The MacBook is a threat to the security of Israel

I guess Steve Jobs is a an anti-Semite.

Update: Oh snap! Steve Jobs’ father is Abdulfattah Jandali from Syria! LOL!

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  1. Lmao! Steve Jobs is half-syrian. Who would have thought?

    @bla – yeah check out the fortune piece on jobs, “The trouble with Jobs”

  2. Yeah I have a friend who travels on a regular basis between the States and the West Bank (she’s not Muslim or Arab). And before she leaves she always clears her computer of anything she has on there–and it’s so bad to the point while working on her Ph.D, she wanted her paper edited by a professor in the States and when she got it back everything was blacked out by Israeli interception.

  3. Do Muslims get the credit for the all of Apples recent inventions? Because if it weren’t for a Muslim, Jobs wouldn’t be here. Neither would be Apple.

    Kidding. I love your expression at the end MR when you found out his biological father is a Muslim. Laughed my fudging ass off.

  4. This is really silly for Israel to do.

    It’s like locking people up for years on some remote island without charge and then locking them up for several more years without charge in Illinois, and claiming that doing so is “the right thing to do.”

    I mean, who would do such stupid stuff?

    Well, maybe this guy would.

  5. MR, did you not notice that a lot of the ads that pop up on the left side of your website are pro-Israel?
    There’s one advertising, ‘We’ll donate $18 to AllForIsrael for you today at no extra cost to you,’ and another one saying, ‘Support Israel and earn rewards with every purchase!’
    Might want to take care of that if possible

  6. Interesting, now I understand why MoC in Israel ban Ipad….they are afraid of iPads being spying devices or may b

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