken out he is as corrupt as they come. What a ratbag, god forbid if his son is next he is said to be worse

    Allah help the poor and suffering all over the world.

  2. Egypt is the second biggest recipient of American Aid after Israel, hence Husni Mubarak is obliged to comply with the US-Israeli alliance, after the ‘Shuttle Diplomacy’ and the Camp David settlement of ’73, Palestine is not important to Egyptian or any Arab interest. May Allaah protect them Aleen.

  3. Sadly there is nothing really surprising or shocking here…the autocratic Egyptian government has long turned it’s back on both it’s own people as well as the Palestinians for their own petty political games (and of course their actions are not at all influenced by the billions of US bribe money…err aid). This is simply the latest manifestation of their staggering apathy towards the suffering of their brothers and sisters across the border as well as blatant collusion with the enemies of a free and independent Palestinian state.

    If ever there was a sickly nation that justified a genuine people’s revolution to overthrow the shackles of their own oppression, Egypt is it.

  4. Why you brothers like to run your mouths about things you have no clue about?

    Who said Egytian goverment building these things to be against Palestine.?

    WoW did not know Egypt rule the whole Arab world WoW!
    Let see what other countries make up the middle east and Arab world?
    Jordan, Saudi, Qatar, Dubia, Kuwait, Syria, Lebanon, Oman, Yemen, Sudan, even Somali, Morocco, Maratinia, Chad.

    So Egypt must represent all these countries. Egypt must be the reason all these countries turn their backs on Palestine lol wow.

    Forget Egypt, these Issue with Palestine is because Arabs and their politics seeyasa they are lost in this stuff.

    You guys most of you never lived in these countries. You do even know half the stories.

    The Whole Middle East problem do not even fall on Egypt alone it fall on all these so call Arab nationist countries.

    They could be trafficing drugs, some of your brother live in a mystical world. You have criminal drug smugglers uses these place to traffic drugs etc. Kidnappers murders etc

    Every country for self that what happen, that our issue we like to point fingers, not Egypt cause this problem its all of these nationist countries are part of the problem. Every country for self and turn their backs of each other. leave each other to defend for them self.

    Like those countries that assist US against Iraqi, like Gulf country.
    Same as those who assist the US against Afghanistan like Pakistan.

    When Egypt fought Israel who supported them ? All I see Mubarik doing looking out for Egypt and I not no fan of his. Every one looking out for his self. Like the other Arab and Muslim countries do look out for self.

    Which Country assiting Iraq? or Afgan?

  5. Muhammad bro relax…It is well known that in the past Egypt (esp. under Nasser, Allah (SWT) have mercy on his soul) did much to help not just the Palestinians but played a leading role in trying to overcome all the petty squabbles amongst the Arab nations and unite them into one voice. The noble deeds of Egypt, her government, and her people during then will never be forgotten.

    However I think few can deny that Egypt’s current geo-political stance is certainly not helping the Palestinians, just as their oppressive government is certainly not helping to uphold the rights and liberties of their own people. Fine even if we (somewhat naively) concede that this wall is to help curtail smuggling of drugs and other illegal goods…then what about basic commodities which the Palestinians of Gaza are forced to smuggle in due to the blockade? Indeed what is Egypt’s justification for participating in Israel’s crippling blockade of Israel?

  6. Look…allow me to clarify my position: I never said that the other countries of the Middle East were doing much to help either (or that Egypt was specially guiltier than others)…but let’s break it down shall we?

    Lebanon and Yemen are relatively poor, weak, and troubled nations who are either still in the midst of conflict or are still struggling to recover from its effects. I would not expect much from them in the way of helping the Palestinians and anything they do would be an extraordinary gesture of good faith given all of their own problems.

    As for the rest of the nations around the Middle East capable of making a difference, they have all offered support to various Palestinian political factions but none of them have done much in the way of actually bettering the lives of the Palestinian PEOPLE in any substantial manner. Forget lacking the political will to defend the Palestinians from occupation or attack…NONE of them have ever expressed a willingness to help invest and develop the land, or to even provide basic charity services to impoverished Palestinians in need. It’s a sad fact that the UNRWA has done far more than all of the Middle Eastern countries combined in this endeavor…

    Look if countries really cared about the Palestinian cause, then they can make a difference…even the countries with the most humble of resources. Look at my native Bangladesh as exhibit A. Now there are many aspects of Bangladesh’s government which I find to be absolutely horrible (such as the stunning corruption), but the fact of the matter is that despite all of the inherent problems of a young democracy and nation, we manage to do some things right as well.

    Here are two articles in the Bdeshi Constitution regarding its foreign policy:

    Support oppressed peoples throughout the world waging a just struggle against imperialism colonialism or racialism.

    The State shall endeavor to consolidate, preserve and strengthen fraternal relations among Muslim countries based on Islamic solidarity.

    As one way to honor and uphold these tenets, Bangladesh has been training Palestinian Security forces in its defense colleges for decades-free of cost. If such an impoverished state (which isn’t even in the Middle East and stands to gain little and potentially lose a lot from supporting the Palestinian cause in such a manner) can help the Palestinians, then imagine why can’t other nations which also espouse sympathy and brotherhood with the Palestinians? They can certainly talk the talk, but why are they so unwilling to walk the walk?

    I (as well as the Palestinians themselves i’m sure) can only wistfully imagine the possibilities otherwise…

  7. @ Atif

    Correct I like what you said before you ended ” They can certainly talk the talk, but why they are unwilling to walk the walk” unquoted ..

    That is the real big question. Muslim Countries are just screw up with it come to politics they just need simply follow the Islamic law and leave this other systems of thinking alone.

  8. Also @ Atif

    I live in Egypt and Al Jazeerah is bias about Egypt, and many of Egypt people from all walks of life express how al Jazeerah is bias against them all the time on their news broadcast.

    They have shows talking ill if Abdur Nasir etc and Egyptian people. Al Jazeerah always try to blame Egypt for Palestine problems and etc.

    Many Arabs from the Gulf dislike Egyptians for other reason also.

    To get down to the real truth all of them screw up because they claim their issues are Arab issue and middle east problems.

    Once you live with them and talk to them its always about some Arab Nationist point of view. Even when some of the relgious people talk they say one day we Arabs will rule. I just laugh at them. I always respond to them and say no one day the Believers will rule. The only make up 6 percent of the Muslim world, some of them do not even know this.

    for you brothers who are from India, Bagaldish, Africa and live in the Arab countries like Saudi etc you know the ill mistreatment because are not from them. Allah will never give them power, because they can not even be just with other Muslims from different nationality who is not from them.

    Victory come with conditions.

    One of the sayings of Imam Malik rahimallah, ” there no victory until the people return what the Messenger of Allah and his companion were upon.” That was correct understanding of Islam , Tawheed and Jihad.

    Once they start seeing it as Islamic Struggle and not an Arab struggle then things will change, until then it does not concern me because I am not an Arab and I not a Nationalist.

    As the Messenger Allah sallahu wa alayhe wa sallam said about
    ‘ wataniya and qowmiya’ [nationalists] Its like biting of the penis of one’s forefathers.

    This hadeeth can be founded in Imam Bukharee book of Moral and Adab adabu mufeed

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