Ever wonder why the innocent are locked up and the guilty are free?

Do you ever wonder why there are some Muslims in America who openly support terrorist organizations and promote their literature/media online & on street corners and never end up in jail or arrested? While you have people like Dr. Aafia Siddiqui or Sh. Ali al-Tamimi or Imam Jamil al-Amin or Dr. Sami al-Arian locked up in jail for reasons that are out of this world. Makes me wonder if those Muslims who openly support groups that have been labeled terrorists by the American government are actually covertly not supported just inciters to create a trap for Muslims. There are Muslims in jail that should not be and there are Muslims that aren’t in jail that should be. It’s like Mandela in jail and Hitler free.

I’m probably wrong in my assumptions but there are two certain sites that literally for years have really bothered me. Both of which are run by American Muslims with the content that screams “send me to Guantanamo” but yet they are still living and enjoying the benefits of America while hating on it at the same time. There basically like the FOX News of extremists for Muslims. They only post things to get Muslims riled up and then the government comes in and arrests the ones caught in the trap (Toronto 18, NY-Colorado plot, Virgina Paintball guys, and more recently the Virginia 5 in Pakistan).

May Allah free the innocent.

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  1. chances are “they” who post things to rile muslims aren’t muslims at all. it’s all cloak and dagger akhi. some are better than others are getting the job done. i remember specifically years ago on the old muslim artists central website someone wrote and i quote, “Man can y’all believe Ariel Sharon? Does anyone know of any terrorist muslim rap groups that i can listen to?” one brother sniffed him out, and was blasted by other muslims for questioning him. it’s just how it is.

  2. @Charles – I understand that but based on the reasoning for arrests and jail terms for the Muslims in jail I mentioned above the people I speak of should be on death row.

  3. Well brother MR the people you mentioned are all (rightfully or wrongly, Allah (SWT) knows best) charged with actions (or intent to commit actions) whereas the others are simply exercising their right to free speech (including hate speech).

    I’m certainly not a legal expert, but if I’m not mistaken then They can even go as far as openly condemning other people and voicing their support for terrorist organizations, but as long as they aren’t actively inciting violence then I’m pretty sure that constitutionally (or at least operating under the current strict constructionist view of the first Amendment) there’s really nothing the government can do….

  4. Life is not fair
    But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to do something about it
    Can anyone propose a solution Because in my opinion Muslims are strong they just need to work together to make this a peaceful world

  5. ever wonder why good people have disease with no cure, yet there are criminals out there who are healthy as ever. hmm, i wonder why God don’t put diseases on them, yet the people who are trying to do good deeds and obeying God, end up with a disease that just keep deteriorating. that is a mystery isn’t it…..????

  6. keep in mind i’m not condoning them, but media have looked into WHY these types of people stay free: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vU9lwJ_5JY – this agrees with what Atif C. said as well.

    But yeah I still don’t get why then sr. Afia and all the other people mentioned are targetted then. Allahu a’lam, but I wouldn’t jump to conclusion based on this by calling people munafiqoon (a heavy charge indeed) and stuff like that.

    oh, and I think there’s a reason MR didn’t mention which two websites 😛

  7. U have to be a fool to not be able to answer that! I mean cmon, when I saw rev. Muslims on Cnn, I prayed that they do not succeed in trapping innocent, naive young Muslims..
    What they preach is blatantly wrong and one doesnt even need to be a scholar to figure that out yet somehow, they remain freee and able to preach..Hmmm

  8. Wow that CNN video was beyond words..these ignoramuses are practically preaching anarchy and frothing at the mouth with hate, yet they know the law just well enough to not cross that razor thin-line into “incitement” and thus protect themselves from any (dare I say, just) censorship and prosecution. They take full advantage of the right to free speech, only to use voice their virulent hatred of the very nation which gives them that right in the first place. They enjoy all the freedoms and liberties guaranteed by this country and express ideologies which would outright get them “disappeared” in most authoritarian Muslim countries, yet still believe it’s this country which is the “decadent” one. The irony is overwhelming…

  9. Chris is absolutely right…we have already identified (and God knows many of our brothers and sisters are intimately familiar with) our problems, now it’s time to start coming up with solutions.

    Take the problem of authoritarian ruthless regimes for instance. People like Dr. Afia are only locked up because they live in countries where the government could care less about the well-being of their own people, much less the well-being of the ummah at large. I don’t know how or when it will happen, but one day Muslims living in such authoritarian regimes must have the courage and willpower to throw off the shackles of their oppression and forge their own destinies. It doesn’t have to be an American or Western style democracy (indeed for some countries it just might not work), it just has to be govern wisely and justly for the people.

    For us American Muslims, I feel that if we want to change societal perceptions of us and our faith, a good place to start would be our own communities. This means investing in our communities and helping all those in need. This means having a sense of civic duty and truly valuing our identity as American-Muslims. Finally, this requires having the courage and willpower to stand up to divisive and hate speech from our own ranks.

    Look we can’t really control what Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or those legions of ignoramuses spew…but we can and must confront hate speech from our own ranks. We have the power and responsibility to say no to hate wherever we find it and, as Sincerity said, guide any potential naive Muslims back into the path of peace, tolerance, and love.

  10. You see MR, I was watching a CNN news story on these idiot guys who call themselves “Muslim” and they were outside a Masjid who is predominantly Indonesian. Now you see these guys would come every Jummah and tell people that America is this and that and that bin laden is a hero. Blah blah blah. One guy who was a Jew but converted to Islam said “Wallahi I love bin laden”. The FBI put spies to watch them. That’s all. Now CNN brought in their legal analysis guy and Anderson Cooper asked him “why doesn’t the FBI arrest these guys?” The legal analyst explained: If they say “Shoot and kill the President” it’s not a crime, but rather if they say “Shoot and kill Barack Obama” then the secret service/FBI have a right to arrest them. You see the difference here? So Anderson Cooper in the end said “These people are protected by the rights of a country that they deeply hate” Chilling.

  11. Dear bro MR,

    We need to put a stop to this somehow. If these guys are just looking to create trouble, for reasons only Allah is fully aware (and some others to some extent, perhaps), we need to contain them, for the safety of the Ummah.

    It is not only the fellows the entrap that they endanger. These are then used against all of us.

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